Ambush in Ten Directions
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12th February, 2014

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十面埋伏 Edit

"All right! Aang and I are going out now, and we'll be home later, okay?"

Sokka, who had been reading the blurb on the back of Toph's DVD, looked towards his sister. He frowned at her, wondering silently when she had found the time to get dressed, when another glance to the clock told him he had been reading the same paragraph over and over for the last twenty minutes.

"Where're you going?" he asked, confused. "It's movie night." Katara cocked her head and gave him a strange look, just as Aang walked through the door. He was wearing nice clothes too, and Sokka could only look between the two as his poor brain tried to make a connection.

"I've been telling you all week, Sokka. Aang and I are going to dinner and then we're going to go watch a movie at the cinema," she told him. Thinking back, Sokka did remember her mentioning something to him about it, however he had the feeling he had just gotten off the phone with Suki; lately, all his girlfriend had been doing was making him feel frazzled. No wonder he couldn't remember.

"Oh. Well, you guys have fun. I'll just, uh..." he trailed off, lost. He didn't know what he was going to do. Suki had a class, and Toph hadn't given any indication to say she was coming that week. It was too late for Aang or Suki to pick her up, and obviously Kyoshi wasn't going to drop her off. Maybe she was waiting for him to pick her up?

The thought brought a tired smile to his face, the feeling almost foreign on his lips. He turned to Katara, who was looking at him, unsure.

"Toph and I can watch her movie," he said, and the brunette felt torn between smiling at her brother's obvious joy at finally watching the fated film, or frowning at what she had learnt from Suki the previous week. Eventually, though, the smile won out. Sokka and Toph made each other happy, and if something were to happen, she wouldn't stop it. There was also the matter of Suki acting unreasonably jealous, despite the fact that Toph had never done anything to suggest she'd steal Sokka, or attempt to break the two up.

"That sounds like a good idea," she said eventually, linking arms with Aang. "Have fun, then! We'll be home later!"

Katara also wouldn't complain that Sokka seemed to prefer spending time with Toph than thinking up pathetic excuses to 'chaperone' her.

Sokka waved a small goodbye, slowly standing up in order to gather his things. He had no idea if Toph had any junk food, so he shoved a few cans of coke and the packet of gummy lollies he had bought in anticipation for the night into a plastic bag, shutting off the lights as he grabbed the film. He yawned as he locked the front door, slipping inside his car with a small stretch.

The drive to Kyoshi's had never seemed longer. If Sokka didn't laugh so much at the paranormal, he would assume that the Gods of Luck were out to get him as he caught every red light in the district, and was pulled over for a random breath test. What should have been only a ten minute drive turned into twenty, nearing on twenty-five, before he finally reached Toph's neighbourhood.

Glancing over to the passenger seat, the irritation at the long drive dissolved as, smiling slightly at the sight of Toph's movie, he pulled into the driveway. It was nice not having to worry about Toph's tall carer. Sokka had been unable to imagine her leaving them alone if he were to watch a movie at Toph's, and her presence would just make him feel... uncomfortable. Cutting the engine, he jumped out of the car, grabbing the DVD from the other seat before rapping quickly on the front door.

The sight of Kyoshi's familiar red brick was comforting, and almost forgot his weariness as he waited for the door to open. It had been a long week, full of arguments and sleepless nights; his dreams were just as bad as his real life, making it harder to drift into something deeper than a light doze. Regretfully, it seemed as though he had reached the end of his rope on the one night he had been looking forward to all week.

Waiting a few moments, he could hear Toph shuffling around behind the wooden door, unlatching the bolt before pulling it open. He couldn't suppress the grin that appeared at the sight of her, although it fell anyway as she scowled in his direction.

"I told you last week, Suki," she said, glaring at Sokka's midsection, "I don't want to go anymore."

"Toph?" He almost wanted to smile—sadly, yes, but still smile—at her mistake, but couldn't bring himself to do it as he focussed on the blood that quickly rose to Toph's cheeks. She actually stumbled backwards a few steps, mouth forming a small 'o' at the sound of his voice.

"Sokka!" she cried, surprised. "I wasn't expecting-"

"You could just tell me you don't like movie night," he interrupted, looking at her sadly. The red that tinted Toph's cheeks was the only colour on her body, and he couldn't even stand to look at it. Sokka had never seen Toph in house clothes, but honestly he wasn't surprised by the grey track-pants and black skivvy. What was a surprise was the fact that he had never noticed how tiny she really was. The black shirt really flattened her stomach; either that, or she had lost significant amount of weight in the two weeks since he had seen her last.

"N-no, that's not it!" she told him, biting her lip. "I just... it felt like a couple thing. I mean, I was probably distracting you from the movie. You want- you wanted to just cuddle with Suki, yeah?"

Sokka looked at her curiously, taking advantage of the fact that she still hadn't moved forward again by slipping inside.

"Toph, I love having you come to movie night. Look, I even brought your movie over so we could watch it!" The grin reappeared, albeit slightly smaller than earlier. Toph bit her lip as Sokka closed the door and gave her a smile. "And I bet Kyoshi has an even comfier couch," he added as an afterthought.

He didn't miss the way she sucked in a breath, brow furrowing before she shot him a small, hesitant smile.

"You love watching movies with me?" she asked, her voice unnaturally soft. Sokka felt his own grin widen a little at the sound, although if asked to explain why, he wouldn't have been able to give a decent answer.

"Yeah," he responded, his own voice just as gentle. "Yeah, I really do."

Toph shot him a hesitant smile, before punching him lightly on the arm. "Well, hurry up then. I've been aching to hear this one." She grinned fully at him now, pearly white teeth behind pink lips. He had missed her smile.

Toph turned around, walking towards the room he remembered to be the kitchen. He noticed her cane, lying on the dining room table, and a question popped into his head.

"How long have you lived here?" he asked, genuinely curious as to how she made her way around unaided. Honestly, if he didn't know she was blind, he wouldn't have been able to tell the difference (except that she gave objects a wider berth than most people). Toph stopped in her tracks, just past the doorway of the kitchen. The pause lasted only a second before she was moving again, leading him to the living room. She sat on the couch, biting her lip again, as he set up everything.

Honestly, Sokka wasn't expecting an answer. He was surprised he had the guts to ask it, actually, because he knew how much Toph didn't like talking about herself. He sat down next to her, fully content to let it pass and not bring up the subject again, when she opened her mouth.

"I've lived with Kyoshi for almost five months," she answered, looking away from him as she did so. "They didn't want me here for too long because she works weird hours, but they couldn't find anyone willing to take me..." While her voice was soft and quiet, it was also fairly apathetic. Toph spoke of her circumstances as though it was every day that teenagers were moved and shunted, and only stopped when there was no one left to shunt them.

"Well, if you weren't here we wouldn't be able to do all this stuff," he told her, smiling. Toph looked towards the sound of his voice, her own small smile breaking out again. "Movie time?"

"Yeah," she nodded.

Neither were particularly interested in the food that week, although Toph did munch on a few lollies. Sokka pressed play, and leaned over to start narrating for her. It was slightly harder because he had to translate what they were saying, but when Toph smiled as he introduced the main heroine, he knew it was worth it, even as it became more difficult for him to actually explain what was going on.

"They just pulled out a tonne of drums. Mei is standing in the middle of them, while the police officer-thingy is fiddling with a bowl of... nuts? Oh, I think they're little pebbles. She's waiting for some-oh, the officer just threw a pebble at a drum, and then she hit it with the really long sleeves," he said, looking between Toph and the screen. He wondered how she was imagining the scene, because at least to him, the descriptions seemed woefully inadequate. "There, they just did it again, except the rock bounced off two drums that she had to hit in order. That was three- holy hell, she's really flexible. She's jumping around to hit them in order, coz the area she's got is pretty big. Ohh, that's just... he just threw the bowl of pebbles so it hit the drums and went everywhere. Now she's just trying to hit the drums."

There was a slight break in the action, a scene that he couldn't explain without just repeating himself. Sokka looked at Toph again, searching for the words to describe what he was seeing. It took him a moment to realise that, looking between his friend and the movie, he couldn't describe either of them.

He wanted to be able to explain the stunning visuals of how the actress was leaping through the air, the twists and turns. Looking at Toph's wide eyes, the faint hue just above her smile that was highlighted by the light of the television, he realised that she didn't really mind.

Perhaps, for him as well, it had stopped being about the movie, and was just about being with a friend.

He gave a large yawn as a new sound was introduced on the television, and regretfully, he turned his attention back on the movie.

"She just..." he paused for another yawn. "She just used her sleeves to draw the sword out of the officer's scabbard, and she's kinda waving it around while he avoids it. He just threw the pebble bowl at her, kinda like a discus. She pulled the sword back to her and caught it, hitting the bowl. It just kinda shattered on the floor. Everyone's waiting and- nope, the officer just pulled out his own sword, so everyone's running away."

Sokka tried to stifle another yawn, but failed miserably. He lay his head on Toph's shoulder, still facing the TV so he could explain to her what was going on.

"He wants... he wants to know who she is. Why she wants to kill him. He's just circling her all calmly, and she says that it's because he's a 'government running dog' or whatever that means. She lunges at him and he just steps out of the way. This is really cool. It's like she knows where he is. Just the way they fight is really pretty. It's kinda like a dance. I suppose she is a dancer..." He trailed off, breathing deeply. He had never noticed it before, but Toph smelled kinda pretty, too. Like peppermint tea.

Toph felt the familiar ache in her chest as he lay his head on her shoulder, although it increased ten-fold as she realised with a start that he had actually fallen asleep on her. His breathing was deep and even. The movie continued to play in the background, but without Sokka's voice in her ear, she had lost interest. Or rather, her interest lay elsewhere. She gave a small smile and lay her head on his. Right here and now was perfect, and she honestly wouldn't have it any other way. He must really have been tired to fall asleep so soon, Toph thought, and in a moment of bold confidence, she took ahold of his hand, clasping it gently in her own.

She wanted to admit it. The thought had occurred to Toph before to just... tell people what was going on in her head, but that was all it had ever been; a thought. Now, sitting in the dark with Sokka, she didn't want to keep lying to herself. She wanted to say that her feelings were important, and should be acknowledged. She wanted her feelings to matter, not just to herself, but to other people.

Toph sat there all the way through the rest of the film, familiarising herself with Sokka's hand. If she only had that piece of him, for only a few hours, then she was going to make sure it was worth it. The scar near his thumb on the back of his hand, the way his index finger was almost as long as his middle finger, and the neatly filed nails—she would remember it all. Secretly, she hoped Sokka would stay asleep forever, just preserving the moment. Toph would have laughed at herself had she not been afraid of any movement waking him. She was acting pathetic and she knew it, but she also didn't care. Suki had Sokka whenever she wanted—and Toph would never start something that would end badly for all of them. There was no inherent 'right' to Sokka, and she wasn't that much of a bitch that she would try and steal him from Suki. If this was all she got with him, it was enough.

Heaving a deep sigh, she relaxed further, just enjoying the closeness. Everything was okay.

Sokka wasn't sure when he fell asleep, but he knew the moment he woke up. His neck was aching, probably from the angle in which he was lying and an added weight holding it down, and he could feel something warm surrounding his hand. Moving slightly, whatever it was on his head moved, and his hand was dropped. Sokka had to wait several moments for his eyes to adjust to the bright glare of the blue television screen from the darkness of the room. Rolling his head, he remembered laying it on Toph's shoulders before... before nothing. That must have been when he fell asleep. He could still smell the traces of mint, and able to think more coherently than earlier, found he actually liked it. Turning his head, Sokka's breath caught in his throat as he laid eyes on Toph.


She turned towards him with a start, her gaze looking over the top of his head and her chest moving up and down in shallow breaths. From the light of the television, she had an almost ethereal look about her. Sokka tilted his head, very aware of how close they were. He sat up slowly, never taking his eyes from Toph. She swallowed several times, eyes wide; he couldn't look away.

She was staring towards him, her gaze looking over the top of his head and her chest moving up and down in shallow breaths. From the light of the television, she had an almost ethereal look about her. Sokka tilted his head, very aware of how close they were. He sat up slowly, never taking his eyes from Toph. She swallowed several times, eyes wide; he couldn't look away.

Without his permission, Sokka's body leaned forwards. Somewhere between the sitting and leaning, he had forgotten how to breath; Toph seemed to be having the same problem. There was no way she could mistake the heat radiating from him as he gulped several times. Lifting his hand, still warm from her touch, he brought it to her cheek.

Suddenly, he realised what he was doing, and he jerked his hand back. Toph's eyes widened momentarily before she lowered her head.

"You fell asleep," she muttered into her lap. Sokka's eyes followed her sightless gaze, and he realised with a start that it was her hands that had been around his.

He didn't move for the longest time, although neither did she. They sat there, suspended in time, waiting. The pain in Sokka's neck was forgotten as his hand slid around to her neck and he pulled her close, their breath intermingling for a mere second before he placed his lips on hers.

Toph was having a difficult time getting air into her lungs as, under Sokka's relentless lips, she found her own responding. Her heart was in her throat, pumping more furiously than she had believed it could as Sokka's hands cradled her head. All her earlier affirmations flew out the window as he opened his mouth slightly, deepening the contact. Toph could have died happy at that moment. She actually lost track of how long they sat there together, neither willing to move away. Eventually, though, Sokka slowed, breathing deeply as he rest his forehead on hers. Toph never wanted to see so bad; there had never been a better reason for her to wish for sight, but as she had done her entire life, she just tried to make the best of it.

A want, a need, like nothing she had ever felt with Jet sprung up within her, and for the second time that night her confidence got the better of her. Toph raised a hand, placing it on Sokka's cheek with the intent to map out his face. He didn't let her as his hand appeared from nowhere, trapping hers on his face. Toph sucked in a deep breath, her chest aching for him. Sokka's breathless pants spurned her on, and leaning forward slightly she could feel how much he wanted her, too. Moving away slightly, she moved her hand to grab the one atop it, pulling him to his feet as she led him down the hall.

The fuck am I doing? she thought. Stopping dead in her tracks, she turned to Sokka. He didn't let her speak as he pushed her against the wall, his lips meeting hers again. She felt the floor disappear as he wrapped her legs around his waist, feeling her breasts against his chest.

The fuck am I doing? The thought crossed Sokka's mind that he shouldn't be kissing Toph, but before he could explore the reasons why, she opened her mouth against his tongue running softly against his bottom lip. All rational thinking left him then, and the only thing he was focussing on was getting them to wherever she had tried to lead him. Walking a few paces further, he stumbled into the first room he could find, sucking gently on Toph's neck as he did so. They stood there (well, he stood there holding her) for several moments before he realised that they seemed to be in a bedroom; Sokka crawled across the clean sheets, laying her down but refusing to let his lips leave her skin. The lack of light didn't bother him; not when he could nibble on her neck and not be distracted by every other part of her. He wouldn't have believed Toph to be so responsive, but he certainly wasn't complaining as he lifted her shirt up, encouraged by her breathless gasps.

Sokka's hands roamed up her sides, avoiding her covered chest. They moved around to her back in order raise her slightly from the bed, however he pulled them away sharply as he felt her tainted flesh.

"Sorry," he whispered, kissing her earlobe. Toph could only shake her head at the apology.

"N-no, it's... d-do it again," she gulped, pulling his face back to her lips as he sat her up. With a lingering kiss, broken only by the need to fully dispose of the material, Sokka let his fingers dance lightly up her back, laying her back down and kissing between the shallow valley of her breasts and over the material of her bra. Toph tugged on his shirt, leaving no doubt of the next article of clothing she wanted removed, and Sokka happily obliged, breaking contact just long enough to pull his shirt off and throw it on the floor next to Toph's.

She was sitting upright when he clambered back onto the bed. Her lips, pink and swollen, beckoned him close as they curved up into a small smile. Their hands found each other, fingers intertwining as Sokka gently pushed her down onto her back. He found himself smiling back, his hands running across faint bumps as they worked their way up her arms to hold her head. There was almost no space between them, but it still wasn't enough, and Sokka made a decision as he trailed his lips lower, running them across what little skin he could see of her breasts and focussing on her stomach. Toph gave a little gasp as he licked her bellybutton before kissing it, his fingers fiddling with the waistband of her trackpants, warning her of what he was going to do. Toph made no move to stop him as he slid the warm material down her pale legs.

Sokka's eyes had grown accustomed to the dark, and the faint moonlight filtering in through the window gave him more than enough light to see Toph lying prone upon the bed, eyes shut tight. He felt his heart swell at the sight, her chest moving up and down in breathless pants. Now he wanted to see all of her, feel all of her. Removing his jeans, he lay down just to the side of her, kissing wherever he could reach

There were no words to describe exactly what Toph was feeling. She felt as though her heart would explode, all because of the young man next to her, lathering her with such sweet kisses, making her the important one. With Jet, they had skipped all this. With him, it was about the physical reaction, the result at the end of it.

Because she didn't love Jet, and Jet didn't love her.

Suddenly, she was struck with an overwhelming need for Sokka's forgiveness; for him to know everything and to accept her for it. She needed to get rid of the guilt, the self-hatred of giving herself to someone else, night after night. Of using and being used.

Clasping his head, Toph pulled Sokka close. His lips, which had been tending to her chest, moved up to her cheeks as his hands slid under the strap of her bra.

"Sokka, wait," she whispered throatily. She wasn't sure that he heard her, but within a few seconds his hands moved back down to her waist. His lips ghosted over her own, so gently she thought she might cry. Pulling him close and bestowing what was likely the softest kiss she had ever given anyone, she whispered to him.

"I've been sleeping with Jet..."

Oh my god, I've been looking forward to this chapter for so long. This is the longest chapter at just under 4,000 words, and I did it in two parts (broken up by the break). I wanted to release it all as one.

Also, the title is the phonetic name of House of Flying Daggers, in Mandarin. This is because it's a) the movie they were watching and b) means literally 'ten dimension ambush' (十面埋伏). This is really in regards to Sokka's actions being out of nowhere (supposed to just be like that for Toph, but I think it felt like that for the audience, too -_-' that's something to fix up in revisions.

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