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Ken's room

"Wake up, Ken," said Ken's mom.

"Today you were going to help Mr. Lau at the tea shop remember?" She reminded him.

"Oh yeah," answered Ken, trying to wake up.

"Okay, get ready, the shop opens at eight."

Ken looked at the clock and noticed he had forty minutes, so he was taking his time waking up, when he noticed he'd been here before. He didn't mean the place, but the time. He got dressed and fixed his bed, but still had questions on how he got here.

"Psst," whispered a voice behind a tree.


"No time for conversation, you have visitors," said Cheng before returning to the shadows.

"Wait! Cheng, something horrible is going to happen! Cheng, come back!" Yelled Ken. "Cheng! The village is going to be attacked!"

As Ken reached for the door of his room to go after Cheng, his mother appeared, saying he better be on his way to the shop if we wants to get there on time.

Ken decided that it would be better if he obeyed his mom. Maybe the whole Ashley/Cong thing was just a dream, but he did not completely accept that. He went on his way to the shop anyway, still doubting himself.

The Shop

"Mr. Lau, I'm here," said Ken looking around.

"Mr. Lau? Were are you?" Asked Ken yet again.

"He must have left," he said to himself, but then found a note on the counter.

" Dear Ken</ br> As you know, I hurt my back yesterday moving some boxes, so I have asked you to take care of the store. I was waiting for you, but had to go home because I think I left the key to the vault at home. And knowing me, when I get there I'll drink some tea and fall asleep so I might not be there to help you.</ br> Good luck!</ br> -John Lau "

"Well okay, I guess I'm all alone for this one," said Ken with a sigh.

A little later

"Have a nice day," said Ken after selling a customer some tea cups.

Then entered some suspicious looking character, Ken knew he had seen them before, but where?

"We would like to drink some jasmine tea please," said the man with his two others behind him: a man and a woman both dressed in black. Then it hit him: that was the woman who attacked him at the ruins of the village and the dock.

Ken gave them the tea, and they still pretended to be customers. When they finished they paid and headed towards the door. Ken gave a sigh of relief, but what happened next, no one could have expected. The lady turned around and shot fire balls at Ken. He hid behind the counter, surprised by the attack. Then he heard it, explosions, multiple ones all around the shop! He smelt it before he could see it and the very building he was in was on fire. He hurried to the exit, but it was blocked with rubble.

"Oh no, it's happening again! And this time, I'm inside!" said Ken, startled by the facts.

"Get me out of here! Someone help!" Said Ken desperately.

Then Ken remembered he's an energy bender, so he focused on the rubble in front of the door and made it explode in a ball of energy.

"What do I do, what do I do?" said Ken both confused and desperate.

"Do I get Cheng or fight or escape or..." Then he saw his father fighting off some earth benders.

"Dad!" Said Ken while shooting a ball of energy at the earth benders' general direction, and hoping the explosion was enough.

"Dad! What do we do? There are so many!" Said Ken in obvious distress over the situation.

"Some of the villagers of the north side are going to the village entrance to block it off and the rest of us are going to the escape tunnels," said his father.

"Come Ken, we've got to go!" His father continued.

"Okay, dad, I'm coming," said Ken.

Is this what happened without me? I can't believe I was out there in Cheng's house during all this. Then he saw the woman, the one from the store. She was strolling about the village, setting fire's to her heart's content.

Ken got angry and lost control of his own action an went after her! He headed towards her, not knowing what to do when he got there. He created a sword of energy with his hand and was going straight at her when... His mom grabbed him and Cheng cut her. His mom was bleeding; he had made a cut from her shoulder to her stomach. She fell on the ground and the woman laughed. Ken's anger multiplied and he forgot his own mom and kept going after the fire bender when she shot a water whip at his direction. He was confused; he blocked it with his blade, but the water turned to steam.

Then she was gone. Someone must have helped her escape, but Ken felt a pain on his side. The woman had turned part of the whip to ice; he was hurt. He put his hand on the wound, then he saw his hand covered in blood... Everything happened so quickly: the shop, his mom, the water, the blood.

He fell on his knees in surrender. The last thing he saw was a message written in ash on the wall, obviously left by the woman who could bend water and fire to taunt him. He almost didn't read it in anger at the woman, but decided to look anyway; the ash made him think of Ashley. Written in lipstick on the wall were 4 words: Some dreams are dangerous.

Then it all made sense: he was angry he didn't figure it out sooner; it was a dream. When he finally figured it out. Came the cave-in he saw it come, crushing everything in sight; then it all went black.

The screams

"Hurry, Cong! The bleeding is getting worse!" Screamed Ashley in obvious distress.

"I'm going as fast as I can! I'm not a doctor!" Countered Cong in anger!

"Well at least I wasn't out shopping," she countered.

"Guys! Focus on Ken!" Said Cheng, almost tripping on a rock carrying some water from the river Ken knew there was one near here.

"What's happening?" Ken mumbled, then feeling a harsh stab of pain when he tried sitting up.

Then he wasn't sure if he was actually dreaming. He still felt the pain of the stab, but he was with his friends. How can this be? He would have been crushed in the cave in.

"Ken! Are you okay?" said Ashley still very confused.

"Of course he's not. Just look at him!" Stated Cong, still mad at Ashley.

"What happened, Ken? You were mumbling in your sleep, then you got a fever. We told Cheng to get some water, and when we tried waking you up, you started bleeding!" Said Ashley, ignoring Cong.

"I was at the village. I saw the fire bender woman we fought before. She water-bent too!" said Ken trying to ignore the pain.

"Tamara? No, that's impossible. You were here the whole time," stated Cong.

"You were dreaming, Ken. We haven't seen Tamara since the day at the docks," said Ashley.

"Well every thing is going to be okay now. It isn't that bad. It's just the blood, it's bleeding too much, but Cong is going to do something about that. You should just rest," said Cheng, sounding mature. Ken wasn't sure if he was just trying to impress Ashley or was really being serious about this. But Ken was too tired to think, so he tried to sleep, ignoring the pain.

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