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Shan is a Commander in the Fire Nation military. He was the leader of the Fire Nation group that was sent to defend the Northern Air Temple. He was also part of the Fire Nation units that helped villages free themselves from the Firefighters.

Early Life

Shan was born towards the end of the War, to parents who were middle class merchants. He grew up with a respect for other cultures, and a disdain for one nation. He refused to join the military, though he was considered a skilled Firebender.

After the end of the War, he looked forward to the rebuilding of the world. His hopes were furthered when a Military recruiter arrived on his island, looking for young benders to help maintain peace. Shan immediately volunteered, with his prowess earning him an immediate commission.


Shan quickly became accustomed to the military lifestyle, earning the respect and admiration of the men in his unit. He was sent to various villages in the Fire Nation to defeat Water Tribe invaders, and liberated many of his countrymen. He eventually received the assignment to move to help save the Air Nomads, and he jumped at the opportunity.

Due to his crew's work ethic, Shan's unit managed to arrive at the Northern Air Temple before any other group. Upon arriving at the temple, Shan immediately briefs Fire Lord Zuko on all the known information on the Phoenix Warrior's invasion force. He encourages Zuko, eventually leaving to prepare himself for the upcoming battle.

When the Phoenix Warriors first attack, Shan is the first to spring into action. During battle, Shan proves himself a capable bender, defeating many Phoenix Warriors. He eventually decides to help keep Teo safe, and follows him around the mountain. When Teo flies over a cliff, Shan is unable to follow him. He manages to catch Boreas, helping the Airbender defeat many other Phoenix Warriors before Boreas leaves to fight in another area.

Shan continues fighting eventually deciding to take on a Tundra Tank. He manages to find one, and attacks it fiercely, though he cannot gain the upper hand. He is struck down by a fire blast from behind, sent by Zui.


Shan is a capable Firebender. He was very skilled from a young age, and his recent military training improved his abilities exponentially. He managed to defeat many Firefighters when he was asked to do so, showing his ability to battle.


Growing up on a remote island in the Fire Nation far from the absolute authority of the Fire Lord, Shan's village was far more open about their acceptance of the other cultures. This rubbed off on Shan, as he clearly values balance. Though a Firebender, Shan's personality is light and easygoing, much like an Air Nomad. Shan also believes in respect for those in higher positions than himself, though he treats his underlings as equals.


  • The name "Shan" is derived from the Chinese expression for "good", as he is the only original character from the Fire Nation not to join the Phoenix Warriors.

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