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Large part of the writing is directly taken from Wan's page. I merely altered it slightly to fit my story, and as such, I do not claim credit for the writing.
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Tales of a Forgotten Time

Kushala was the first Spirit Leader, and lived ten thousand years prior to the current Spirit Leader's time. As Wan Was banished she left the comforts of her pampered life to protect her friend leaving her family with grace she explored the world with her friend Wan, who eventually became the first Avatar. This skilled bender worked alongside Wan to bring balance between mankind and the spirits, a quest that eventually led to her becoming the first Spirit Leader. Eventually learning How to waterbend from the lion turtle she eventually became the first spirit leader.


Gaining Waterbending

When she left on her own accord to accompany wan in his banishment she didn't not have anyway of bending like her friend, in place of firebending she learned how to use a bow and arrow a skill she picked up from her father. Eventually, after coming to the lion turtle that knew the skill, she learned how to waterbend, eventually helping Wan and Raava in their quest to defeat Vaatu.

Befriending the spirits

While Wan learned to live peacefully with the spirits, Kushala learned how to talk to spirits in their native tongue. She learned how to solve any problems among the spirits, helping them solve any problems they may have. Throughout the years that she spent near the oasis, she learned how to heal any wound through the herbs that were around.

Meeting Raava

Two years after their banishment, Kushala and Wan both wanted to travel the world to find the other lion turtle cities. During their journey, they were disturbed by a stampede of fleeing spirits, who ran away from the raging fight between the "all-powerful spirits". Both Kushala and Wan went to investigate, as the battle risked wiping out the entire valley. Concerned about the destruction of the environment, Both Wan and Kushala approached the two raging spirits, oblivious to their identity, and ordered them to stop. The white spirit, Raava, told both of them off, saying that the fight did not concern them. However, when Wan objected, telling her that it was his concern when the lives of spirits and animals were at stake, the dark spirit, Vaatu, begged him for help. Upon hearing that the dark entity had been tortured by his counterpart for ten thousand years, Wan used his firebending to break the hold Raava had on Vaatu. It was only after Vaatu had already fled that Wan learned the error of his actions, as Raava explained who she was and what her purpose was.

Becoming the Spirit Leader

While Wan felt bad about his mistake and insisted on helping Raava, Kushala felt that something big was about to happen. Continuing her journey with Wan, they eventually met some people that knew how to bend air. Upon approaching them, they fled. Both Wan and Kushala landed on the lion turtle. As Wan and Kushala were having a conversation with the people living there, Vaatu arrived as well, his presence turning the peaceful spirits living in the town to raging dark entities. Wan used his firebending ability to protect the people and Kushala used her knowledge of calming the spirits to help Wan until Raava showed up and knocked Vaatu down. After Vaatu left, Wan and Kushala noticed that Raava was growing weaker, thus Wan and Kushala promised to rectify Wans mistake and help Raava nonetheless. In order to do so, Wan requested the airbending lion turtle to grant him the ability to control air.

After mastering air with Raava, Wan And Kushala continued their journey and along the way Kushala learned the different styles of fire and airbending by watching Wan practice with Raava. Eventually Kushala was gifted the ability to waterbend by the lion turtle, after saving the children after an attack. In her studies of waterbending, she created ways around the principles of air and firebending and eventually became the Spirit Leader.

Over the course of a year, Wan and Raava worked together with Kushala watching and learning skills from Raava also, as well as gaining knowledge in sub-abilities, training in order to be ready to face and defeat Vaatu by the time of the Harmonic Convergence. Near the end of that time, Wan, Kushala, and Raava came across a village in the Spirit Wilds near the fire lion turtle that was inhabited by Wan's former friends. However, the human presence was further offsetting the already fragile balance between mankind and the spirits. When a gathering of spirits led by Aye-Aye approached the village, Wan attempted to resolve the conflict peacefully. However, Vaatu's arrival caused the spirits to turn dark and the conflict escalated, prompting Wan, Kushala, and Raava to intervene. In order to be powerful enough to control the four elements simultaneously, Wan and Raava merged their energies, but this put a strain on Wan's body. In his stead, Kushala begged Raava to allow her to try and control the situation. Raava agreed and Kushala and Raava merged their energies. In doing so, Kushala's waterbending increased to a powerful feat, but eventually Raava told Kushala too that she could not stay in her body. Kushala fainted and laid beside her friend, Wan. As they both woke, they found the village had been destroyed, and Vaatu informed them that all the humans had been killed. As Vaatu left, Kushala found a severely weakened Raava behind a rock. She gently picked her up and handed her to Wan, who placed her in a teapot for easy transportation, and set out toward the southern spirit portal.

At the day of the Harmonic Convergence, Wan, Kushala, and Raava traveled through the portal to the Spirit World, where Vaatu emerged as well. When the dark spirit challenged Raava, Wan stepped forward, defying the spirit's claim on the victory. Utilizing all his skills, Wan attacked Vaatu, but even though he managed to land a few hits, he was no match for the dark entity. As a last resort, he called upon Raava to help him by merging their energies. After a long tedious battle, Wan became weak. Kushala feared for her friend and asked Raava once again to infuse her energies with hers to help Wan. Raava agreed that Wan needed help. Upon fusing their energies, Kushala helped Wan fight Vaatu. When the Harmonic Convergence took place, Wan and Kushala placed their hands on the spirit portal, permanently joining their own energies with Raava's. Due to this bond, Wan became Raava's literal Avatar. Without knowing what took place, Raava told Kushala of her enhanced abilities, in essence becoming the protector of Spirits. Without knowing, Kushala was not told that she was the first Spirit leader in the reincarnation cycle.

As time passed, Wan and Kushala tried to maintain the balance in the world, urging the different groups of people to coexist peacefully. However, this proved to be a daunting task, one that they would work at their entire lifetime without ever seeing it come to an end. Years later, an armored and elderly Wan laid resting in the aftermath of a battlefield. Before passing away, Wan apologized to Raava for failing to bring peace to the world. However, the light spirit reassured him that they would always be together through all his lifetimes and would never give up. With that, Wan exhaled his last breath and his spirit left his body to be reincarnated, thus beginning the Avatar Cycle.

One year later, after knowing her friend had died, Kushala laid under a tree, surrounded by spirits that only she could see, and talked to them. As she laid there, she began to take her last breaths. She began to remember how her quest with Wan never seemed to get accomplished. Upon thinking of Wan, Kushala begins to tell Raava how she is sorry about not completing her task, and began to cry about how she would never see her dear friend ever again. However, the light spirit reassured her that she and Wan would always be together through all their lifetimes and would never give up. Upon receiving this knowledge, Kushala began to cry and said, "Raava I promise to help you and Wan for all my lives to come." Upon saying these words, Kushala exhaled her last breath and her spirit left her body to be reincarnated, thus beginning the Spirit Leader.


  • In Sanskrit "Kushala" means "Safe, Happy, Expert". Her name is shortened to Shala.
  • In Sanskrit, "Kushala" can either be a male or female name, depending on the parents' choice of names.
  • Shala is considered a named of good fortune in Sanskrit.
Preceded by
Position established
Spirit Leader
c. 9830 BG
Succeeded by
Unknown, eventually Spirit Leader Kimiko

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