Search of Secrets, Part Two
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September 13, 2012

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Search of Secrets, Part One

Search of Secrets, Part Two is the sixth chapter in Parentless and is written from Bolin's point of view.

Previously on Parentless

"I think that it's suspicious that she just showed up. We don't know that much about her other than that she's a waterbender, her name, and what she looks like," I answered.

"Get more information, Kaita! Or you'll have to face the consequences," a different voice said.

"I can't believe that they would choose our land to make something without permission," a third voice said.

"Kaita is being used by three creepy people, and they're mad because we're using their land. They're using her like a spy. And they're out to get us," I said.

Planning Once More

"Run! She's still coming!" I shouted to the others as I ran, my hair flowing through the wind. Mako and the other began to run too after Mako revealed that Kaita was being used and that three nasty dudes were out to get us for using their land.

"Quick, hide!" I heard Zalior yell. We all hid in one of the abandoned buildings. I peeked my head out to see if Kaita was still coming. Apparently, Kaita's "chambers" weren't too far from the secret brick building, because we couldn't see her anymore. We proceeded to come out from our hiding spots.

"That was creepy," Kilak said. "I can't believe it. We didn't know it was their land! We can't be blamed for this!"

"Well, we are anyway. And now we have to save Kaita. She's being used by some creepsters in the brick wall!" Talar said.

"How do we do that?" Mako questioned. "We can't get them out of the wall or anything. What do we do, dance around on the mini-arena ring and yell 'Ha ha, you can't catch me,'?!"

"No, but maybe we can live on the ring and sing fun songs. Then they'll get jealous and join us. They we'll jump 'em!" Ritochy said.

"No, Ritochy," Benji said.

"Or maybe we can do tricks on the ring, and then they'll want to see our show, so they'll come out. And then we jump 'em," Ritochy said.

"No, Ritochy," Talar said.

"Or we can destroy their brick wall, and they'll come out, but we'll be in disguise and then we'll..."

"NO, RITOCHY!" all of us yelled at the same time.

"Jeez," Ritochy said.

"Actually, that wasn't all that bad," I said. "Well, for the most part."

"Really?! Sweet!" Ritochy said.

"Maybe we can open the brick wall, destroy some of the insides, and they'll come to us." I said. "Then we can..."

"Jump 'em?!" Ritochy exclaimed.

"No, we can they them that we'll take down the arena if they stop using Kaita," I answered.

"Sounds like a plan," Mako said.

"But what if they don't agree?" Zalior asked.

"Then we'll see, won't we?" I said.


We hastened home, I guess that's what it is now, and ate some food. Then we went to bed, awaiting tomorrow. When we awoke, we Mako and I ate some breakfast from the rations we had brought from our house. We noticed something though, we were running low.

"Well, we'll have to get more once we have time, because right now, we need to help Kaita first," Mako said.

We listened to the radio for some time until we grew utterly bored; it was only the late afternoon.

"Ugh. I can't stand it!" I said.

"Yeah, I'm bored too," Ritochy said.

My mind was slowing drifting away. Soon I was daydreaming. I was in a large, mountainous city. I saw stood at the top, looking down at the beautiful city. I noticed other parts of the city would go higher, like miniature mountains. Across these mini-mountains and the big mountaintop that I stood at, were long, downward-facing slides. The city was strangely familiar in a way. Then it hit me. Omashu. I remember when my mommy would read me a book about Omashu. We also had a framed picture of Omashu on the wall.

Omashu was close to me because my mommy's grandparents were from there. My mommy would read me a book about the city of Omashu.

"Omashu is the second largest in all of the great Earth Kingdom," Mommy said, reading the first page of the book titled, "Omashu, the Mountain's City".

"It is?" I asked.

"Yes it is. Your great-great parents were from there," she said.

"Bolin? Bolin!" Mako said, waking me from the daydream. "It's time," he said. Whatever, no more daydreams for me, I thought.

Plan in Action

We arrived at the mini-arena at the same time as Kaita. We ran up to her.

"Kaita, we know that your being used by those three weirdos in the brick wall," Mako said.

Kaita's face turned pale white. "What are you talking about?" she said.

"Don't play dumb, we know it's true and we're going to help you," I said. We took off for the brick wall at the end of the one alleyway. Kaita quickly followed.

Benji shot the weather vane with a brick of earth and then I pressed the brick. As I got a closer look at the carving, I noticed that the carving was composed of three stars, the top one shooting. The bricks moved from their place into the entrance into the dark room with a staircase.

"Just shoot up the inside of the doorway," I said to Kaita.

"Go!" Talar yelled. We all followed his orders, shooting water, earth, and fire into the doorway. We continued to fire in our three elements into the room and soon enough, the staircase, crumbled and the back wall was pummeled.

"Hey! What's going on?!" one of the voices screamed.

"Here they come," I said. And that they did. Three men in long, black trenchcoats, jumped down from the severely damaged staircase and approached us with fierce, long strides.

"What are you people doing?!" said one of the men. He had sharp-looking, blue eyes that screamed the word atrocious.

"We want to negotiate with you," Talar said. "We heard that we build a mini-arena on your land, so we're offering to take down our arena under the circumstances that you let Kaita go free."

"We know you're using her!" I said.

The three men stood in a line, the blue-eyed one in the middle, a green-eyed one on the right of the first, and an amber-eyed one on the left of the first.

"Yes, you have build an arena on our property, which is everything but acceptable. We will take your offer," the blue-eyed one said.

"What are you doing?!" the amber-eyed nasty dude whispered.

"I know what I'm doing, alright?!" the blue-eyed one snapped back.

"Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Lekiat, and these are my partners, Zeldo..." he said as he pointed to his amber-eyed friend. "...and Bozilor," Lekiat said, gesturing to the green-eyed man. "We're the Galaxy Three. So, you guys take down the arena right now, and then we'll let Kaita here go, okay?"

"Okay," Talar said.

The Negotiation Gone Wrong

We began to walk away to take down the arena, when Ritochy made a comment.

"That was too easy," Ritochy said. I stopped.

"It was," I said. "Where's Kaita?!" I said. I turned around as everyone stopped. "Kaita!" Kaita was being tied up as she was held down by Bozilor and Zeldo. "No!"

We ran towards them. Kaita was tied up in rope around her ankles and wrists. Across her mouth was a black gag. Kaita was hopping up and down, moaning helplessly. As we got closer, Lekiat waved his arm at us. From under his trenchcoat, he must have been wielding a water skin, because he shot three spears of ice at me and the other orphans.

I ducked backwards just as the icicle spear flew over where my heart would have been. The other spears were evaded too. We kept running. Mako and Zalior shot some fire blasts at the Galaxy Three. Those counterattacks were also dodged. Obviously, the Galaxy Three has spent some time honing their skills.

By now, the sun had left to nap and the moon has returned in its place, completely awake. The Galaxy Three ran towards a ladder that led to the rooftops of the buildings. Mako, Kilak, and I followed as Talar and the others went to help Kaita. We climbed up the ladder like spider rats on a web, rushing to the top. Mother Nature felt mad all the sudden, causing it to rain above us. We reached the top.

In the rain, we looked for the Galaxy Three. We ran to the end of the rooftops, close to the mini-arena. We looked again. We heard footsteps and saw the Galaxy Three come from behind a generator box closer to where we had climbed up the ladder.

We paused, looking straight at the three thugs. Lekiat was first to move, shooting more icicles from the rain at us. The rooftop duel had begun. I dodged all of the icicles coming in my direction, returning it with some small boulders. Mako and Kilak were fighting too, but I couldn't concentrate on them without getting hit.

Kilak must have been paying attention to someone else, because he got a big boulder courtesy of Bozilor in the chest. He flew backwards. As he flew off the rooftops, he managed one wave of the arm to return a wave at Bozilor, but it was too late. Lekiat ran to the wave and waterbent it into two icicle spears, and fired them at Kilak's vital organs. As Kilak fell to the mini-arena below, he waterbent the rain around him in the nick of time, making a water shield around him. When he hit the ring's top, the water exploded, leaving him laying on the ring's top.

I wasn't going to let Kilak die from the ice spears, because I couldn't help my parents when they died, so I wasn't going to let someone die that I could have helped. I shot a boulder of the largest size I could make, and shot it at the back of Lekiat, who was waiting for the ice to make contact. As the boulder hit, he instantly fell, hurdling towards the mini-arena ring-top. The boulder fell with him. Lekiat, who was not as quick a thinker as Kilak, hit the ring-top's far right side with no water shield. The boulder, moving just as fast as Lekiat, hit Lekiat again, which therefore caused the whole ring-top to flip.

The flip of the ring caused the far right side where Lekiat was, to break. The rest of the ring, including where Kilak was, slid down the fraying columns. The icicles at this point, which were about to hit Kilak, barely missed due to the sliding of the ring.

"Hey!" I heard someone say behind me.

Uh-oh. I thought.

I turned around to just narrowly avoid a fire blast the size of Ritochy's body coming at me. Zeldo and Bozilor, who I am now calling 'Zel-dumb' and 'Bozo-ilor', began to shoot more attacks and me and Mako. Mako and I ran to each other and began to fire attacks together. The battle went on for some time, never-ending because whenever someone was being attacked, they dodged.

Finally, Mako said, "I'm going to try something! Cover me!"

I began furiously shooting boulders of all sorts at the two thugs remaining.

"Turtle duck!" Mako yelled. I followed through and ducked. I looked above my head and saw my brother firing lightning from both of his hands at Zel-dumb and Bozo-ilor. From his two pointed fingers on both hands, came out long streams of electric blue lightning. The two Galaxy Three members were stunned when they saw the lightning coming; they were probably wowed that a kid could perform such a feat.

The lightning hit. The nasty dudes fell off the roof. The drool from my mouth dripped.

"WOW! Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow!" I exclaimed. "Where did that come from?! Mako, you are amazing!" I hugged my brother, who was my hero and savior. Maybe he should be "King Mako, savior of Bolin and... something else heroic!"

Still Waiting

"Thanks, guys," a freed Kaita said as Mako and I got off the ladder. "I know you're probably wanting to know more information, but it's really late and I think we all need to sleep."

"Yeah, let's go to sleep," Ritochy said.

"Meet us at the Central City Station tomorrow," Talar said.

"Okay, bye," Kaita said, walking away.

"Great, so now we have to wait longer," I complained.

"Let's just go," Mako said. We all walked away, leaving behind the wreckage of the rooftop battle.

"Shouldn't we get Kilak now?!" I said. So we all walked away, to the wreckage of the rooftop battle to get Kilak, and then we walked away, leaving behind the wreckage of the rooftop battle.

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