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Bolin stood still, every single memory whamming back at him. He starred into space, as the moment in time was reenacted before him over and over again.

Their lips met, and Korra blushed. She was supposed to be dating Bolin. Not his brother. Had she even any feelings for him on their date? Had she just been using him to make his brother jealous? What was he to her? And it was worse than Korra kissing Mako. Sure, she had kissed Mako, but he had kissed her back.

Had he really done that? How could he kiss the girl who he knew his brother had a crush on, who he had called undateable? Did he really want to keep two girls for himself, and try and prevent him from dating Korra? Sure, they had made-up, and had sworn off chasing after girls. But by the way Mako was behaving with the search... he wasn't keeping his promise. Why should he do any favors for Mako when he had kissed the girl he knew Bolin liked? But Mako was his brother; he had made so many other sacrifices to protect him.

He looked back into Asami's eyes. " W-What!? No! That's- just gossip, where'd you hear that? Crazy talk is coming outta your mouth right now. Heh.."

She put her hand on his shoulder, and he looked into her eyes and could tell that she knew he was lying.

"What do you know, Bolin? Come on, spill it." Asami said.

"Nothing!" However, Bolin looked into her eyes, and he couldn't prevent it any longer. She felt that she needed to know.

"Well... I mean there was this one time where they kissed but..."

"They- kissed?" Asami said. Bolin saw the heartbreak in her face, and he could tell she knew that the relationship wouldn't last. But he didn't want to be the bearer of bad news, he couldn't betray his own brother now.

"Believe me, I was upset too, but- I'm over it. I don't think it meant anything," he said, defending his brother, hoping that nothing would come out of this.

"I doubt it." Asami said, still heartbroken that her boyfriend would do that to her, and she left Bolin and walked ahead.

Bolin thought about his comment. Of course it had meant something; look at how Mako was acting now. But was Bolin over it? ...No. He wasn't. But the fact was, Korra loved Mako, and Mako might love her back. And he knew, that Korra would never love him.

Author's Notes

I know it's rather OOC, but it was fun to write. This is not necessarily something to be taken seriously; I'm a Borran and I kinda wanted to write some Borra. So... I did. TADA!

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