By Gingalover Part of the Book Six: Shadow continuity.
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Shadow Palace
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Shadow Nation


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Ep.12: Voice of the Crypt

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The Shadow Palace is the main capital of the Shadow Nation, home to the Shadow monarchy before it was left in abandonment for hundreds of years.


The Shadow Palace was the main home to Umbra while his people were being wiped out by the other four nations. Before King Umbra met his fate, he created Toroon as a personal guard for the palace and sealed the entrance from the inside. Umbra met his demise within the palace at the hands of the leaders of the Fire Nation, Water Tribe, Earth kingdom, and Air nomads.

The palace was left to rot soon afterwards, and it wasn't opened again for hundreds of years, until Korra and the rest of her team arrived in order to deal with Toroon. The doors were broken open, permanently opening the ruins ever since its sealing.


While being made within the rocky outcrop of the main continent coast, the Shadow Palace interior is similar to that of the Earth Kingdom Royal Palace's frontal halls before the main throne room. The throne room itself, despite its age, appeared 'more royal' than the Earth Kingdom palace, although made before the Avatar's time. The throne room opened up from a huge broken wall into the tomb of King Umbra, which is about twice the size of the throne room itself, where Toroon was put in suspended animation. The main hall and crypt are covered in hieroglyphic tributes to the Shadow Nation.

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