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Juji's fine. He comes back to life in the end when the doomsday device shifts the polarity of the Earth. Oops. Spoiler. Sorry.

Warning! This page contains spoilers for Avatar: Better World.

"Avatar Aang, I presume. I'll make the introductions quick; I am Yino. Your previous assassins have failed, and so it is I who shall end your life. Prepare to die, Avatar."
— Yino introduces himself to Aang in Settling Scores
Aang injured
Settling Scores
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May 2, 2009

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"Settling Scores" is the third chapter of the Action/Suspense fanon story Avatar: Better World. It originally was released on FanFiction.Net on May 2, 2009. Fatally wounded from his battle with Lee, Aang is determined to find out who's done the assassination attempts. The Wind Killer leader, Yino, however, attacks him, and the two begin their struggle.

Author's Notes

Here's chapter 3. Starting from this chapter, I'm having "The888thAvatar-WHSL" advise me on how to fix it, so he's technically now my new editor. I hope you like it. TM & Copyright Nickelodeon/Viacom, and Mike & Bryan.


Aang wounded

Aang wakes up, heavily wounded.

Team Avatar's House, Ba Sing Se

Aang's vision began to clear as he stood up from his bed. Still a tad blurry, he thought as he looked at his hand, and saw it covered in a bandage wrap, a metal stick underneath to hold his wrist in place. He looked at his other hand, and followed it to see that a large cup was held with cloth on his shoulder, and there was more padding over it.

He looked at his feet, and saw gashes, holes, and cloth wrapped around them. On his leg was a very large stick held to his right leg with a few sheets of cloth. The stick led to about his higher ribcage. He felt a sharp pain in his head, and grabbed it, feeling a very large pad held on by some undercloth.

He picked himself up, and limped out the door, holding the stick held to his leg. Walking down the hall, he entered the living room, where Katara, Toph, Sokka, and Zuko waited around. They all looked to him.

"Aang?!" Katara ran over to him, as the others followed. "You can't be up right now. You have so many injuries, it's surprising that you're even-"

"Katara, I'm fine," Aang said, trying to pass by her.

"You're lying, Twinkletoes," said Toph, who crossed her arms as she didn't look up, hanging by the wall.

"I need to know who hired those p-ugh!" Aang grabbed his arm, which began leaking blood.

"Ew!" exclaimed Sokka, freaking out, and striking a "get that thing away from me" pose, cocking his foot up and his hand in front, head turned slightly.

"Calm down," Zuko commented, limping slightly as he walked over. Several visible wounds could be seen, as he had a few patches around his face and bandage wrapped around his wrist, though it was not very visible behind his long sleeve. In fact, most of his wounds were hidden behind his long tea worker robes. He kneeled down slightly to examine the wound. "His wound hasn't completely sealed up yet. We need to tighten the bandage more. Katara."

"I'm on it," Katara said, running over to the kitchen to grab more cloth and padding.

"No, no, stop!" Aang shouted, pulling away from Zuko and closing his eyes, grinding his teeth. "I don't need you guys to waste your time trying to help me! It's my problem! You guys should be out there, helping people, making this a better world!!"

There was a long, awkward silence. Then Toph stepped right to Aang's face.

"Listen, Twinkle Toes; this isn't all about you. I know you've been through a lot, and I know you've got a lot of pressure, having to make this screwed world better, but you gotta understand," she started to stand up on her feet, and got in his face, shouting, "It is NOT ALL ABOUT YOU!!!" The ground shook slightly.

Aang sighed, not leaving his view of her. Katara walked over and started bandaging his arm tighter. Aang turned his head away. "I'm going to my room..." He limped down the hallway.

The others walked back to where they were, and it got quiet again. Sokka walked over to Toph, and turned his head down to her.

"Whoa," he commented. "You have quite a voice."

"Eh, his testosterone spill was just ticking me off," she said, shrugging.

"He-he," he giggled.

Ba Sing Se Outer Wall, same time

As Yino stood on top of the massive wall still being constructed, his hooded robes flapping the gust of the summer wind, one of his men walked over to him. The man bowed to Yino.

"Sir," he said, his almost toothless mouth causing spittle to fly from his lips, "there's a cargo cart waiting to take you to the Avatar's home. According to our spies, he's practically dead already. You won't need much to fight h-"

Yino then quickly tossed the man over the wall, causing him to fall down, crushing the cargo cart waiting for Yino. The man's bones were broken, and blood leaked from his back and from his mouth. He groaned.

"I never need much to fight an opponent," he said calmly, golden eyes glowing with intensity, "and let those fatal wounds let you learn. I am doing this because I need to," He continued as another man came timidly up to foresee his journey, "because I choose only incompetence to wield in my so called empire. And if I don't do this, he will kill me."

"Y-you ready, s-sir?" the new man said, shakingly bowing to Yino. His black hair twitched, and his cheeks glowed red with fear.

Yino stared out at the city, and while his face was as still as a rock, his insides were twirling up with fear; not for the Avatar, but for the man who he unfortunately worked for; for the face of the man who once ruled the island country he was imprisoned at; for Ozai. While still being imprisoned, Ozai still secretly ran an organization, several in fact, which could wipe out an army of any size. They still laid loyal to him, not for his power, but for his blood, his royal blood. But while Ozai was still incapacitated, his organizations weren't, and they alone could kill him.

Yino took a large breath. After letting it out, he closed his eyes, and then fiercely opened them with a sharp, "Yes." His hands grew fire around them and his face sweat with intensity. He and the other man walked down the stone steps, and walked off.

Aang's Room, Team Avatar's Hut, 10 Minutes later

Aang laid on his large bed, his wounds covered more deeply, and his bandage stick holding his one non-outstretched arm and leg together, flat against his bare side. His mind raced and pulsated, and he felt sweat beat down his neck. He sensed something was wrong; he felt it, deep in his spirit, deep in his heart, he felt a powerful presence. He

A giant blast of fire, so powerful he could feel it from 10 feet away, shot through the wall beside him, leaving a large bat of steam to emulate and a large, cracked hole in the wall to appear. Aang pushed himself up, and rolled onto the floor. Yino walked through the gap, his hood covering his face, only his chapped lips appearing. He turned toward Aang who, pain aching through his wounds, rolled upwards to see the dark man.

The steam settled, and Aang squinted to see the man's face. Silence was crisp, the air rough with tension. Aang broke the silence, "Who are you?"

Yino lowered his hood, revealing a very hollow and dull face. His pale skin was boney, his eyes wrinkled with bags, grey, rough. His eyes, glistening a hazel shade of golden blue, showed experience, a dark and twisted past; it showed the screams of those he had met, of his own depressing past. Surprisingly, however, Aang saw fear in his eyes as well, an unsettled fear, as if someone - or something - was watching the Firebender. Finally, the man spoke.

"Avatar Aang, I presume. I'll make the introductions quick; I am Yino. Your previous assassins have failed, and so it is I who shall end your life. Prepare to die, Avatar." He then breathed in, and shot out a huge blast of immense fire at Aang. Aang immediately sucked in a large amount of air, exhaled it, and causing a blast of air to exit from his mouth, blocking the blast, yet sending him flying.

"How polite..." Aang muttered, sliding off the floor-wall crease, tugging at the bandage tying his brace to his left side. He tore it off, and descended back into the air, gripping on to it. In the air, he whipped an immense blast from it, sending the bed flying straight into Yino. The flags on that wall dropped down with clanks.


Toph needed some air. The cramped space that was the house was too much to stand for an Earthbender. Well, at least for Toph. So she sat outside on the steps. Suddenly, she felt a clunk beside her. Sokka had sat down beside her, his hair amuck and bruises on his face. A sullen expression covered his face. She felt he was verklempt, at the least.

"Alright, I'll budge; what's wrong today?" she spat out finally, sarcastically as usual.

"What isn't?" he responded, plopping his knuckles beneath his chin. "I mean, it was all dandy earlier, but then I come in here to check on Aang. First, I smash onto a vase."

"Don't you mean into?"

"Nope; onto. Then, I, hungry like the wolf-bat, decide to grab some eats at a tavern, but before I can even get inside, I get mauled by a rampaging Momo, followed by two cats, an armadillo-hedgehog, and five baby Komodo-Frogs! I give up, man, give up!"

Toph tossed her fist into Sokka's gut, making him groan. "Ow!" he exclaimed.

"Man up, Sokka. I mean, even all of that isn't as nearly bad as Aang's injuries. Plus, all of that is kinda wimpy any way. So, if you ask me, you gotta grow-"

Just then, they heard a thunderous blast, followed by a bang and several clanks. They were coming from inside.

Sokka jumped, grabbing onto Toph's hand and pulling her up with him. "Aang!" They darted down into the house, racing through Aang's hallway.

Back in Aang's room

Yino, hands a blazed, split the bed in half, screamed an enraged scream. He then fired four vicious shots at Aang. The Airbender quickly – clotted with pain – rolled away from each, a stray bandage flying off from his arm. He rolled to a stop in front of the hole Yino had formed beforehand. Yino spun and sliced a Fire Blade straight at Aang, who twirled an Air Shield around himself, sending him flying outside and into a tree, leaves falling violently.

Aang groaned, head aching, bones bruised. Yino shuffled out of the building and hovered above Aang. Aang flinched to strike a move, but Yino's flawless reflexes caused him to grab his arm and start to Firebend. But just then, a stray rock struck him straight in the back. He turned around to see Toph, standing with her fist aimed at him, dust settling around her. "Get away from Aang."

Sokka charged at Yino, his sword at hand, and struck at him. Yino used a quick Fire-blade under his forearm to block it. Sokka still kept his stance, and slid behind him and in front of Aang. Toph struck down on the earth powerfully, surging a large rumble to knock Yino off of his footing. Toph as well swung to Aang's side, both helping him up. Yino's hazel eyes seemed to glow as he adjusted himself. His swung his leg quickly and powerfully, creating a surge of Fire that he used to huddle himself up. He darted out to the city street, turning to look at them and smile.

Aang struggled out of Toph and Sokka's grasp, limping his way a few steps. "Aang, what are you doing?!" Sokka shouted at him, darting to get to him, Toph closely following.

"This ends now," Aand said, faded with breath and tearing off his bandages, revealing crimson colored gashes throughout his body. "Evacuate the citizens from this ring, and get yourselves as far from here as possible."

Toph yelling


"Twinkle Toes, we're not gonna just leave you," Toph explained.

"Just do it, T-"


"I DON'T CARE!!" Aang exclaimed back, ripping off the final bandage from his head, revealing his arrow, which on the side revealed a gashing wound with a bump in the center. "Now just do it." He straightened up, then jumping with Airbending onto the roof. Sokka and Toph stood there, turning to each other.

Toph looked forward again. "Let's just do it."

Sokka nodded and the two raced out of the hut's alley.

Behind the Scenes

Background Information

  • This chapter is the current longest chapter of Better World made.
  • wjx-WHSL-The 888th Avatar "edited" the chapter for the first time, helping TurboTony figure out how to work out things on IRC.
  • The beginning of the chapter was heavily inspired by Avatar episode "The Awakening."

Production notes

TurboTony didn't immediately begin working on this chapter after finishing Hunted. Instead, he was busy working on a popular Phineas and Ferb story, but after a bit did begin to work on it. While writing the beginning part, which he based partially off of Book 3 episode The Awakening, TurboTony began discussing the story on IRC with fellow Wikia user The 888th Avatar. Eventually, the two decided 888 would advise, or "edit," the story, so he set up a FanFiction.Net account for it.

Originally, the chapter was supposed to be the entire battle of Yino vs Aang. As the author progressed in writing it, however, he decided to only start it, more focusing on characters preparation for it, and Aang's determination to find out who the people that are hiring his assassins are. He as well included more light moments, unlike the previous two chapters, even having a comedic cut-away to Toph and Sokka.


"[...]I couldn't take my eyes [off of] it."
Avatar Fanon Wiki user Vaznock on the chapter.

Once the chapter was released, positive reviews were given. Avatar Fanon Wiki user "Vaznock" praised it, saying that he "couldn't keep [his] eyes off of it." He as well mentioned his enjoyment of the way Yino was portrayed.[2] Less than an hour after the story was publish on FanFiction.Net, a review was given, raving it's and the series's action and fighting sequences.[3]

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