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The next day the kids meet up in the park.

"Aang and Sokka told me everything. I may have learned what goes in the first ?? space under Profession," Odd says.

"Great. We can start filling in the blank. It may hint us at the others," Jeremie says.

Aang explains everything to Jeremie and enters his title under profession and the screen flashes with a plus.

"It matches. Wow. Now we to fill in the rest of the blanks," Jeremie says.

The screen changes to show info.

"Another X.A.N.A attack! There is a tower activated in the Forest Sector," Jeremie says. "I got an idea but you won't like it. While you are there we will need to get to Sector 5 to find out why X.A.N.A brought you here. Plus this is the bad news. Aang, your going to have to go with the Lyoko Warriors into Lyoko."

"What!?" The gang yells.

"It's the only way. The bright side is that you will have your bending," Jeremie says.

"Okay," The gang mutters in anger of having to go back into the nightmare.

"Please protect him the best you can. He is our world's only way of maintaining balance," Katara says.

"Ready?" Jeremie says.

"Yes," Aang says running to the scanner room with the Lyoko Warriors.

Jeremie starts the Virtualization process for everyone. "Transfer"



Once everyone is there they land in the Forest Sector. Aelita runs off to find the activated tower. The Lyoko Warriors are ambushed by Hornets and Bloks.

Odd starts firing his Laser Arrows and Ulrich starts slicing with his saber.

"It's okay. Their just data not living things unlike the stuff in the real world. Lyoko is full of data monsters," Odd says after seeing Aang running instead of facing them.

"Oh..." Aang says blowing the monsters away from himself.

"The only thing stupider than a Blok is two Bloks," Odd says laughing to taunt the Bloks, "Oh this is even better! 5 Bloks! This is even better!"

"How is that better?! One tried to kill me!" Aang says, clinging to a tree.

"These are my favorite cause these are the weakest and most easiest to get rid of," Odd says firing at one of the Eye of X.A.N.As causing it to disappear.

Aang Earthbends a Blok off balance. Odd destroys the helpless Blok.

After all the monsters were defeated the kids head for Sector 5. After the Transportation Orb lands Odd throws up.

"Are you okay?" Aang asks.

"Travel sickness..." Odd says holding his mouth.

"Sorry. The program to Virtualize you directly into the core needs to be fixed," Jeremie says.

"At least we don't have to deal with the count down," Yumi says, "Cause it takes forever for Odd to stop throwing up."

The group runs for the elevator but is ambushed by a Scyphozoa.

"Squid thingy!" Odd says pointing at the Scyphozoa, "Run!"

"Those things are impossible to get rid of! There is no way to defeat them!" Aelita says.

"Then we are in trouble," Aang says trying to Airbend it away, "I am just glad that my bending works."

The Scyphozoa aims for Aang who trembles in fear. As it grabs him Odd tries shooting it but misses. At the last minute The Avatar State activates and the Scyphozoa scurries away as it would make X.A.N.A look stupid to attack him. As he comes out the Lyoko Warriors jaws are dropped to see what happened.

"Yikes! At least that chased it away," Odd says.

Back at the factory everyone laughs how Aang managed to scare the Scyphozoa away.

"Oh boy! That squid thing was going to look like an idiot for picking on a fully realized Avatar!" Sokka says dropping to the ground banging the floor in a laughing fit, "The last one to look stupid was Oazi the King of Getting his Butt Whopped! He looked so stupid when we saw him cause he was drooling and weak after being chased away by him!"

"Ya, Oazi still looks stupid cause everyone made him a joke!" Toph says.

"At least this wasn't the emotional form which is worse," Zuko says.

"That was awesome!" Odd says jumping up and down which made the rest of the Lyoko Warriors embarrassed.

"Odd please quit it. Your embarrassing us. Let's find what we need and get out of here," Yumi says.

After a few minutes Jeremie realized that the reason why X.A.N.A brought the gang here was what Aang can do.

"We have to get you guys out now. I just realized why X.A.N.A wants them," Jermie says starting the Devirtualization process.

"This is bad. We have to get you guys out of here soon as possible. But we got another problem. There is a virus that has been placed that will prevent you from going back. To prevent anymore problems I won't have you guys go back unless it's necessary. I am going to see if I can make an anti virus program to undo it," Jeremie says.

Sokka face palms. "Great. Another mad thing after Aang again," Sokka says, slumping.

"Again?" Yumi asks.

"We first had Zuko after him, then Zhao, then Azula, and finally Oazi. All ended up looking stupid. Azula from her mental break down. Zuko looked stupid after realizing his errors. Zhao as he was being drowned by Koizilla which was Aang and a Koi fish working together. Something he regrets. And we already shared how Oazi looked stupid," Sokka says. Zuko groans.

"Sorry," Sokka says, sinking to the ground to simulate being belittled by Zuko.

"At least we got the Tower Deactivated before harm was done," Aelita says.

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