Search of Secrets, Part One
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September 2nd, 2012

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Search of Secrets, Part One is the fifth chapter in Parentless and is the first of a two-part chapter.


As we walked to the station after a crazy street battle at our orphan-made pro-bending arena, we discussed the battle.

"That was so crazy!" I exclaimed. "Kaita is a great waterbender. And I couldn't believe my mind when I was knocked off the ring."

"And Bolin, that was madness. I was amazed at how long you stayed in the ring alone!" Talar said.

Kilak spoke next. "I thought I had all of you guys when I sent that wall, but she soared through the air and sent Mako and I into the water!"

"That was really weird though. She just showed up and played, winning the game for the blue team," Zalior said.

"Yeah. We need to find out more," I said. "I don't think that she's going to just blurt everything out though. We need a plan."

"Okay, but it'll have to wait until tomorrow because it's getting dark," Bolin said. We arrived at Central City Station, grabbed a quick bite, and went to sleep.

It was a fairly warm morning at the station as we started breakfast and began plotting out our plans.

"Okay. So here's my idea. We meet her back at the mini-arena and play a match or so. Then as she leaves, Ritochy and Benji follow her silently. Zalior and Talar should be on the rooftops nearby, keeping an aerial view. And finally, Kilak, Bolin, and I will be in the buildings following her from a mid-point view," I said to the group as we ate our breakfast. Bolin and I were eating bread and moon peach while the others ate various foods that ranged from apples to cold roast duck.

"I think that's fine, but are we just following her to find out more about her?" Ritochy asked.

"Exactly. I think that it's suspicious that she just showed up. We don't know that much about her other than that she's a waterbender, her name, and what she looks like," I answered.

"So we just carefully follow her and watch her, right?" Benji asked.

"Yes, but we need to stay quiet. Once we have learned enough, we retreat and meet back at the mini-arena," I responded. "Does everyone get it?" Everyone nodded back in unison. "Perfect, now let's wait until it's time to return."

The Battle Goes First

After several hours passed of meaninglessly moping around, anxious waiting, and severe impatience, it finally came time for us to meet Kaita for a battle.

We took off for the mini-arena, arriving in only about ten minutes. Kaita was approaching the ring too, coming from the alleyway she departed from yesterday.

"Hey guys!" she said.

"Hi, Kaita," I said.

"So how about Kaita, Mako, and Benji as the blue team against Bolin, Zalior, and Kilak as the red team this time? And in this match we'll still only play one round, but it can be long," Talar said. Everyone nodded in agreement. Talar and Ritochy took their places and the rest of us got into the ring on the appropriate sides.

Talar rung the bell and the battle began. I quickly fired off three fire blasts at Kilak who was preoccupied shooting water at Benji. The shots made contact, pushing him into zone two. I was almost knocked into zone two as well because Zalior shot some fire at me too. I ducked, keeping my fists in front, returning the shots back. Zalior skillfully dodged too, causing Ritochy to say "The firebenders go at it, returning fire blasts back and forth."

Bolin was in the third zone on the red side. I assumed it was Kaita who forced him back there because her and Bolin were aiming solely on each other. Benji kicked three discs with such force and precision, they knocked Zalior all the way back into zone three. Kaita was still in the first zone with me, but that was about to change. I wasn't looking and I was hit with a water blast that pushed me into zone two.

I decided to give it back to Kilak. I kicked with my right leg, sending a fire kick to Kilak. He noticed it coming and kicked back. The water kick and the fire kick collided, canceling each other out. But Kilak wasn't one to stop. He persisted, sending over five water blasts of various water at me. I swung my arm, making a shield of fire block the water. Steam rose up from my blocking.

Kaita fired at both Zalior and Bolin, knocking both into the water. As Bolin fell, he shot the discs he was about to use at Kaita, pushing her into zone two with me. Benji, who was at some point forced into the third zone, was preparing to shoot an earth disc at Kilak, holding it in front of him. Kilak shot the disc with water, which pushed the disc into Benji, who therefore fell into the water.

I made eye contact with Kaita, and we both had the same thoughts. We got together in the middle of the zone and shot various blasts of water and fire at Kilak. Kilak who had dodged the attacks, had began to prepare several water blasts. Kaita and I shot three streams of fire and water at the same time. The water and fire swirled around each other, making a strong, multi-element attack. Kilak looked up and saw the attack, but too late. The attacks hit him, knocking him into the drink.

"The blue team wins the match!" Talar said.

We all met at the bottom of the referee's platform. We raved about the match, pulling out the most amazing feats and attacks. The most discussed event though, was me and Kaita's winning shots.

"Wow! That was so cool, how the fire and water swirled around each other. I've never seen anything like it!" Talar exclaimed.

"Yeah, me either. It was beautiful how the elements came together in a stream-like shot," Bolin said.

"Thanks guys," Kaita said. "Well, I've gotta go now. I'll see you guys tomorrow." Kaita took off and ran down the road she came from earlier.

"The plan is now active," I said.

The Plan Goes Second

We took our places. Bolin, Kilak, and I climbing into one of the buildings, keeping quiet, watching Kaita walk down the alley from the windows. Zalior and Talar climbed up and ladder to get to the roof and Ritochy and Benji followed her, hiding when necessary. The small square plaza-like area where the mini-arena is located is surrounded by buildings. All of the buildings connect though, so we could easily go from building to building following her.

Kaita continued walking down the alley. The road finally stopped at a brick wall of a building, forcing you to turn right or left. But Kaita didn't go either way. She stood in front of the brick wall and looked up to a silver weather vane that sat on top of the building. She shot the weather vane with a quick water blast. The vane tipped back and she pressed a brick with a unique carving on the front. The brick pushed into the wall farther. The brick had caused the bricks to open up by folding inward and some outward, making a small doorway. She entered the mysterious doorway as the weather vane rose up and went back into place. The bricks began to move back into place. We had to act fast.

I hopped out the window, helping Bolin jump out with Kilak. Talar and Zalior began to descend off the rooftops and Benji and Ritochy ran towards the closing doorway. Benji raised his hands, bringing up earth columns that blocked the doorway from closing.

"I think only three people should go on, okay?" I said.

"That's fine. I'll come with you, Mako," Kilak volunteered.

"Me too," Bolin said.

"Okay then. Let's go," I said. "The rest of you should stay here."

Impromptu Plans

Bolin, Kilak, and I entered the doorway. Inside the doorway was an empty room that had a large, ornate staircase going up to another level. We approached the stairs cautiously. I heard talking upstairs.

"Have you found anything out yet?!" a mysterious voice croaked.

"No sir, but I will find out more," I heard Kaita reply.

"Get more information, Kaita! Or you'll have to face the consequences," a different voice said.

"Yes sir," Kaita said.

"I can't believe that they would choose our land to make something without permission," a third voice said.

"Well sir, it is an abandoned chunk of land," Kaita said.

"Quiet you!" the first voice said. "We didn't ask for your opinion!"

"Yes sir."

"Now go to your chambers and don't return until you have info!" the first voice said.

"Yes sir."

"Here she comes!" I whispered to Bolin and Kilak. We quickly fled before she got to a point where she could notice us. We ran out the doorway and Benji pulled down the earth columns, to which the bricks put themselves back in just a short few seconds.

"We have to run!" I said. We all took off and sat down at the mini-arena.

"So what did you find out?" Ritochy curiously questioned.

"Kaita is being used by three creepy people, and they're mad because we're using their land. They're using her like a spy. And they're out to get us," I said.


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