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Hama's village
Sen Go
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Fire Nation




Governor Suran

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Two Separate Lives

Sen Go is a peaceful town located just south of the Fire Nation Capital. It is governed by a man named Suran and is home to Siro and his family.


Sen Go is a small, comfortable Fire Nation town surrounded by a beautiful landscape including lush forests and fields of Fire Lilies. Being within a close radius of the Fire Nation Capital, news from the Fire Lord or Fire Nation government arrives quickly. The town leader, Suran, and his personal advisors and consultants, one of them being Siro's father, Lee Wang, often hold meetings to discuss matters.

Fire Nation school afar

The local Fire Nation school.

Many residents are at home in Sen Go and describe it as peaceful and quaint. The marketplace is considered to be the center of town life and is a lively, bustling place for trade and selling of numerous wares. Zala goes there often to sell her pottery. The local school is where parents send their children to be educated, taught moral values and trained to become Firebending Masters.

The beautiful Fire Lilies that bloom for a few weeks during the summer are a common tourist attraction.

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