By Gingalover Part of the Book Six: Shadow continuity.
Neutral Emblem
Shadow Nation
Physical information

Eastern hemisphere


Shadow Palace

Form of Government


Head of State

Shadow Monarch


Shadow Nation copper, silver, and gold pieces


King Umbra

First appearance

Ep.12: Voice of the Crypt

Location on map
Map of Earth
(presumably the far eastern area, as shown on the map)

The Shadow Nation is a currently extinct race of people that was wiped out by the other four nations before the Avatar was known.


The Shadow Nation was once one of the four nations in the world during the era of Raava, before the age of the Avatar began. Since the Nation didn't live on lion turtles and due to their practice in Shadowbending (The only race known to do so), the nations thought the Shadow Nation either worked with dark spirits or were ominous alone. As such, members of the four nations decided to hunt down and rid the world of the Shadow Nation. Observing this, the current ruler, King Umbra, ordered his men to create the golem-like protectors known as the Voronon in order to have a chance at survival. Despite that, however, the four nations remained triumphant, as Voronon and the Shadow Nation were eventually being wiped out. Before they were wiped out completely, underground cities, much like Accuro, were made, and Voronon were put in suspended animation. Upon the King's death, the Shadow Nation finally fell and faded from history.

In spite of this, Shadow Nation decedents can still be found in present day, though they no longer own an area of land like the other nations do. Sadly though, the original practices of the Shadow Nation had long been forgotten, even by Shadowbenders of present time.

Notable Locations

Notable Figures

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