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The art of shadowbending is just a sub element of firebending. The same as metalbending with earthbending. The term shadowbending is known as the "deceptive flame" because of its color and very clean formation. The term "shadowbender" is derived by an ancient order named the Celestial Knights. The Celestial Knights had a member named Drake who seemed to possess a different type of fire.

As demonstrated by the dragons Rah and Shaw when they unleashed a fire vortex of multiple colors, each has a supposed different property and ability. The black flame is portrayed as deceptive, stealthy, swift, beauty, and control. The control is seen as how well you can change the shadow itself from head to toe. The movements of shadowbending are very similar to the snake movements of Kei Hsiao, however, the firebending techniques are the same, but include a slight twist.

To achieve this type of fire, the bender must have a the trait of finding a pure drive. The pure drive would mostly fall under the category of life or death situations where the inner flame comes out and bursts the shadow within to save someone, survive, etc. The only person who has shown that they have the ability to achieve this bending is Drake when he saved his friend Zhao right before he was almost blasted upon by a Dragonclaw Elite.

The same as Azula blue fire, the color can change to orange once the bender isn't manipulating it anymore. The effect of this will help a shadowbender to cover their tracks because how many people do you see with black fire?

Basic Level Movements

Shadow Blasts: Basic blasts of shadow from jabs and punches that could be charged for intense strikes. The blasts have a different effect when against fire, the shadow's core would disappear, but remnants of the blast could continue and possibly damage and surprise the opponent.

Shadow Stream: Long blasts of shadow similar to "Fire Stream." However, the streams can be modified to create whip-like movements whip kicks and a combination of a punch, followed by a quick turn of the wrist.

Shadow Bomb: A very concentrated ball of shadow that can be launched from a distance to cause an explosion depending on how much the bomb is concentrated. Once the bomb is launched, it goes straight, but the bender is able to slightly turn it to a different direction. Once it is launched, it can keeps going until contact is made and it will only stay up as long as the shadowbender maintain the range and concentration. The bomb doesn't have to be launched, but if the shadowbender charges and misses, they have to keep going until they launch it away from them, or by quickly regaining their foothold and make the bomb disappear.

Shadow Swipe: This swipe movement includes spinning, jumping, and circular kicks and arms to create arcs of shadow. Similar to blazing rings and air swipe.

Shadow Deflection: Deflects the attack by using shadow to send the fire of a firebender to another direction. In some cases this could redirect water and air, when they are small blasts, or swipes.

Deception: Using the power of the shadow, a shadowbender has the ability to manipulate their dark flame to deceive an opponent by creating a shadow to cause an illusion. However, they cannot create the sound, so the shadowbender must be creative to fool someone. Best used for infiltration and/or escaping.

Shadow Whip: A combination of both the fire and water whip. A fluent yet aggressive movement that is meant to stagger the opponent with quick finesse. Not to be compared to Shadow Stream, for Shadow Whip is much thinner, but more effective.

Master Level Movements

Shadow Cloak: Quite similar to Water Cloak, but more evasive and offensive than defensive. The shadowbender uses their shadow to lift themselves up and cover parts of the body like a suit of armor, without making contact with the bender. The cloak provides a more destructive position to reign chaos. In the night the cloak is barely visible, so it is an excellent technique for escapes and ambushes. You don't levitate, your fight are on the ground.

Wall of Shadow: The same as Wall of Flames and used as a defense mechanism to block immense attacks. If used effectively, as the wall is up, the shadowbender can escape without a trace.

Shadow Disks: A spinning disk of shadow that can slice through water, ice, fire, and a few earth and metal materials.

Shadow Illusion: An advanced version of Deception. A shadowbender can manipulate the size of a shadow and make it move like a human and an animal. If used efficiently, the shadowbender can make the shadow do bending and make the impression of fighting others.

Shadow Jet Propulsion: The same as a firebenders Jet Propulsion, but due to the effects of shadow, it adds a bit more speed than the average orange and yellow.

Shadow's Whisper: Instead of shouting like Breath of Fire, a shadowbender needs only to whisper words. Three words that Drake Yun uses are "Ro," "Ha," and "Soh." Depending on how much the shadowbender manipulates the shadow will depend on its power and accuracy. The words make no difference, but the whisper are excellent for stealth if the shadowbender wants to cut a rope from a distance, or lighting someone's hat on fire.

Multi-Shadow Bomb: This is one of the most difficult techniques for it requires multiple concentrated shadow bombs at the same time, or one after the other. The bombs are formed at the finger tips and must be launched. Once the bombs are launched, when contact is made they will cause a smaller explosion than a normal Shadow Bomb. The bomb can keep going as long as the shadowbender has the range and the concentration.


Brace Blades: A modified version of the hidden blade. The blade is on the top of the forearm and it must be activated by a spark of fire, or a specific jerk of the hand. The weapon is meant to make the shadow be more excessive, meaning much more powerful. The blades are made out of a strange metal found in the Fire Nation, deep underground, and it is somehow connected to shadow.

Pu Dao: Also known as the Horse Cutter, the Pu Dao is half staff and half broad sword. The Pu Dao is long weapon with both diagonal, lateral, uppercut, low, and stabbing movements. For a shadowbender, this weapon is designed to elevate their shadow if more swiftness and cleanliness.

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