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Sha (Our Story)
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The House of Death

Sha is a young Fire Nation assassin. Despite his age and regular size, he is a ruthless yet cunning killer. Not much is known about his past or present, but as things unfold, so will his true nature.



Not much is currently known about Sha's early life. There has been many rumors about him that connects him to the Fire Nation capitol, and apparently he has good relations with some of its more important occupants. These rumours have been confirmed by Sha himself. It seems he is of an apparent "true bloodline" who were betrayed centuries ago by the current royals of the Fire Nation. The generation before Sha was all but wiped out, some at the very hands of the then young boy. Sozin manipulated Sha into doing his bidding and used Sha's life as an insurance.

Start of the War

Some time around the start of the war, Sha came to be under the service of Fire Nation admiral Ji Qing, weather this service is that of a mercenary or a slave, and what authority Ji Qing holds over Sha, is still unknown.

Sha was present when the drafting in Sakiya, serving as Ji Qing's personal assassin and bodyguard. He was responsible for the gruesome death of a Thieves of the West assassin sent to kill the admiral. Soon after the attempt on Ji Qing's life, Sha was assigned to kill Munni, a task he is yet to complete.


Sha possesses what seems to be a horribly sadistic personality, and a twisted and evil mind. He does possess these sadistic qualities, but not to the extent where he loses self-control. Among these things, he also has a sick and dry sense of humor and rather "creepy" disposition. He enjoys playing mind games with his enemies and allies alike. Being in a verbal confrontation with Sha could be describes as even more dangerous than a physical assault.



Sha has amazing skill when it comes to using this weapon. He is so versatile with it that he would be come to known as the Chainbender. He can use this weapon to disarm, disable, and destroy his opponents.


Sha has some skill in the art of knife-throwing. It is not a skill he relies on the most, but when needed it can be a powerful tool.

Cunning and Wit

Sha possesses a cunning and wit some would describe as more dangerous than his weapons. He has the ability to analyze situations and mess with peoples minds. Many fear him for his "unnatural" talent.


Sha is a pale young man with pitch black hair and silvery-gray eyes. Around his eyes are two red oval-shaped markings, similar in shape to those present on one of Koh the Face Stealer's faces. Sha is not very large in stature and has medium build.


  • Sha means kill in Chinese.

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