Battle at the Bowling Alley
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Battle at the Bowling Alley

During a brief search in Sector 5; Odd, Yumi, and Aelita become surrounded by six Mantas.

"Great! When we think we are one step ahead, X.A.N.A throws these things at us!" Odd complains.

"Stop your complaining and help me!" Yumi says while being cornered by two of the Mantas. Odd shoots a Laser Arrow at all six of the Mantas which all are direct hits on their Eye of X.A.N.As.

"Alright! Six bullseyes in a row! I'm on FIRE!" Odd says celebrating his victory.

Back in the factory everyone is laughing.

"Hey look he is doing a silly dance!" Aang says as he points at Odd and laughs hysterically at the idiotic dance. By far Odd's dance is far worse than Aang's goofy daces that he did when he went to the Fire Days Festival and up staged Malu.

"He looks like an idiot! I bet those monsters will be destroyed if they just look at that dance!" Sokka says going into an unstoppable laughing fit. He receives not now looks from everyone.

"Odd! Focus! You got the Scyphozoa coming twords you," Jeremie says. Odd stops his dancing and face palms.

"Jellyfish thingy again! I sure hope one of you can bet the snot out of him. The last time I checked... THEIR IMPOSSIBLE TO BEAT! I MEAN COME ON!!!" Odd said stomping around like a two year old.

"Just bare with me Odd!" Jeremie said.

"Yea! Bare with him! Your starting to act like a wild Hog-Monkey!" Sokka says in a snarky tone.

"Aelita did you get any information that can help create the anti-virus?" Jeremie asks.

"Not yet but I found the info that X.A.N.A used to bring them here," Aelita says sending Jeremie the file.

"That works..." Jeremie says and starts reading.

"Hmmmm... I think I can work with this. If I can make something to host this coding and tweak the coding a bit it just might get you home, but we still need to make the anti-virus," Jeremie says which brings some relief to the gang.

The Scyphozoa gets closer to Aelita but Yumi intervenes and makes the Scyphozoa run away.

"Is it just me or is that Jellyfish thingy a coward?" Sokka says laughing at the thought of what he said.

"You could say that cause it always runs away before being destroyed," Jeremie says still examining the file.

"Okay I found some info for the anti-virus. It maybe difficult to decode," Aelita says sending the next file.

After a few hours Jeremie finishes decoding it.

"Okay. This may work. I need to test it though. I got it!" Jeremie says as he takes out one of his many test thumb drives and codes in the same virus that affected the gang into it. Next Jeremie tests the anti-virus on it and it fails.

"Darn it!" Jeremie says slamming his head on the desk, "Aelita see if you can find another file cause it didn't work."

"I'm on it," Aelita says as she searches again. Hours later she comes across another file.

"What's this? Jeremie, I found something that you might want to see," Aelita says sending the file.

"Woah. It's info on that girl!" Jeremie says, "It appears she isn't that good with covering her tracks."

Everyone laughs.

"For once you tell a good joke!" Odd says.

"I will take that as a compliment," Jeremie says not so impressed with Odd's humor.

"Hmmm. I am gonna see what her profile reads.

Profession: ??

Weapons: A Diamond bladed sword/ A diamond bladed dagger/ A sword of Fire and ice/ A dagger of Fire and Ice/??/??/??/??

Powers: ??/??/??/??

Age: 14

"Looks like she is still unknown. Her weaponry seem kinda interesting," Jeremie says, Luckily I showed them how read English so now I don't have to translate everything.

"Woah. She is a sword user just like you Sokka!" Aang says in a cheery tone.

"She also uses daggers.$," Katara says.

"But pretty much the rest is unknown," Zuko says face palming.

"By the looks of it she is fourteen. Isn't Azula the same age?" Sokka says and receives a water slap from Katara.

"I am fourteen too you know! And please don't mention her! I told you to never say her name!" Katara says in an annoyed voice.

"Please don't shred each other apart in here," Jeremie says, closing his eyes every time Sokka gets whipped with the Water Whip, "Oooo! That has to hurt."

"Sokka! Katara stop it now! Do you want us to attract anyone?!" Zuko yells as he grabs the siblings. Sokka crosses his arms a pouts and give lip. Katara rolls her eyes. Zuko sets the two down.

Moments later another X.A.N.A attack is launched.

"Again?!" Sokka says in a pouting voice.

"If you want you may go with them," Jeremie says.

"I will go," Aang says.

"Not such a good idea. That squid thing almost caught you last time!" Sokka says, "I will go."

"Very well," Jeremie says and starts the Virtualization program and teleports the group to the Ice Sector.

"Transfer, Sokka"

"Scanner, Sokka"


The group lands in the Ice Sector and is ambushed by 2 Bloks.

"Oh this is so rich!" Odd says going into a laughing fit, "The only thing stupider than a Blok is two Bloks!"

Odd sends out a volley of Laser Arrows at the Bloks.

"Ugh! It's freezing!" Odd complains about the cold.

"You know this Sector is just like the South Pole to me. I am actually use to this kind of weather," Sokka says, giving a toothy grin.

Odd groans at Sokka's gloating.

Aelita heads for the tower while the rest except Sokka fight off the incoming Megatanks.

"I will follow Aelita!" Sokka says rushing to catch up with Aelita.

As soon as the two reach the tower they see 3 bloks and the two hid behind a mound of ice.

"Luckily I had some target practice," Sokka says in a whisper. Sokka aims his boomerang at one and sends it flying. As the Blok took notice of the boomerang it was too late. When the boomerang hit it exploded. The boomerang returns to Sokka then does the same thing for the rest.

"YEAH BOOMERANG!" Sokka shouts as he jumping out from behind the ice.

Aelita heads for the tower and deactivates it. Everyone gets devirtualized.

"Did you see me? Did you see me? I took out three of the cube thingies with my boomerang!" Sokka says in a cheery tone then hugs his boomerang.

"Sokka! Grow up!" Katara says slapping him.

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