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Reclamation By The Snowbold Part of the The Reclamation of Arein continuity.
Serin Shirayuki
Biographical information

The Wolf's Eye, Kita, Spirit Son


Northern Water Tribe, Fire Nation


Ba Sing Se



Physical description




Hair color


Eye color

Ice Blue

Personal information
Weapon of choice

Water, Blood

Bending style(s)



Kitsune Shirayuki


Southern Empire, Air Nation, Fire Nation

Chronological and political information



Northern Kingdom, Red Sun



Serin Shirayuki is a powerful noble who took over much of the northern part of the continent in the wake of Avatar Lirin's death.


Much of Serin's history is a mystery. Some say he is descended from Water Tribe Chiefs while others say he is a bastard of Lirin's. A powerful waterbender and a cunning politician, Serin has significant pull in the Northlands where waterbenders have expanded during Avatar Lirin's reign.

Serin was known to be a protege of Lirin's in his youth and was heavily influenced by the Avatar. Serin's political career began after his apprenticeship to the Avatar.

When Lirin died, Serin performed a perfectly executed coup on Ba Sing Se and pronounced it the Northern Kingdom. He now controls the largest population of waterbenders and second largest of earthbenders from his massive fortress city of Ba Sing Se.

Powers and Abilities

Serin is a deadly waterbender and is rumored to be a bloodbender, though few have seen him bend. Serin has mastered all forms of waterbending, even including Urban and Foggy Swamp style.

Serin is a gifted strategist in battle and politics. He has manipulated his population into fanatical support of his policies, if not himself. Serin also has an extensive intelligence network that is woven into the Air Nation and Southern Empire.


  • Serin is Azerbaijani for "cool" or "chilly", referring to his attitude.
  • Shirayuki is Japanese for "white snow"
  • Serin has very different eyes, ice blue like a husky, hence his name as the Wolf's Eye.
  • Serin is much older than he looks.
  • Serin's heritage is much more puzzling than he would imply and so are his powers.
  • "Vertex"

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