By Gingalover Part of the Brotherhood continuity.
Charming Ty Lee
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Air Nomads

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Republic City



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The Gang


Torch (Leader)



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Ch.3 Gang

Serra is a member of the gang and Leo's airbending teacher.


Her family line leads back to Avatar Aang, and her airbending family line left her to Republic City. She had learn a bit from her parents, and at one point left to make her own way in the world. Yet so far, she only stayed in the city. Her experience with the city though made it appear as if she really has been on her own, though she can't really leave her parents unattended.

Personality and Relationships

She is a very sweet girl and can get along with plenty of people. Though she isn't exactly fond of some of the guys very much, since they're more interested in how she looks than her personality. She is also a bit of a caring figure towards her friends.

The Brothers

She is a very friendly figure to the brothers. To her, they're pretty sweet yet can be a bit rugged sometimes. She sees Alex as a tough little brother but she sees Leo as a much more closer friend.

The Gang

Her relationship with The Gang is pretty deep. She was the first member behind Torch, and helped the other members in and gave them a hand when they needed it most.

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