By Neo Bahamut Part of the Republic City Renaissance continuity.
Senthose Rasheverek
Biographical information

Some shorten it to "Sen"


United Republic, Southern Water Tribe


Water Tribes

Birth place

Southern Water Tribe


44 Pakku Street, Little Water Tribe


16-22 (Book -1)


140 AG, late fall

Physical description



Lithe, fit


5'9" (16-19) 6' (20+)

Hair color

Black, similar to a bob

Skin color


Skin type


Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice

Spear (under Tonraq), truncheon (as number-runner)

Fighting style(s)

Bending, spearmanship, kali

Bending style(s)



Condensation, bloodbending


Lisen (mother) & Kothose (father, deceased) Rasheverek


Red Monsoons


RCPD, White Lotus, Tonraq, Water Tribes, other Triads

Chronological and political information

Hunter (formerly), fighter, criminal


Number-runner (formerly), hit man


Southern Water Tribe (former), Red Monsoons (Club Voland)


Tonraq, Netzach, Selene Voland

First appearance

"Catching Up" (mentioned, Book 0), "The Fugitive" (Book -1)


The Purists were never intended to be the only villains, but Book 0's plot had little room for other Triads. Briefly, I perceive the Agni Kais as a relatively poor group concentrated in the industrial sector which has a loose organization based around democratic decision making, while the Red Monsoons are a more "high class" group of criminals focused around Yue Bay that occasionally engage in politically-motivated crimes like assassination. At the last minute, I changed how Euryale got her detective job from stopping a drug ring to putting the Red Monsoon boss in jail, so I could work out a joint backstory for both her and the Red Monsoon leader.


Generations ago, the Rashevereks had lost political favor in the Northern Water Tribe, and so had to turn from being politicians to warriors. As such, they were never among the best, but were among the first to be sent to the Southern Tribe to help rebuild it. This all changed with Senthose, who was ruthless, cunning, and frankly seemed to enjoy killing. Perhaps he simply had nothing better to do after his father died in a hunting accident (Senthose was 10 at the time, and Korra had just been born) and his mother became withdrawn from the world. Tonraq initially sought to channel his aggression into something more worthwhile, but became wary of the boy, and eventually seemed to give him assignments designed to take him as far away as possible.

Frustrated with this downward trend in his career, Senthose began taking side jobs, his most frequent employers being the local chapter of the Red Monsoons. Upon learning that Tonraq's daughter was the Avatar at age 14, he plotted to kidnap her, finally following through at age 16, only for some other schmucks to beat him to it. When the White Lotus swooped in to protect her, complete with a brand-new fortress, the Red Monsoons were less supportive of the plan than ever. Senthose was confident it could still be pulled off, but not alone. Between that and needing to disappear, he booked passage on a smuggling ship to Republic City—once he worked his way up to being the gang's leader, he could make them do whatever he wanted.


A psychopath, with all that entails—superficial charm, lack of empathy, propensity for anger and petty grudges, enjoyment of others' suffering, and diminished expression of other emotions. He also possesses a sardonic, scathing wit, particularly towards those he has bullied. However, Senthose is highly intelligent, so he can often use logic to suppress his impulsivity and better understand the feelings of those he seeks to manipulate. He also learned a great deal about strategy from his time as a warrior, and can form complex, long-term plans that foresee his enemies' reactions. He will not hesitate to eliminate anyone who stands in his way by any means necessary, unless cooperation will benefit him more. On the other hand, he is not unprincipled, rejecting crimes of sheer sadism and considering there to be a fine, but important distinction between pragmatism and cowardice. At their core, his schemes are motivated by a belief that weakness should be expunged, and the best leaders prove their worthiness by seizing power.


Senthose was created as a villain for an original story, which has since been lost to computer failure and disappointment. He has occupied various roles, from serial killers to kings, Roatha's brother to Lilith's lover—most with no bearing on the current story. His first name was made up on the spot, and much later I added his last name, which is derived from an obscure reference in an old demonology manual to "an assistant of Astaroth." Senthose, Barbatos, Aamon, and another character, Pruslas, share this name scheme and so are often associated, again with no bearing on the current story. When it came to the Avatar setting, Senthose's methodical, violent, and acrobatic fighting style made him most suitable as either a fire or water bender. Waterbending was less cliché at the time of his adaptation, as this was before the Noatak revelation. In this most recent version, his parents' names are supposed to sound vaguely Water Tribe and use some of the sounds in his given name, as if he were named after his parents. Though "Lisen" is apparently a Swedish name meaning "God's promise, God is my oath."


  • The intended pronunciation is "sen" as in "sentence," "th" as in "thing," "o" as in "dough," & finishing up with a hard "s"--the "e" is silent.

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