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Being Surrounded

Azula shouted from her rocking, the person next to her advanced to the yard. I stood up from my knees looking at his burned face, the darkness of his eyeballs were the most shocking I've ever seen, his black mourning robes were embroidered with gold thread in each corner. He was barefooted as he approached to me, surrounding me, analyzing my body up and down.

"You are a worthy warrior," he spoke as I could smell the soot coming from his breath, it was like he was burned from the inside.

"You can come now," he talked to the woods as people appeared from the trees.

"What are our orders, Urabach?" one of the troops asked wearing a suit just like the "Equalists" as they approached us.

"You shouldn't talk directly to your superior, Lieutenant," Urabach said as he laid his right burned hand on the Lieutenant's shoulder.

Azula kept rocking on her chair from the balcony with her quiet face looking up to the stars.

"It's time to reunite everyone who is loyal to the old Fire Nation, everyone prepare the messages, we'll take the Capitol in five days," Azula shouted.

The Equalist turned around and ran into the Fire Fountain City.

"Follow them, you may learn something and don't disappoint us," Urabach said while more soot came from his mouth.

I looked at my grandma hoping if she was going to be okay. I ran to the forest following the Equalist and their leader. I could see how the sky was slightly illuminated from the houses. We stopped beside a cliff, the other way to continue was jumping on the roofs. One by one, they started to jump and before it was my turn the Lieutenant stopped me with one of his Kali sticks.

"And where do you think you're going?" he said as he lit the electricity of his weapon.

"I've come here to help," I said looking at his face. His moustache moved with the wind, he sighed and knelt down to take something from his backpack.

"If you are going to help, wear these, at least they'll help you go unnoticed," he said as he lent me one of their leather suit. I dressed them on with their mask and he put my robes on his backpack.

"Now, follow me."

We jump on the roofs, reaching his team. We were next to the radio station; the Lieutenant ordered to stop before we could break in the building, the building was of iron measuring about 140 meters with its picturesque red roof, with large windows on all four sides and a pedestal with a flag of the Fire Nation in the top of the roof. The Lieutenant started to point at the building; giving directions to his people, 3 persons took pistols from their backpack and fired hooks with ropes on the upper part from the window in front of us, they tied the ropes near to the border of our building and they started to run towards the building. When they reached the window they started to cut it out the glass so that a person can pass through it. After that they gave another signal and we started to run on the ropes as well until we were in the building.

Office building

Inside the building, the walls were made of an orange brick lit by fluorescent lamps, had iron gates with signs next to them indicating where do they lead, there were vast halls with no security, no cameras and no officers patrolling the zone, I knew this task would be simple.

"We need to secure the Communication Room that is located two floors above us, after that we send the message to our allies and we flee the hell out of here, understood?" The Lieutenant said to us.

We started to ran up the stairs until we approached to the communication room, again there wasn't anyone patrolling the zone, one of the members tried to open the door by the knob but as soon as he touched it; he was shocked by electricity, an alarm started to howl in the middle of the silence and we were running out of time before the police arrived at the building. I blasted off the door with firebending, so the team could get in and put an end with the job, they started to press buttons and move wires to start sending the message. The Lieutenant and I stood by the door protecting it from any threat.

Promenade St Tower Control Panel

"Who is going to receive this message?" I shouted so he could hear me.

"Powerful allies, we have the Southern Raiders and the Yuyan Archers, we also have Hiroshi Sato, ex-president from the Future Industries, his daughter betrayed him and now runs that company; your grandmother, Azula, funded a new company in secret and soon we'll buy the trust from the Dai Li," he said.

Suddenly I started to hear a beating on the consoles, I recognized that sound from the radio, it was Morse code that we were sending. I heard that the code was being sent three times.

"It's done!" one of the team shouted as he ran passed through us. We started to run the stairs back down, but before we could get to the window again the policemen were waiting for us.

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