Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Secrets, Spies, and Lies in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

Secrets, Spies, and Lies
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Sokka's Sword


Chapter 1:The Message

Secrets, Spies, and Lies is a fanon taking place sometime after The Legend of Korra Book 1: Air. This story is not about shipping, but about losing, winning, and epic plot twists. This story will deal with family losses, and a quest to save the world.

Creation of this Story

I never thought I would write a fanon, but here I am. I don't try to think of stories to write, and I don't write small stories with little plots. My stories never seem to make sense until near the very end. As I said, I've never written a fanon, but that doesn't mean I don't get great ideas! So, this very story was never meant to be a fanon, but as I wrote out my ideas on notecards and sorted them out, it was perfect. So, here I am, writing a fanon. Enjoy!


When Korra starts having visions, she will seek the help of an old friend, but will she get it? Or will her friend be working on a mystery of her own? Will Korra ever find what's behind these mysterious visions, or will they find her first? As a new evil rises, old mysteries resurface. Will all these questions have one answer, or will this quest tear the friends apart? Read and find out!


Just the ones you don't know:

Rhiley: Rhiley's the 17-year-old daughter of the governor of a northern Fire Nation island. She's skilled in many weapons including broadswords, jian-fencing, chi-blocking, archery, and firebending. Her older brother, Shu, was killed four years back. She also has four younger siblings.

Visola: Visola, nicknamed V, is the 14-year-old sister of Rhiley. Like her sister, she is skilled in archery and firebending. She feels that she and Rhiley protect and lead her siblings when their parents aren't home.

Li: Li is a 10-year-old boy skilled in jian-fencing and firebending. He is Visola's and Rhiley's younger brother. He is also extremely close to Shinou.

Shinou: Shinou is the 8-year-old brother of Li, Rhiley, Ming, and Visola. Unlike his siblings, he is not a firebender, but he is highly skilled in broadswords. He is really close to his brother Li.

Ming: Ming is the little 5-year-old sister of Shinou, Li, Visola, and Rhiley. She is skilled in chi-blocking, but, like Shinou, is not a firebender. She is close to Visola and Rhiley and likes to be around them a lot.


Chapter 1:The Message

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