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Fate's Cold Hands



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As Kiama rested at a food stand in downtown Omashu, she read a flyer for Chong's Earthbending Academy, impressed by the number of famous graduates but horrified by the prices.

"Miss... Miss... Excuse me Miss!"

Kiama looked up and then to her side to see a little girl tugging on her robes. "Oh, hi there. Can I help you?" she asked cheerfully.

"Are you a good bender?" The girl's eyes were a mile wide.

"I am. A Waterbender, if that counts."

"Then we need your help! Some strange men with bombs took over the top of the mail chutes! I don't know what they're trying to do but Daddy told me to get help!"

Kiama gasped and spun her head towards the central part of the mail delivery system. Without hesitation, she took off.

"Ma'am! You need to pay for that!"

Kiama sprinted as fast as she possibly could to what looked like and Earthbending-powered elevator. She threw the operator a coin and stepped on, where she was lifted to a higher part of the city. There, she climbed on top of a few barrels to reach the roof of a small house where she began to run towards the mail chute's center of operations. Nothing was guiding her but pure adrenaline and the desire to fulfill the Avatar's duties. Once she was closer, she could see four men gagged and tied up to a pole, guarded by men in dark uniforms. With water from her pouch, she knocked the criminals off her feet, but before she could get any further, a small a small rock pillar hit her in her side, and she slammed into a wall.

"Well, well Avatar," a man with dark, spiky hair stepped towards her slowly. "I'm so thrilled that you accepted our invitation. "With a flick of his wrist, he forced the struggling Kiama back into the wall, hard."

The Avatar's face showed her pain. "How do you know who I am."

"One of my friends told me. He's dead now but if I didn't kill him, he could have died of old age this week."

She came to a sudden realization. The old man!

"You'd be surprised how many little messengers we have. Old men. Little girls..."

After hearing this, Kiama felt like an idiot; she was tricked.

"Oh, what a gullible little Avatar you are. I'm gonna-"

He was cut off by a blast of water hitting him in the face and freezing, entrapping his head in a block of ice. The Waterbender kicked it hard, shattering it and freeing the man as a woman with long, black hair approached.

"Heng Wei!" she cried.

"I'm fine, Yehua." He pushed his arms down and suddenly everything below Kiama's knees was in the ground. Heng Wei proceeded to bark out orders. "Has the King's money arrived?" After Yehua shook her head he snarled. "Then commence with the attack! Once we bring Omashu to its knees, the King and Queen will wish they never underestimated the Baozha Bombers!"

Several other men and women in the same dark uniforms began loading explosives onto the mail cart, and a few began running in different directions, throwing bombs and buildings and even people.

"No!" Kiama sprung out of her hole with a water sprout and rammed into Heng Wei.

"You're too late Avatar!"

She decided to ignore the evil man and chase down the loaded carts, hopping into a cart of her own and pushing off. Once on the intense ride, a rock whizzed by her head, and she responded to the attacker with an ice spear. Ahead, she could see a cart, packed with bombs and ready to kill innocent people. She hurled a blob of water in its direction, then froze it in place. Another rock barely missed her and she whipped her head around as two men approached on both sides. She grabbed their legs with a whip of water and tossed them behind her where they collided in the air.

Kembar was being brought down to the Western Air Temple on the back of Jiyu's pet Sky Bison. "What is wrong?" Jiyu asked the boy. "It's just, whenever I imagined myself in an Air Temple, I thought I would be staring down at the clouds, but instead, I'm basically underground," Kembar replied.

"It does not matter where you are, beauty exists wherever you go. Why, thousands of years from now, this Air Temple will still be filled with beauty and smiling faces," Jiyu responded, not knowing how ironic her wisdom was.

The Sky Bison landed and the two dismounted. Kembar stared around the temple and saw no men; only women! "Superior Jiyu, are your temples seperated by gender?" Kembar inquired.

"Indeed, young Avatar. Now, enough quesions. Your first lesson awaits." Jiyu led Kembar to a balcony that overlooked what seemed like an endless trench. Kembar's thoughts were interrupted by the sound of someone running towards him. He turned to see a girl running towards him. She looked about fifteen and was partially bald with brown hair flowing down the back of her head.

"I'm sorry I am late, Sifu Superior," the girl apologized.

"Amai, I have told you a hundred times to stop calling me that," Jiyu scolded.

"Sorry, Superior Jiyu."

"Kembar, this is Amai, another student of mine. She is going to be learning with you."

"Hi -- wait, who are you? Why are you wearing Water Tribe clothes?" It only took moments for Amai to process it. "You're the Avatar! It is so nice to meet you, Avatar..." Amai finished, waiting for the Avatar to give his name.

After a brief silence, the boy finally spit it out. "Kembar; my name is Kembar."

"Nice to meet you, Kembar. I look forward to training with you," Amai said, kindly.

"Yeah, me too," Kembar said, dreamily.

Kiama made a swooping motion with her arms and launched a ready to explode cart into the air where the bombs detonated away from any people. The last of them, the Avatar thought, I did it. She slid down the rest of the chute, panting at the bottom and ready to collapse. Before she could think about resting; however, a squad of soldiers similar to the ones outside the city approached.

"I think I stopped all the bombs," said an exhausted Kiama.

The captain stepped forward. "You need to come with us, Madam Avatar."

"Why? What did I do?"

"Don't worry. You're not in any trouble."

Cautiously, she agreed to follow the men, walking in the center of a square formed by guards. She couldn't tell if she was being escorted or arrested. As they walked, people gawked and stared, whispering to each other. This irritated the Avatar greatly. She was guided through the streets of the breathtaking city, civilians clearing the way as the square of officers moved towards a massive building. They led Kiama up long, beautiful steps and into a grand, ornate door, guarded by two emotionless men. They didn't even blink as the group passed by.

Once inside, Kiama immediately took notice of the odd green lighting, coming from the glow of colored crystals hung on the walls. The carpet she walked on was green, and green banners were draped from the ceiling.

Suddenly, the group stopped and one man spoke. "We will wait here until the King and Queen give further notice."

Kembar was becoming more and more frustrated. He looked over to Amai and saw she was already doing much better than he was. She had clearly been training longer than him. "Good, Amai," Jiyu commended her pupil. "Kembar, I notice you are having some difficulties."

"I don't understand, Sister Jiyu! I just can't get it!" Kembar shouted in frustration.

"They key is to think like an Airbender. You are used to thinking only one way when bending," Jiyu was spot on. "When Airbending, you must clear your mind and allow yourself to think clearly." Jiyu spun around and blew a gust of air into the distance. "Now you try," she instructed.

Kembar took a deep breath. Clear your mind. He thought to himself. Kembar spun around and extended his right hand, but only a small, measly puff of air come out. "Monkeyfeathers!" Kembar yelled. The three companions then saw something attach itself to the side of the cliff. All three of them noticed it was a grappling hook. Before anyone could say anything, there were men sliding down the rope. The first one landed and ran at Kembar with a fierce yell. The Avatar pulled the water out of his water skin and knocked the man into the chasam below. The other men landed and ran at the group of three.

"It's the Luta Raiders!" Amai shouted in alarm.

"Don't worry, Amai! We will shake them off just as we have before!" Jiyu assured her.

"Wait, who are these guys?" Kembar yelled. He then water whipped another man off the cliff.

"Come with me and I will explain everything!" Jiyu said as she and Amai bolted into the temple. Kembar followed them with the Raiders in hot pursuit.

The men led the three friends into a wall. They had them cornered. As one of the men prepared to strike them down, he stopped and began to choke. Kembar and Amai looked at each other, unaware of what was happening. They then looked apon their teacher and saw her hand in a fist. The two of them knew what she was doing, she was bending the air out of the Raider's lungs. Before she killed him, she released the man and he fell unconscious to the ground. She glared at the others, who had fear written on their faces. Without another word, the other raiders were gone. "I have never seen you perform that move before, Superior Jiyu," Amai said, startled by what her mistress had just done.

"I only use it in desperate times. Hopefully, nobody will use this move I have invented for evil purposes," said Jiyu.

"Wow, that was so cool! Can you teach me that?" Kembar asked, excitedly.

"No, Avatar. I must never teach this move to anyone," Jiyu replied. Kembar nodded. "Now, let's get back to training," said Jiyu.

Amai and Kembar were continuing with their training outside in the practice area. Out of nowhere, a monk approached the three of them. "Superior Jiyu, I would like to speak with you," said the monk.

Jiyu was puzzled at this. "Who are you? This temple has no monks," she stated. Before anyone could figure it out, the Raider discarded his stolen monk robes and snatched up Amai. Kembar immediately sprang into action, but was knocked over. Amai attempted to Airbend, but her hands were bound behind her back. The Raider was lifted up by the grappling hook and vanished.

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