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The leaves indicate the presence of spring, but of course she doesn't notice. Oh, she knows, of course–how could she not? The sweet smell of petrichor and wild flowers fill her nostrils and she dances merrily–only for him. He runs over to his best friend, and joins her, the bender and non-bender celebrating life in tandem.


The sweltering heat of summer doesn't convince her to swim. She has never felt fear like when she was submerged, and never wants to feel the same again—he has never felt fear like when she fell. She braves the terrifying dread, and lets him teach her. She learns from him, for him, so her husband never has to feel fear again.


The coloured leaves show him the shifting seasons. They are older now–years have passed, yet she hasn't changed. She laughs–a sweet sound that accompanies her fierce smile and as she rubs her swelling belly, anticipation charges between them. A gentle kiss he places on her lips, before she runs away, teasing him.


The winter storm clouds grow and blossom in the late afternoon sun 'til it is completely cloaked, like a traveler braving the cold. He watches as she turns her blind gaze out on the world, her own face covered so the bright glow he once saw was gone. She moves outside to sit in the pouring rain, and he with her, the tears mixing with the deluge as she clutches her still swollen belly, and he clutches her, hoping to find some peace; hoping for the rain to wash away the pain and memories of what has and could have been.

Notes: Uh, what can I say? I've been feeling a little down lately, and thought I'd use the mood to write something.

Um... first time writing in present tense, and only using pronouns, too...

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