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Sha Lu
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Chapter 3, A Rough Start

Sha Lu was a gambler until he angered a Fire Nation soldier and was captured. To get out of the situation, he agreed to become a spy for the warriors.[1]


Sha Lu gambled regularly around the Earth Kingdom, and made a habit of cheating. He once did so against a Fire Nation soldier, and was captured by the Rough Rhinos. He was spared, under the grounds that he must become a spy for the group.[1]

Sha Lu later came upon Pirates outpost where he saved Jenju from the backwoods pirates.[2] Jenju and Sha Lu left, and Jenju asked him if he had seen any Fire Nation. Later, Jenju discovered that the man was Sha Lu. He told him a story about how he had no job, and then he started gambling. Mongke from the Rough Rhinos came and talked to Sha Lu. Jenju heard the whole conversation, and knew that Sha Lu was a Fire Naiton spy.[1]

Sha Lu conversed with the warriors two days later, and Jenju once again overheard their conversation. Sha Lu and Jenju ran off after that, with the Rough Rhinos close behind. Jenju is struck with a rock when Sha Lu harms a Rhino.[3]

Shortly thereafter, Sha Lu disappeared, leaving Jenju to fend for himself with his injury.[4]


Sha Lu is often bitter about his troubled past with gambling; he hates the Fire Nation, but reluctantly reports to them in order to stay alive. He sometimes provided misinformation to the group. Sha Lu learned to be kinder to Jenju, and he looked after him somewhat.


  • Ironically, Sha Lu attacked a group of pirates, and he looks like one.


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