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December 17, 2013

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Same Old Routine

"So you guys actually went easy on her? You better go easy on me when it's my turn" Yuki said over the cramped booth.

"Not gonna happen shrimp. I'll finally get the chance to knock some sense into you and dad can't do anything about it" Kaoru laughed. A spark of fire leaped onto Kaoru's jacket, setting the material on fire almost instantly.

"Hey hey hey. Watch what you're doing!" Kaoru exclaimed patting the fire out.

"Watch it Yuki. That almost landed on me. I just bought this shirt" Jared said feverishly patting his shirt. Water splashed against Jared's front, soaking him through. "Thanks a lot, Haysumi," he said dryly.

"My pleasure" she grinned.

"Stop shoving Lee. And get your elbow outta my side" Maika said.

"Sorry. It's not my fault I'm this tall" Lee said. "And who's idea was it to sit at this small booth"

"The booth wasn't supposed to seat six people" Haysumi answered.

"Ugh, I hate being restricted" Kaoru said pushing against Yuki's shoulder. "Awesome the food's here" A waitress brought the numerous plates of food over to the group. "Man I haven't had cow-pig ribs in spirits knows how long" Jared said as his plate was passed down to him.

"I still can't believe you two are eating meat though" Haysumi said gingerly cutting into her order of hippo-seal steak motioning to Lee and Maika who had respectively ordered moose-lion cutlets and pig-chicken sandwiches.

"I like meat. No use in me trying to not eat something I enjoy" Maika said breaking a sandwich in half before eating the half.

"Yeah but isn't it supposed to go against you nomads whole culture thing and whatnot?" Jared asked looking up from his ribs.

"It also used to go against the nomads tradition to use violence but you see where that got them in the end" Lee retorted.

"I always wondered why you talk like the Air Nomads of the past are different from the Air Nomads of today" Yuki asked.

"Because we're pretty different from them these days. We aren't a bunch of pacifistic wimps who think we can help the world by cutting ourselves off from it and trying to act like we're spiritually superior to the other nations" Lee answered.

"That's a little too much deep talk for the dinner table Lee" Kaoru interjected. "Shut up and eat your food you rebellious meat eater you"

"You know Haysumi, I'll never understand how you can put up with his jokes long enough to date this fire flake" Yuki said.

"I don't know I think they're pretty cute in a corny kinda way," she said flashing Kaoru a smile. "Ah thanks babe" Kaoru said kissing her cheek. A resounding groan rose from the table as Jared pelted Kaoru and Haysumi both with paper towels.

"What did we say you two? No mushy lovey dovey crap at the table" Maika laughed.

"Oh come on. That wasn't even lovey dovey. I didn't even use an adorable pet name" Kaoru said in defense. "Isn't that right my little tsunami" here he winked at Haysumi following it up with a smile.

"That's right my handsome devil" she replied back with a laugh.

"That's it, I'm going home" Yuki said pushing her way out the booth. Fishing a couple of yuans from her pocket she tossed the money on the table.

"Good idea Yuk's. I stay any long and I might throw up my ribs" Jared replied tossing his money on the table as well. Lee and Maika followed suit leaving Kaoru and Haysumi by themselves for a couple of minutes before they too left the restaurant. The group of six strolled down the cluttered streets until they were approached by a woman in a beige uniform.

"Kaoru, you've got a job waiting for you," she said.

"What you guys couldn't wait for me to get back? I just got through eating" he replied.

"It's urgent and you need to head out today" she answered handing him the satchel. "It's going to restricted area D"

Silent for a moment, Kaoru then took the satchel from her. "Do I at least have a cover in case I get questioned?" he said slinging the satchel on his shoulder.

"That's up to you to decide. But make it a believable one this time, Kaoru," she said before turning and walking away. "Pfft, Fire Lord's son's best friend my ass," she mumbled.

"I happened to like that identity. Would've worked too if the Fire Lord's son hadn't been around when I used it," Kaoru chuckled.

"Whatever just get it delivered by next week. Person it's going to is a in the front pocket" the woman said before turning around and heading back the direction she came from.

"So who wants to go to restricted area D with me?" Kaoru asked with a smile.

Jared was the first to respond with "I'm all for going places we're not supposed to go but unless you're splitting your check with me, which I doubt you are, count me out"

"No can do. I've got matches all this week" Lee answered.

"Gotta look after Kama while he's away" Maika said.

"You should know better than to bring me along stupid. I'll just end up outshining you like I always do" Yuki laughed.

"You know I love you babe but that's not gonna happen" Haysumi said sounding sincerely sorry.

"Eh I never expected you guys to actually say yes anyways" Kaoru replied. "Yuki don't forget to tell dad I had a job to do"

"I'll see If I can remember to. You know I've been so busy lately and I do tend to forget things". "What exactly was I supposed to tell dad? You and Haysumi ran away to get married? You got Haysumi pregnant? Uhh..." here Yuki rubbed her chin in thought.


"Alright alright I won't forget," she said walking off. "Bring me back a souvenir too would ya?" she called back.

"I'll think about it shrimp" Kaoru replied.

"So how are you getting to area D exactly?" Maika asked.

"That my dear Maika is one perk of being me. I've got my ways none of you guys have" he replied with a smile.

"Alright you lazy bastards, load the ship up. We set sail in 10 minutes" shouted the pirate captain as his crew moved to follow his orders. The ship, named the King's Shade, was decked in full pirate gear if you knew what to look for. Furled sails beneath the navy blue sails bore the insignia of a rising moon eclipsed sun over a hammer smashing apart a stone. The symbol stood for how the nations were at war with each other. And the pirates abused the animosity between the nations to their fullest. The cannons concealed on the sides inside the hull of the ship itself. The bulbous center of the ship contained the object that made pirate ships a match against the other nations superior air fleet.

"Times up dingbats! Get on the ship, NOW!" the captain yelled.

"Time to go then" Kaoru said making a run for the King's Shade. Blending in with the crew, Kaoru slipped onto the ship hopefully unseen by the higher officers. Once on board, the captain headed towards the helm of the ship, toggled the multiple control levers to his likings and ordered the helmsmen to withdraw the anchor. The ship pulled off from the port and headed out to sea.

"Set sail for Serpent's Pass folks. I here the Earth Kingdom is expecting a rather large supply train to be traveling through within the next couple of days. We need to be there in the next two days in order to make any profit off this" the captain announced.

'Perfect timing. Gives me plenty of time to get rid of whatever this is and get back home' Kaoru thought from his position behind several crates of ammunition.

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