Shadower Skirmish

Shadower Skirmish
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Rock Hard





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Fanon:Finding the Spirit Library(Rock Hard)


Continuing from last time...

Coal was still looking for Rocky. All of a sudden, Rocky limped up to Coal.

Coal: What happened?

Rocky: Shadowers kidnapped me. I tried to escape, but they took me as prisoner. They took me to a high security prison boat called Shadowcatraz.

Coal: I've heard of that boat!

Rocky: Anyway, Haley planned to turn me evil. I earthbended the earth from the ocean depths to take all her gems. She dove in the water to get them. I metalbent the bars to get out. I took out ALL the Shadowers and sank the ship.

Coal: How did you get off?

Rocky: I rock-boarded. At shore I warned the people of Shadowers. I walked and walked until I got here. No Shadowers followed me.

Coal: Behind you!

Coal knocked out 2 female Shadowers. Rocky sent 20 pummeling.

Coal: Whoa man!

Rocky then took 70 Shadower gems. Coal set 30 on fire.

Shadower: I'm General Tex.

Rocky:Ready, Tex?

They circled around each other. Rocky threw a boulder.

Tex: You win! But I'll be back!

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