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Chapter 2: Initiation pt. 2

Book 1: Shadows

Chapter 3: The Composition

Katara was walking slightly ahead of Aang, walking with angst. She was still furious with the previous days' events and was not showing any signs of improvement. They were walking to the location of the crime, where it took place, near a local market. Caution tape still covered the area. Katara went and talked to police. Aang stood there. Katara returned to Aang.

"It really was her," she said.

"How could someone do something like this?" She embraced him.

"I'm really sorry honey, is there anything I can do?" Aang asked.

"You know just as well as I do what I want. Help me."

"I'll help you, but don't expect for me to do anything... You know," he said.

"Fine," she said.

"So, should I show you exactly what happened?" Aang said.

"I chased him from there ... to there"

He pointed to the crisped remains of some dilapidated roofs. "Where was he coming from?" she asked.

"A bank, and he didn't have on a mask, maybe if we go there, to the bank, we can ask them what he looks like." Aang said.

"Let's go." Katara said.

They walked for a little bit until they reached the bank. They walked in and were greeted with a small boulder. Katara met the boulder with a frozen stream of water that stopped the boulder.

"What are you doing?" Aang asked.

"Oh my goodness, I'm so sorry Avatar Aang and Madame, are you okay? The bank-teller said.

"We're fine! What was that?" she asked.

"I'm just so sorry, after what happened yesterday, I've been on high alert. That's the third time that's happened since I've worked here. We've tried to heighten security but it hasn't worked. It's almost weird how it happened. Just out of no where it seems.... it's so weird... Any way how can I help you?" said the bank-teller.

Katara looked at him for a second. "Um, wow okay, what did the person who robbed the bank look like?"

"Um, he was about 5 ft 9. Um, Um... he had black hair and a scar... yeah a scar and he threatened me," he said.

"Yeah, we know he threatened you, crime is a common thing, what's the big deal?" Katara wondered.

"It's too weird, I'm sorry, I, I have to go."

He ran away from them and Aang stopped him.

"Please, she needs-, no, we need to know about this guy." Aang said.

"He went inside me... Like blood-bending, but he was almost in me... That's all I know. Please leave now."

"Fine. Thanks I guess..."

Katara and Aang left the bank after an interesting few minutes. "So, what should we do, now?"

Aang asked her on the way back to their house. "We listen to the news, listen to any weird crimes like that one. We talk to Toph, ask her what she knows about what's going on. We look. We try. And we don't give up until this monster is caught." Katara said.

They then want to the police station. It was a gloomy day in Republic City. The wind was blowing briskly down the street as Katara and Aang walked toward the office. Katara still looked sad.

"It'll be alright Katara, we'll find him. Or it." Aang said.

"You know, it's not even so much about my friend, who I miss greatly, it's about these cowards who just... Kill people to get away from some Jail time!" She was yelling at point. "It's unjust and this coward, needs to be found!"

"I'll help you as much as I can," said Aang.

As soon as they got there, they went inside.

"All systems go, class 5 alert, Officers down, strange benders, attacking construction cites! All on duty officers report to 551 Hanoi Avenue! Go! Go!" said the assistant Police chief.

Toph rushed in the main office, looking panicked.

"Aang, Katara, So glad you're here. There's a major attack going on at a nearby construction cite, of all places! Come on let's go!"

They jumped in Toph's car and drove off. "What's going on Toph?" Asked Aang.

"Some weird people who can bend the shadows or like dark energy," said Toph.

Katara looked at Aang. "Let's Go!" he said. Aang jumped on the roof of the police car and bended air out toward the back. The car propelled forward at an amazing speed. When they got there, Aang jumped on the nearest rafter. Katara got out of the car and located the nearest attacker. They were wearing ninja-like outfits and shooting dark rays at the attackers. There was a small source of water nearby that Katara bended from. She took a stream of water and made an ice bridge to get up to the rafter below Aang. Toph rose in the air with two pillars. While in the air she brought a large stone and kicked it in mid-air. She used the pillar of stone to make a bridge and ran over to the rafters. Aang was above Katara on a rafter and a Shadow bender was running toward him. Katara shot the stream of water onto the rafter above her and froze it. Aang took the frozen water mass and made it liquid again. But before that he lifted the mass he lifted the water up and threw it over the edge. Toph was on the rafter below them, as Aang was on the top one. The shadow bender made the rafter fall. From the shadow energy, there was an explosion where, Toph was blown off her level. She lifted a rock off to the ground. It was big enough for her to stand on. When the shadow bender saw this he shot a blast of dark energy at her. Aang saw this and quickly shot a gust of air at the bender. Toph was in mid air, still on the rock and flipped it over and quickly launched it at the platform the Shadow bender was on. But since Aang had blasted him off the platform the rock hit a vacant level. It knocked the rafter out and the structure of the site weakened. Katara was beginning to fight off some more benders. She was looking around for some water while some shadow benders were coming from each side of her.

"Water, Water..." she said frantically. She remembered when she was in the Fire Nation, she met a women, who turned out to be evil, who taught her to use the resources around her. How there's water in the air... She swiped her fingers and a froze the water around her fingers. She shot ice spikes to one of them and pinned them to a pole. She quickly used the ice spike water to knock the pinned one to the ground. It was a long fall and he died. As Katara watched him fall, she said, "I hope that was you, asshole." As she said this a huge blast of fire came streaming toward her.

"Katara, watch out!" said Aang as he jumped in front of the blast, nullified it and shot another large blast of fire at him. After that, a shadow bender, swung down on a rope and kicked Aang off. He flew off too the ground.

"Aang!" said Toph. She kicked over a rock for him fall on. He regained consciousness and airbended himself to land on the rock. He then flipped it over and shot it at Toph, who blasted it at Aang's ambusher. Katara was surprised that Aang had done that. But, she was still being attacked.

"Katara, it's him!" He then shot a blast of fire at her. She negated the blast with a stream of water from the side, and another, and another. Aang was passing Katara large quantities of water. She kept pressurizing him with water until he started choking. She held a sphere of water over his head while he was trying to get out of it. He jumped over the edge and the water dropped from his head. He hung on the edge. Katara used water to freeze his hands on to the rafter, so he wouldn't fall. He shot fire-blasts from his feet, and jetted up, which seemed to be a favorite move for him.

"Not this time!" she yelled. She took a mass of water, and used it to blast herself in the air. She used pressurized water to blast herself up, higher than he did. In the air, she used an ice-spike, and shot it at his leg, and it cracked like a tooth picked. He immediately fell to the ground, screaming in pain. He fell on the top rafter where Aang and Toph were. They went into and attacking mode, the attacker, still in pain lay there agonizing. Katara landed softly on the girder.

"Who are You?" She yelled. She threatened to blood bend him. The man said nothing. "Who ... are.... You?" Katara said softly.

"You broke my leg..," he said.

"I'll break more than that, if you don't tell me who you are..." He was quiet for a second.

"All... this, the attack, it's just...just stupid... everything it's just..." before he finished disappeared, into the structure and went into Toph.

"What are you doing" Aang yelled. He went inside Toph's body. Toph started to release some dark energy. And then she attacked.

To Be Continued...

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