Secrets and Rescues
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Chapter 2-Secrets and Rescues


We headed outside. The Earth King's news had shocked us all. We all knew the mission now. Find Leo a teacher for all four elements and stop the War. Well Firebending was, like, impossible because there were no Firebenders left. All of them were killed a century ago. We were taken to the wall.

"Good Luck." a royal guard told us.

"If there aren't Firebenders then where are we supposed to start my training?" Leori asked.

"Let's just get through the desert." I said.

"Okay." Leori said slumping his shoulders. We crossed the desert easily. Then we ran into a little run down tea shop. We entered because our feet were killing us. Many Earthbenders were laying around.

A man approached the counter where a young girl stood. She had beautiful blonde hair, golden eyes and wore old tattered robes. The man turned to her. "What's your name, young lady?" He asked. Then something struck my memory.

That same man without the hat he was wearing now. General Fong. Leader of the Air Nomad Army. Just kill me now.

"Lilani Chang. W-why must you know?" She asked.

"Chang. That's the last name of the Fire Nation Royal Family I presume," he said, hatred shining in his eyes.

"Leave her alone, Fong." I said.

"You say something or was that a mouse squeaking?" He asked.

That tore it. I punched him in the gut. He fell. "You're gonna pay for that, little girl, but first I'm gonna kill the Firebender over here," he said, just as everyone else in the place got up. Fong lifted Lilani up by her throat. Then Lee charged him.


What was I thinking? Me v.s. the Airbender general. Well apparently he wasn't expecting it. His men swarmed the place. Korata went into action. Kajie started rushing little kids out the doors. Leori began his Earthbending. I was losing a fight. Then Lilac Hit him with a fire blast.

"Yes. I'm a Firebender. And no, YOU'RE NOT KILLING ME OR MY FAMILY!!!!" She yelled. Korata ran over to us. She started Waterbending on Fong and she was good. All the Airbenders ran out. Lilani came over. "Thank you for helping me back there." She told Korata and I.

"You're a master Firebender, right?" Leori asked.

"Yes," She said.

"Then you can teach me!" Leori exclaimed.

"Well I guess I could," she said.

Korata stepped up. "We'll explain why you have to teach him later," she said.

"I have a few guesses," Lilac said. And then we headed off after getting a few supplies and telling Lilac's parents goodbye.

"So what are your names?" she asked.

"I'm Korata, and this is my little sister, Kajie. The twins are Lee and Leori," Korata said so calmly.

"And Leori's the Avatar?" she asked.

"That's correct." Korata said. We all laughed. Then nightfall came.

"Come on, we should sleep. Who's taking first watch?" Korata asked.

"I will." I said. We all fell asleep. Except for me. All the time I was watching I felt something watching us. Something evil...

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