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Fire Nation



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Jet Black

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Krav Maga/jiu jitsu





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Friend is hostage

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Deep but shy.

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Seine is the next Avatar 100 Years after Korra in a time when Republic City was destroyed by the evil Energy benders. They possess the power to take away your bending and energy, not by bloodbending, but by Lightningbending.

Seine is the next Avatar 100 years after Korra saved Republic City. His parents were kill when he was young. He is now trying to master water and airbending. He is also confronted by an person with the name Hyoto. His journey to come will have lots to do with him battling many people, learn many lessons, and maybe even become in a relationship. He is the only Avatar ever to meet the previous Avatar in person; He met Korra before she died of old age, but back then he didn't know he was Avatar.

Seine is a very unique Avatar. He is often misunderstood by others. Many think he is going to ruin the world as Avatar; they think he is very outcast, but he is trying his best to save the world from energybenders. Though he is often misunderstood, he is always doing good to the world.

He also likes people animals etc., but there are some things he has done in the past. He went to school at the Fire Nation's top college, The United Fire Union. He also was an artist before he knew he was the Avatar. Surprisingly, he was a nonbender until he was Avatar. He could never firebend before; it just didn't come to him.

Fun Facts

  • Avatar Seine doesn't have a girlfriend. (yet)

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