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By AirMasterParker Part of the Hikar's Spiritual Chronicles continuity.
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Warning! This page contains spoilers for Hikar's Spiritual Chronicles.

Shaila at Rhynoki
Biographical information

Shai (by Kensi)


Fire Nation


Fire Nation

Birth place



Republic City (educational purposes)
Akahime (Main residence and from 257 AG onwards)


15 in New Cycle
18-19 in Book One: Metal
19 in Book Two: Lightning


July 7th 238 AG

Physical description





1,68 m


67 kg

Hair color


Skin color


Eye color

Golden Orange

Personal information
Weapon of choice

Fire, Metal cables

Fighting style(s)

Hand-to-hand combat

Bending style(s)

Firebending, Lightningbending, Plasmabending


Hand to hand

Love interest(s)

Kensi (boyfriend, formerly)


Hikar Firestone, Bultina Silverfox, Kensi, Tao Tenba, Nikumi, Denryoku, Order of the White Lotus (disbanded), Fire Nation, Team Avatar, New Airbenders, Kosen Silverfox...


Vaatu, Dai Li, Red Lotus, Flower Raiders (formerly), Yurei, Zhasha

Chronological and political information

Friend of the Avatar
High Class Fire Nation Citizen


Team Avatar (on hiatus)

First appearance

"New Cycle, Part 1"

Voiced by

Kate Higgins

Shaila is a curvy strong firebender, who is friends with the current incarnation of the Avatar, and helps him in his quest against the Red Lotus. She was in a relationship with the Avatar's best friend, Kensi. She's currently in a recovery process at Akahime, to heal her spinal cord wounds and recover the movement on her legs.

Physical appearance

Shaila is a curvy girl, with a well endowed body. She has wide hips and a large bust, with her measures being B92(F)-W63-H98. She has pale skin, black hair, and golden orange eyes. She frequently has some red cheeks, since she blushes a lot of times. Her hair is short, only falling at the height of her shoulders, and with a lot of volume on the top.

Shaila Reference Color

Official full appearance of Shaila (click full resolution)

When in her normal attire, she tends to wear a red T-shirt which slightly pronounces her curves given her body size, dark short jeans, and black glover showing her knuckles and her finger-tips. In formal attire, she wears lipstick, gold earrings, and a pink dress with a push-up top; she also fixes her hair to have less volume with a hair band. And, she always wears a flame-like necklace with a small golden sun hanging in the front.


She's a shy and responsible girl, worried about her curvaceous body to be overwhelming, as she was target of bullying in her childhood. Sometimes in normal life, she's mean to her boyfriend, but she doesn't do it in purpose since she was treated the same way in her young days. Given her background, she tends to avoid conflicts and to be the main spotlight, and she's not comfortable at all when guys just stare at her chest, but ever since she was with Kensi, she matured and is more open to people.



She can launch thick yellow fire streams and when she's angry, her fire turns more white, getting hotter. Her yellow fire is so hot it can melt even the thickest metal walls. She can also control the blast fires of explosions, bending it in the shape of a huge fire tornado going upwards to make sure it doesn't harm the floor or its surroundings.


She discovered the ability while Hikar was training to be a fully realised Avatar. She can both redirect and generate lightning. She can blow up the generator of a building or get the electricity and redirect it in a huge lightning.


She's one of the few strong firebenders who unlocked this rare substyle


Even though she's not very athletic or acrobatic, she can be very strong at throwing punches, as stated by Kensi.



  • Kensi: He's her long time boyfriend, they've known each other since they were little kids, and he's one of the main reasons why she moved to study in the United Earth Republics. They both make an inseparable battle couple she calls "Hot and Cold".


  • Bultina Silverfox: They're best friends since they met, sharing the same opinion in everything. She even enjoys taking her to the Fire Nation Royal house in Republic City to show her good clothes or try out the dress of her mother, Cassiopeia. Whenever she needs help, she counts always on her.
  • Hikar Firestone: They're good friends, and she thinks he's a great back and help for Kensi and counts on him to check he doesn't do anything stupid.
  • Tao Tenba: They share good times together even though they don't talk too much to each other.
  • Kosen Silverfox: The two make a good battle couple, mixing Kosen's metalbending cables with Shaila's lightningbending, making a big conductor towards their enemy. They always talk about new cool techniques and given she's her best friend's sister, they talk about Bultina's abilities in archery.


  • Li Hua: Shaila takes really good care of her, and between the two of them. She always admired her sister because of her ability to firebend.
  • Toreno: As father and daughter, they had a pretty difficult relationship trying to get used to the new world and leaving the traditions, like making the father decide whom she will marry. But fortunately, in the end, he accepted to let her go to Republic City to make friends, meeting Kensi that way and falling in love with him.
  • Cassiopeia: She likes to tease her by stealing her dresses from her closet for going to parties with Kensi and the rest of the group.


Li Hua



  • Her name is one of the few in this fanon that doesn't have a real particular meaning at all.
  • She's the first female firebender to join Team Avatar.
  • Her design was another one which changed the most from scratch, since in the beginning she was depicted as a strong willed athletic girl, and that was straight out copy from Kosen. The author later changed her to a chubbier version, and shyer, to represent the insecurities one of his friends has with her body.
  • Her measures are B92-W63-H98.
    • So far in the story, she's the character who has the largest bust size of all, having an F cup.
  • She's known to belong to a royal branch of the Fire Nation, but not the main one.
    • In the beginning, the author planned to make her the Fire Princess, but the idea was escraped in late production because it was irrelevant and too coincidental.
  • Her look is based off a friend of the author.
  • She shares voice actress with old Toph, from Legend of KorraKate Higgins, who is also known for voicing Sakura Haruno in Naruto

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