Initiation pt. 2
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Chapter 2: Initiation pt. 2

It continued. Aang felt bad that he never really stopped to catch a glimpse of his face "I don't know who he is but I remember some features about him. It's enough to attempt to find him," said Aang.

"Come on," said Katara. "We're going to spar"

"What?" said Aang.

"I've hardly been bending at all and I need to practice."

Aang was shocked she wanted to do this. He knew how she felt, the rage and anger, so he reluctantly agreed. They went to the small pond outside of her house that actually was as big as their house. Katara was filled with rage and Aang was nervous about this duel to improve Katara's waterbending. His qualms with the duel eventually settled. This was a duel. The duel commenced. Katara and Aang were on individual stone platform. This duel or practice fight, was about to start as Aang made the first move. Aang jumped off the platform where he used waterbending to jet among the lake. Katara shot her arms upward, and created ice spikes to knock Aang of his water jet. After a while of jetting around Katara finally got him but Aang saw this and jumped up on the spike and created a standing area. Aang was up high on his platform. Katara used his height to her advantage. She knocked out some of the tower and it started to fall. Aang quickly recovered. Katara quickly shot a jet of water at Aang while was falling. To dodge this, Aang recovered the missing ice from the platform and rose it again. She used a water tornado to rise to Aang level. Katara jumped on the platform and augmented its size. She pulled water from the lake and shot a disc at Aang. He brought it behind, over his head and shot it back at her. She wasn't ready and was knocked off the platform. To make sure, Aang jumped up and came down hard, knocking the whole tower over. But because of this Katara was knocked onto to one of the other platforms. After she recovered, Katara noticed Aang recovering. She acted quickly by creating two octopus arms and shooting the water at Aang. But by the time this was going one, Aang had recovered and he was on his water jet again. Katara shot water jets from both ends and knocked Aang into the water. Katara had won round one with that move. Both of them were on their platforms when the round began. Aang jumped on a smaller ice platform that only he could fit on. He attempted to make a dome over Katara, but she used the dome water knock Aang off his small platform. She missed as he was still rising. Katara jumped on an ice board and attempted to created a whirlpool. She was successful. Aang's platform started to crumble as he jumped off. He then dove underwater for 1 second and came up with water spout. They were both on waterspouts as they both shot beams of water at the other. They did this for a while. Katara turned one of the beams into a giant spike. Aang fell after being hit with it and flew back into the water.

"3....2...." Aang shot out of the water with incredible speed and shot dozens of ice-disks at Katara. It was too many for her and she fell into the water. Aang won the round.

"Well Aang, you've done quite well. Your waterbending master is impressed. But I have a few tricks up my sleeve." Round three started. Katara rose a column of ice that blocked Aang's water jets. She rose another, and another, and another column and struck them. They fell and Aang did everything he could to break them. He shot many water blades and sliced a thin section that missed him. The remaining ice columns made a bridge from platform to platform. Katara formed octopus arms and ran across the bridge. Aang sliced the bridge in half and then Katara used one of her octopus arms to create running point with them. She ran to a different platform. She made a sizable wave and launched it at him. He managed to send it back at her from the top. The rest of the wave died back into the water. They were both evenly matched. And then... It started to rain. And then Katara remembered something. Katara stuck her arms out and Aang noticed what she was doing. He used a water whip to grab her arms and he pulled them. She lost her balance and the rain she was gathering began to fall. The excess water fell and knocked them both on to their water jets. Katara had begun to chase Aang, making water spikes pop up everywhere. Aang shot some ice spikes at Katara, making her stop her ice pillars. Aang retreated to a nearby platform, as did Katara. Katara struck the water with her hands and started to make a jet . She kept on making them and eventually the platform Aang was on broke and collapsed. As did Aang. He quickly recovered, but Katara caught this and shot a jet of water at him. He flew a while and Katara made an iceberg surrounding him and submerged it in the water. Katara won the duel!

"I'm ready," she said. She walked away and Aang recovered and caught up to her. With vengeance in her eyes and bewilderment in Aang's. They both started walking away, Katara a little ahead of Aang.

To Be Continued...

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