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Shadowbending is ability to control darkness and shadows. It was learnt from the Shadow Horse Bats.

Darkness is the element of control, consisting of sneak attacks and overwhelming darkness tempered by the unflinching will to conquer. Shadowbending draws its power from the lack of light, as the first human Shadowbenders took it from Shadow Bats, blind creatures.

Shadowbending is notable for its manipulative battle style and usage.


  • The Secret series of which this art is featured in has not began yet, so wait up for more information.

Fighting style

Shadowbending uses concentration over the darkness, and the darkness bent will follow the user's motion. The User regularly uses Ka-ra-teh moves, with special kicks, and punches.

The darkness can then be reshaped or even split in parts, used as either a whip, or an additional body organ. Closing one's eyes during Shadowbending regularly enhances the user's connection with darkness.

Shadowbending abilities

  • Shadow Whip: A Shadowbender can wield a whip-shaped amount of darkness, and use it as a whip.
  • Shadow Fist: A Shadowbender can shape a large amount of darkness into a large fist (or any large bulky object), and use it to "punch" opponents. 
  • Shadow circle: A Shadowbender can create a circle made out of darkness, using it to block attacks.

Shadowbending master level

  • Shadow Suit: A Master Shadowbender can encase a target or himself with Darkness, and thus gain intensive control of the target, giving them high endurance, and strength. This also enables the Shadowbender to control the target's movements inside the suit. This suit can be worn by the user.
  • Flight: A Master Shadowbender can transform some of his particles into darkness, and use them to fly. It can be intensified into Shadow Travel.
  • Shadow Travel: A Master Shadowbender can transform his atoms into pure darkness, and thus travel through darkness until he reaches his destination. The setback here is that it can't pass over completely lighted places.
  • Shadow Minion: A Master Shadowbender can give his shadow a form of life, as he can guide it using certain motions, and it can fight with kicks and punches for him, which is highly preferred.

​Avatar level Shadowbending

  • Multiple Shadow Minions: An Avatar Shadowbender can create a whole lot of Shadow Minions, with the same technique as the Single Shadow Minion. Although it is regarded an Avatar level move, highly trained masters can use it.


No light areas: A Shadowbender will have his power boosted up ten hundred folded when void of any light, like in a dark cave.

Concentration: A Shadowbender needs to concentrate on his goal massively, and successful concentration has led to more powerful Shadowbending.

Eclipses: Any eclipse that occurs, will prevent the sun or the moon from creating light, and thus a Shadowbender will have no light to cancel out his darkness, unleashing his powers to the peek.


Complete Lighting: When placed in a fulling lighted area, like several light sources surround him, a Shadowbender will fail to find any darkness, and thus will be powerless. Light can also destroy a shadowbender's attacks.

Lack of Concentration: If not totally focused, a Shadowbender will have weaker control of the darkness around him, weakening his Shadowbending, like in Waterbending, though not as extreme.

Elemental symbol

The symbol for fire and firebending is a stylized, tulip-shaped flame forked into three tongues that curve outward like flower petals, with a spiral at the base. The symbol is featured in connection with Fire Nation spirituality.


Shadowbending can be linked into martial arts. Particular examples of such styles include:

  • Kung Fu — used particularly in close-ranges, utilizing strong kicks and quick punches, and used to control Shadow Minions.
  • Ka Ra Teh -- used during any situation, of which can replace Kung Fu in terms of usage.

Spirituality and Shadowbending

Shadowbenders are totally dependent on darkness, and they are said to worship Vaatu. They believe darkness is chaos, therefore is evil. Shadowbending is said to be driven by Vaatu's power.

It is said that a Shadowbender must be clear of mind, and having a sole goal and purpose. A Shadowbender's shadow is believed to be a spirit with free will, but that isn't proved.

Not more is known.

Notable Shadowbeners

† indicates deceased during the series.
A indicates Avatar.
M indicates Shadowbending Master.
  • Unknown. The Secret Series has not begun yet.


Although it is not totally associated with Shadowbending, it should be noted that Shadowbenders bow down when meeting a fellow Shadowbender.


  • As it is no longer necessary for an Avatar to master it, Shadowbending might have gone extinct after or during the Secret Series.
  • The Secret Series this appears in, is the same one that Energybending appears in.
  • A Shadowbender will be called Hei Ann.
  • It was, at one point of time, going to be called "Darknessbending", but I changed my mind to "Darkbending", then, "Blackbending", but then settled down on "Shadowbending".

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