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Secrets of the Avatar is the thirteenth chapter of Aang: Story of an Airbender, released on August 1st, 2012. The chapter is about Aang going through some rough changes and training now that he is the Avatar, but things take a turn for the worst when more Airbenders go missing.

The Story so Far

Returning to the Southern Air Temple, Aang thinks that things have remained the same but soon disaster strikes: Ento, the only surviving member of the Air Agents who knew about the traitorous Afiko, mysteriously dies, and Gyatso is stripped from his position of the Southern Council of Elders, replaced by none other than, Aka's dad, Afiko. Now, Aang has to resume his training while having fun along the way, but things take a more drastic turn...

The Southern Air Temple


~~Aang's Room~~

Aang smiled as he awoke in the morning, not realizing how close he was to death just a few short hours ago. The Airbender stretched his arms over his head, releasing a small yawn enclosed in his mouth. Smacking his lips, Aang walked toward his window, adjusting to the bright sunlight. "Good morning Appa." Aang said, looking at the Courtyard down below him.

Appa roared in response, rolling onto his back with his tongue drooped out of his mouth. Smiling, Aang grabbed his staff, and jumped out of his window, gracefully landing onto his friend's stomach. With both hands, Aang scratched Appa's stomach and his six legs started to kick in enthusiasm. The sound of screams of joy interrupted the scratching.

"What's that noise?" Aang asked, raising an eyebrow.

The Airbender bounced off Appa's stomach landing on the bottom of the stairs. Appa turned his head slightly before going back into a deep slumber.

~~Courtyard, Near the South Wall~~

Aang stared at the Courtyard, spotting several kids riding the Air Scooter, laughing with joy. The Airbender smiled as he placed his staff on the ground, and walked toward the circular clearing as his friends spun around him.

"Hey, not bad!" Aang complimented, announcing his arrival. "You guys have been practicing!"

"Not only that!" Ko shouted, spinning around him. "We made up a game you can play with the air scooter!"

"Great!" Aang said, bending his own scooter. The Airbender smiled, but the other Airbenders leaped into the air, forcing their scooters to vanish, and landed with guilty looks on their faces. "What's going on?"

"Now, that you're the Avatar." The other boy, Damu, said. "It's kind of an unfair advantage for whatever team you're on."

"But, I'm still the same!" Aang pleaded as sorrow overtook his voice. "Nothing's changed!" He stared at the faces of his friends, but none of them made eye contact with him. "So, what? I can't play?"

"That's the only fair way." Damu said with little to no remorse to the tone of his voice.

"Oh, okay." Aang said, his Air Scooter vanishing. The Airbender turned and slowly walked away, hurt.

"Sorry Aang!" Ko shouted as Aang walked under a bridge, turned a corner, and vanished from their view.

"Okay." Damu said. "Now, who wants Jinju on their team?" The boy asked, pointing to a dirty boy with gas surrounding him. Jinju pointed to himself and laughed in delight.

~~Airbending Training Field~~

Aang walked into a small clearing near the West Wall, looking around. The field was wider than the Courtyard, extending a few miles more. A few Airbending devices stood on either corner of the field. Aka stood in the middle, practicing complex forms that Aang didn't know.

"What are you doing there Aka?" Aang asked.

Aka immediately stopped and turned to face Aang, as he walked down a few steps to reach the clearing. "Practicing Airbending moves. I need to get stronger if I want to stop that Airbending murderer."

Aang's eyed widened in shock. "There's been another murder?!" Aang asked. "When? Where? How did I not know?!"

"There hasn't been one, yet, Avatar." Aka said. "But if there is another one, then I will find out who it is and stop him."

"There you are." A voice snapped. Aang and Aka turned around as Afiko and Monk Tashi walked into view. "You're late Aang." Monk Tashi said.

"Sorry, master." Aang said, bowing to the elder. "It will not happen again."

"It better not." Monk Tashi said, "It is time to start Advanced Airbending Training. The monks are in charge of which lessons you two will learn. Afiko and I are the Airbending Instructors, and Futo and Meiji will fill your minds with Air Nomad Culture. Is that understood?"

"Yes, sir." Aang and Aka responded, bowing to the elders.

"Let us begin." Afiko said. "Today, we will teach you some new moves, which we have invented. We will begin with my Airbending move, Vortex." Afiko smiled, thinking finally, now it is time to see the Avatar's power against my son's. Don't worry Aka, you will reign supreme! "The basic concept is simple. First, you take a normal Airbending stance. Extend your arms, your left arm overlapping the right one as it comes to a stop directly to the left, and untwist your right arm, counterclockwise while shooting blasts of air out of both. Rest the hand directly over the right arm, and untwist your left arm clockwise while shooting more blasts of air, before resting the left arm on the right arm so it returns to the first position. Keep doing that multiple times and constant spirals will appear, slowly forming into a vortex. Now, practice it!"

"Can we get a demonstration?" Aang asked, confused.

"This is Advanced Airbending Training, Aang. If you can't do it, then you might as well drop out and return to breathing exercises." Monk Tashi taunted.

Aang sighed and nodded while returning to the stance. Clearly, this was going to be a long day. Afiko smiled evilly.

~~Aang's Room~~

Aang sat on one side of a Pai Sho board while Gyatso sat at the opposite side. The two were engaged in a fierce match waiting to see who will win and who will lose. The young Airbender sighed in sadness, his mind wrapped around of what had happened earlier in the day. Without paying attention, Aang moved a piece.

Gyatso stared at the game and spoke. "Very interesting move, young one."

Aang snapped out of his trance, raising an eyebrow. He always played Pai Sho with Gyatso, but never came close to beating him. Just as he was the Sky Bison Polo Champion, Monk Gyatso was the Pai Sho Champion. "What do you mean?"

He stared closely at the board as the monk Airbended a spiral whirlwind behind his back, sending straight into the air, knocking a piece of Aang's clothing over his eyes. Gyatso quickly moved Aang's piece with his own, as Aang uncovered his eyes.

"Hey!" Aang said, noticing the cheat.

The two started to laugh as the door flew open watching as Monk Tashi walked in, glaring at all of their fun. Instantly, he noticed the Pai Sho board and his angry look turned into rage. "You're playing games with him?! The Avatar should be training!"

"Aang has already trained enough for today." Gyatso snapped calmly.

"Time is short." Monk Tashi spat, turning his attention to Aang. "Come with me. I must test you on some high level techniques." Aang sighed and started to stand up.

"No." Gyatso said firmly. "As long as I'm his guardian, I will decide when he trains...and when he gets his but kicked at Pai Sho."

"Humph." Monk Tashi said, and turned, exiting Aang's room.

"But Gyatso, I haven't learned anything today." Aang said, taking his seat. "I just practiced several forms that I already learned."

"Exactly, High Monk Pasang told me that it is time to teach you the Secrets of the Avatar. Through the six of us, you will be informed of everything that we have to know about the Avatar. However, we cannot teach you how to be the Avatar." Gyatso stood up. "It is time to resume your training."

"But I've already started." Aang said, raising an eyebrow.

"You have, but I will be training you about the Avatar." Gyatso said. "However, I cannot train you to be the Avatar, only inform you what we learned about the Avatar, but you must be ready. Are you ready Aang? Ready to uncover the secrets of the Avatar?"

"I'm ready." Aang said, bowing in respect.

"Follow me." Gyatso said urgently. He led Aang out of his room and walked down the hallway, leading him to an abandoned clearing. "The first Airbending Avatar, Aero, had secret underground passages built in each of the four temples. He knew that being the Avatar was hard, and that someone needed to form an encyclopedia, if you will, about the spirit." Gyatso Airbended a couple of leaves away from the floor, revealing a trap door trapped underneath the moss.

"Let us enter." Gyatso said. Aang nodded and uncovered the moss stepping to the side as his master walked down the steps. The Airbender smiled as he walked into the dark abyss Airbending the door shut. Behind the bushes, Afiko watched with interest, his mind racing to form a back-up plan to victory, as seen through the sparkle in his eyes.

~~The Avatar Sanctuary~~

Aang and Gyatso walked in silence as they made their way down the stairs, announcing their presence with creaks from the steps they took. Finally, Gyatso stopped, and held out his hand. Aang watched eagerly as Gyatso readied a stance, and shot a blast of Airbending at the door. He couldn't wait, and watched as the door was blasted off its hinges. Aang ran past Gyatso and towards the door, peering inside it to see...more stairs.

"What?" Aang asked.

"That door was making creaking noises that echoed up into the Council Chamber. This," Gyatso informed, pushing a door next to him, "is the way to the Avatar Sanctuary."

Aang smiled, and entered after Gyatso, "I can't see anything."

Gyatso lit a few torches, revealing the room to Aang. The room was a small, barely lit, square place with ceremonial clothes on one side and Avatar stuff on the other side. "This room is also a convenient place for storage."

"So, what am I going to learn first?" Aang asked.

Gyatso smiled. "The Avatar is a spirit of the planet reincarnated into human form across the four nations," He walked over to a small fountain, and released a leaf, "Water, Earth, Fire, and Air." The water moved past the rocks as fire erupted from the torches. Air soon moved the water into another fountain, and it continued. "When you die, the Avatar cycle will be continued, and your spirit will be reincarnated into someone from the Water Tribes, and so on."

"I'm going to die." Aang said, tensed. "Not too sure I like that."

"Death is a part of the cycle of life. We are born, we live, and we die. As long as you overcome your fear, Death will be a simple rock kicked out of the way as you check off the list of life." Gyatso informed. "Okay, so, we're where we about the Avatar?" Aang asked.

"As the Avatar, it is your duty to master and bend all four elements in order of the cycles. You must start with Air, then Water, followed by Earth, and last, but certainly not least, Fire."

"That doesn't sound too hard." Aang said.

"Each element takes many years of rough training and bitter work to fully master it. Do not mock the elements Aang." Gyatso warned.

"So, why did you have to come down hear to tell me this?" Aang asked, "Couldn't you tell me this and more in my room?"

"I could've, but I chose not to." Gyatso said, "This place is sacred. Every Avatar has come here at least once to be enlightened." He turned toward Aang. "We are almost done, but first, I must inform you of the Avatar State."

"What's that?" Aang asked.

"The Avatar State is a defensive mechanism activated either willingly, when you're emotions get the best of you, or as a defense mechanism. It is the most powerful ability that an Avatar posses. It allows you to channel cosmic energy and knowledge of past Avatars, while also enhancing the strength of your bending abilities. Mastering the Avatar State is difficult, but Avatar Aero wrote a scroll, a guide to help you." Gyatso informed gravely.

"Where is it?" Aang shouted eagerly.

"Be warned Aang, the scroll will not reveal everything you need to know. Part of being the Avatar is self-discovery." Gyatso said. "I know you are eager, but this concludes our Avatar training for now."

"What?" Aang asked, "Why?"

"The monks want you to experience the world firsthand. They're sending you off tomorrow morning to find more missing Airbenders." Gyatso informed.

"Sweet!" Aang said, thinking about visiting all of his friends.

"There's more." Gyatso said. "Aka is being sent in the opposite direction, with the same orders. They want him to prove that he is worthy of being the back-up in case you ever go missing again."

"I won't let you down." Aang said, bowing to Gyatso.


~~Outside the Avatar Sanctuary~~

The man walked out of the secret trapdoor, holding a scroll in his blood-filled hands. Afiko looked around, stroking his beard nervously. His eyes lit up as he snatched the scroll away from the murderer.

"What does that have to do with anything?" The man asked.

"Quiet." Afiko said, whistling. A dragon hawk swooped out of the clouds, screeching. "This is too important to be left behind. Take this to the Fire Lord." Afiko ordered, strapping the scroll into the cylindrical tube. The hawk screeched one more time, before swooping past a window and rejoining the clouds.

Afiko watched it disappear, before fixing his spot on the window. "Did you see anything?"

"See what?" The man asked, angry.

The sound of footsteps filled the air. "Nothing." Afiko said, "Leave, hurry." Afiko and the man walked down opposite directions, ignoring the person who was spying on them the whole night. The Airbender made a silent promise to tell Aang before returning to her bed, and Mia drifted off to a comforting sleep.

Production Notes

This chapter was released late due to several issues. I have summer work because I'm on my way to advanced classes, and that takes a lot of time when you decide to do it on the last minute. The next chapter won't be released until September, and the series ends soon.


  1. Damu is the Japanese word for dumb, which the author thought of the character.
  2. This chapter explains the stuff that every Avatar needs to know, the cycle, the Avatar State, etc.
  3. This chapter is a filler.


  1. Aang states that the monks told him of the Avatar Cycle in the series, but in this fanon, Gyatso tells him.

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