By Andi Cruz Part of the Shai Lou Chronicles continuity.
Shai Lou
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Fire Nation


Ba Sing Se


20 (Book 1: Earth)


159 AG


173 AG


Wu (as the Earth monarchy)



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Earthbending, Metalbending


Opal (mother)

Early Life


Youngest daughter of Opal, Shai Lou is the ruler of the Earth Kingdom. After Wu announced that he would abolish the monarchy, he handed the last monarchy to Shai Lou as he had to help Republic City become a city again.

Shai Lou was born right after Kuvira wreaked havoc throughout Republic City. She was named Shai as the world was supposed to do with havoc.

Kuvira, who was incarcerated, was brought back by the new leader of Zaofu, Opal. Opal told Shai Lou that she would help her take down the rest of the Red Lotus, still being found.

Meeting Avatar Korra

Korra and Shai Lou met Korra at the age of 30, when Avatar Korra was 60. Shai demanded to take down Republic City.

Taking Down the Avatar

Opal knew Shai was going to take power and immediately tried to stop her. Soon enough, Shai attacked the New Nation (built in 170 AG) and tried to be in the order of the Earth Kingdom. Opal announced on 172 AG that Jinora is now an airbending master of the temple and Master Spiritual guider. Opal and Jinora managed to stop Shai, who was attacking, and told her that Kuvira was just like her.

Shai took down Avatar Korra in 173 AG, but Shai died after visiting the North Pole. She died at the hands of Katara, who was angry at her and used bloodbending to take her powers away. Katara eventually told Korra about Shai's power.


In late 173 AG, Wu demanded that the Earth Kingdom would now be at peace and not colliding with any other nations.

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