Initiation pt. 1
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August 3, 2012

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Chapter 2: Initiation pt. 2


'Book 1: Shadows

Chapter 1: Initiation pt. 1

Aang launched in the air with a pillar of earth. The person he was chasing, a firebender, who had just committed a robbery, was rapidly escaping. The thief launched some quick fire bolts, and extinguished them with some water. Aang had recently begun going after some criminals, as a part of his Avatar duties, after all, Republic City was his creation and he vowed to keep it crime free. The criminal was running away. He shot fire bolts but they were nullified. Aang pulled some water out some plants and whipped the criminal. He was just about to jump between two buildings, but the whip pulled his foot up, and launched him to the ground. He crashed through a fruit stand and limped away. With one hand on his side where he fell, and one good hand, he shot a jet of fire upward and propelled back to the roof. He didn't stop at the roof, as he continued upward. He began to use his other hand to aide his ascension. After Aang knocked the criminal off the roof, he looked down as he fell. He was angering, as the police had not yet intervened, as he watched the criminal recover and relaunch into the air. While he was rising, Aang noticed that his hand was on the side that was opposite him. He used a stream of water to cross to the other side, when he got to the other building he used the frozen bridge as an ice spike and sent it at the criminals wound. The flames he was using to propel were strong, as he was rising quickly, so the flames rounded the ice spike and made it dull. It still hit him and knocked out. As the criminal was falling, he caught himself and propelled downward toward the streets. He then found himself running again, or as fast as he could with his injuries. Aang was still right behind him. And then it happened. The criminal had had enough. He shot a huge stream of fire toward Aang. Since he was jumping, he was moving and the flames didn't him. They hit someone else. The women they hit screamed in pain and she fell back. Aang immediately stopped chasing the thief and went to go help the woman. He quickly used water to stop them. Unfortunately, his healing wasn't effective enough though. Emergency Relief came quickly, but she was in critical condition. Aang went with her to the emergency room. Sadly though she didn't make it. She died one day later. Aang was very sad that he couldn't stop the criminal that brutally murdered her. He didn't know what to do. The sun was setting quickly on a very dark day. Aang was walking home. He stepped on the plants he usually goes out of his way to preserve. Katara tried to talk to him and ask him about what happened, however he didn't want to talk about it. He felt the urge to go straight to bed. When he woke up the next morning he walked out to the kitchen.

"Aang," said Katara, "Will you please tell me what happened yesterday, you seem so sad."

"It's just that I'm trying to keep this city peaceful but all this bad stuff keeps happening," he said. "A totally innocent person was murdered by a criminal that I had as trying to stop!" Aang shouted.

"Oh my, That's awful, I'm sorry, did you see who the person was?" Katara asked.

"Her name was Maya Ikinouiru."

Katara dropped the plate she was holding. It had felt as if time stopped, as if the plate fell in slow motion.

"What?" she trembled "Maya? Is... dead?"

"Did you... know her?" Aang said. But before she could answer, she was on the floor, crying aloud. Her tears fell down and touching the floor, wetting it all. It had become apparent to Aang who this person was. Katara had known this person for as long as he could remember. He was having problems placing how they met though.

"Who... did it?" she asked.

Aang looked at her. He waited to answer.

To Be Continued...

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