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This is the location. For the eight episode of Book Five: Memory of The Legend of Korra, see "Sekitan".
Hama's village
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Ep.8: Sekitan

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Sekitan is a small mining town built along the western area of the Fire Nation main island. The only main way to trade with the Fire Nation Capital was through a nearby canyon, which was temporary blocked by El Niño's Blimpus.


During the El Niño incident, Hotaru was flying towards the western island when his plane was crashed nearby Sekitan. That, and having the Qishi blocking the only road back, made him stay within the town for the time being. Hotaru took a temporary job as a quarry worker until he was able to go through the canyon safely.

Some time later, the stranded Team Avatar had wandered into Sekitan in order to figure out where they were. While they were there, they soon found out that they'd overflown their mark and were west of the Capital. The group tried to figure out what to do within the town, until they came across Hotaru. Hotaru eventually agreed to help them go through the canyon to the Capital. They borrowed an armored truck in Sekitan before they managed to leave successfully.


Sekitan is considered a rather rundown town compared to other settlements. The town's main product consists of mined minerals from nearby quarries, many people in the town are usually dirty due to working in the mines.

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