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Reaching Omashu

Team Suki had finally gotten the supplies they needed and were about to leave the village they had taken refuge in for the night. "Alright, where to next, captain?" Ling asked.

"We need to go to other Earth Kingdom villages," said Suki.

"I thought you wanted to save Kyoshi Island?" Bo said.

"Yes, I do want to save my home more than anything, but it has already fallen to the Zhimings. We need to make sure Tai Kun and his minions do not enforce tyranny on any more innocent people."

"That is very noble of you, Suki," Rong spoke.

"Thanks. Now, let's move." The team mounted Feng and rode of further into the woods.

"My lord," Hong Wu began; approaching his master from behind.

"Yes, Hong Wu, what is it?" Tai Kun turned to hear what the knife-thrower had to say.

"Our troops have been deployed to the Earth Kingdom village of Gaoling. Once they arrive, they will silence all of this island's talk of rebellion."

"It is nice to see at least one of my soldiers is competent enough to put a plan in action," Tai Kun said, glaring at his other three teammates who said nothing.

"Well, if it interests you Tai Kun, I have received word of Suki and her team also headed in that direction," Kang Dae spoke up.

"Is that so? This is a nice turn of events." Tai Kun mused.

"Shall I give the order to send an extra battalion of soldiers to Gaoling?" Kang Dae asked.

"You should mind your own business!" Hong Wu retorted. "I already have the situation under control!"

"Both of you shut up!" Tai Kun ordered. "Hong Wu is right, Kang Dae. We do not need to send anymore soldiers down there."

"As you wish, my lord," Kang Dae and Hong Wu said, simultaneously.

Feng was sprinting through the mountains which seemed to be everywhere. Bo looked and felt as if he was about to puke up his breakfast. "Hey, are you okay?" Suki asked.

"No, I think I'm going to be sick. The only thing I can think of that is worse than riding on an Eel Hound is riding on a Sky Bison."

"Eh, it's not that bad unless you are afraid of heights."

"Guys, there is a town just up ahead," Ling called out. Team Suki saw it; the Earth Kingdom town of Gaoling.

Suki pulled on Feng's reins, telling him to slow down. As they approached the village, everyone noticed it was quite a sight to behold. It might not be as big as Ba Sing Se, but it was still a remarkable town. Suki whipped Feng's reins and the Eel Hound set off into Gaoling. The teens witnessed many expressions of shock from citizens who saw Feng riding through the streets. Feng halted and the four friends dismounted. "Where are we?" asked Bo.

"This is the town of Gaoling," Rong answered. "The Zhimings are likely to target this area." The four friends rode through the town, noticing some shady characters in the streets selling flyers. They rode up to a building they presumed was the town hall. It looked like the biggest building in the city and there were many classy people chatting outside.

"Excuse me, can you tell us where the mayor is?" Suki asked.

The man she had addressed turned around and jumped back a few feet at the first sight of Feng. "Um, I think the mayor is still inside," the man answered. "He's talking with some rich family, but he should be available in a minute."

"Thanks," said Suki. "Feng, wait out here," Team Suki walked up the steps and opened the doors. They then entered a large room with a receptionist at her desk. Suki approached the woman. "Ma'am."

"What, what do you want?! Can't you little brats see I'm busy?!" the receptionist yelled.

Suki was taken aback by the woman's outburst. "We would like to see the mayor," Suki requested.

"Yeah, well I'd like to go to Ember Island for my birthday, but that's not going to happen!" the lady complained.

Ling, who was tired of this receptionist's attitude, approached her at once. "Listen, ma'am, could you please just tell us where the mayor is? I'm sorry that you are apparently in a bad mood, but we need to see him as quickly as we can."

"Oh, very well; he should just be finishing up his meeting with the Yum Soon Hans," the receptionist complied.

An old man with a long, white, typical Earth Kingdom beard and classy Earth Kingdom attire emerged from a door with a man and a woman who both looked like upper class citizens. "Yes, it was nice talkin' to you folks," he said as the couple left the building. He turned to see Suki and company. "My, my, who have we here?" he asked.

"These kids want to see you, Mr. Mayor," the receptionist answered.

"Hi, my name is Suki, and these are my friends: Bo, Ling, and Rong," Suki introduced herself.

"Greetings, my young friends! I am Mayor Nabi," the mayor said, cheerfully. "What can I help you fine youngsters with?"

"We are here to warn you about the Zhimings," Rong spoke up.

"The Zhimings?" Nabi pondered this for a moment. "Oh, you mean those no-good assassins that've been tearin' up the Earth Kingdom! Last I heard, they invaded Kyoshi Island and then they hit Zhuahuo Village. Wait a minute? How do you kids know they're comin' here?"

"Because I have been tracking them for about a year," Rong replied. "I know they are going to hit every major Earth Kingdom city and Gaoling seems like a likely target."

"Well, I suppose your right about that. Gaoling is one of the biggest cities in the southern Earth Kingdom," Nabi said with a chuckle.

"So, will you listen to us?" asked Bo.

"I'll tell you what; I'll keep the local authorities on the lookout for any o' those Zhimings. How's that sound?"

"That's great, but we think it's best for us to stay here and help you with that," Ling said.

"Once that Zhimings have been taken care of, we will move on to the next city," Suki added.

"Do whatever ya want, kiddos. Just don't go wreckin' the city," Nabi agreed.

"Thanks, Mayor Nabi."

"Thank you, my friends. If you had never come to say anything, we would not have had any time to prepare."

Ling and Rong had been riding around the city on Feng for the past half-hour and were enjoying the sights. "This is such a nice city," Ling commented.

"I know," Rong agreed. "Hey, let's stop and get something to eat; it could be a while before any Zhimings show up."

"Yeah, how about we find a noodle place?" Ling responded.

"That sounds good to me," Rong said, smoothly while grabbing Ling's arm.

Suki and Bo sat outside the town hall, waiting for any Zhiming activity. Bored out of their minds, the two of them began telling each other jokes, but Bo's hilarious sense of humor reminded Suki too much of someone special and she asked him to stop. As the two sat by, lazily waiting for an attack, a man walked up to them and caught their attention. "Hey, you kids have been sitting out here all day, are you going to explain why?"

"Look, buddy, you probably would not believe us or maybe even care if we told you what we are doing here, so please leave us alone," Suki responded.

"You're waiting for the Zhimings, aren't you?" the man asked.

Suki and Bo were surprised by this man's statement. "How did you know?"

"Because, I know a fellow Kyoshi Islander when I see one; not to mention I've been waiting all day, too."

"That's great that you are trying to stop those monsters," Suki said. "I'm glad at least one other person escaped the island."

"Yeah, I can take you to some others who can help us out."

"You have friends?" Bo inquired.

"Sure do. The name's Pantu, by the way." Pantu led Suki and Bo through the streets of Gaoling until they approached a dark alley.

"Wait, what is back in this alley?" Suki questioned.

"Well, pretty soon there are going to be two dead kids back there," Pantu replied with a grin. Suki and Bo moved immediately as Pantu sent a rock slide right at them. Bo Icebent the assassin to a wall, immobilizing him. The other Earthbenders immediately began jumping out from the alley and began launching boulders from the ground. Suki did her best to dodge them, but she was ultimately knocked back by one of them.

"Suki!" Bo shouted. He ran at his friend, sending a torrent of water at the Earthbenders and then freezing it. "Suki, are you alright?!" Bo asked, desperately.

Suki opened her eyes and thought she was dreaming. "Sokka, is that you?" she asked.

Aw, man. She must be delirious. "Don't worry, Suki, it's alright," he assured her. There was a loud bang and about seven more Earthbenders emerged from the alley. Bo bent some water out of the air and sent ice spikes through three of their necks. Two of them created rockslides, while the other two hurled boulders at the young Waterbender. Bo dodged the boulders but was thrown back by the rockslides. The Earthbenders proceeded to crush Bo, but he was quicker than them and Waterbent them into a dumpster, knocking them unconscious.

The Waterbender attended to his injured friend. "Suki, Suki, are you okay?"

Suki, still in a daze, looked at her friend in a funny way. Bo was stunned at what happened next; Suki brought her lips to his. After the kiss was over, Bo was too shocked to move.

"Sokka, I'm so glad you are here; I could really use-" Suki's vision cleared and she saw Bo's horrified face. "Oh, Bo, thank goodness you are alright," Suki rubbed her eyes, thoroughly. "Ugh, I had the strangest dream I saw Sokka. Hey, what is wrong? Why do you look like that?" Suki then understood what she had done. "Oh, my gosh, Bo. I am so sorry," she apologized.

"It's fine, Suki. Can we please act like it never happened?"

Suki nodded her head and the two left the alley.

Rong, Ling, and Feng were returning to town hall to find their companions. "I had a great time, tonight," Rong said.

"Yeah, me too; I hope we can do this again sometime whenever we're not chasing Zhimings." Ling replied.

"I would like that," Rong said. She then kissed Ling's cheek. The two of them approached town hall, but found nothing other than Nabi locking up.

"Mayor Nabi," Ling called out.

Nabi turned around to see the duo and their Eel Hound. "Well, that's quite a sight," he said, slightly astonished at the creature. "So, what can I do for you youngsters?"

"Have you seen Suki and Bo?" Rong inquired. "I thought they were waiting right out here."

"Well, they must've gone somewhere. I hope nothin's happened to 'em," Nabi replied.

"You don't think they were kidnapped, do you?" Ling asked.

"Relax, we're fine," said a voice coming from a short distance away. Everyone turned to see Suki and Bo standing a short way away from Feng.

"Well, where did you two get off to?" Rong questioned.

"We were kidnapped by some Zhiming troops," Suki replied. "Nabi, be on the lookout for more; they could be anywhere in the city."

"Don't you worry about that, Miss. I'll have my finest officers searchin' every nook and cranny of the city," Nabi replied, firmly.

"Alright, then our work here is done. We need to get out of here so we don't draw any more attention to the city," said Suki.

"Alright, you youngsters take care! If there's ever anything you need, just call up ol' Nabi."

"We'll do that," said Ling.

"Thanks for everything, Nabi," said Suki. She whipped Feng's reigns and Team Suki was off.

Nabi was strolling home on what was still a fine night. He was about to unlock his front door when an arrow just barely missed his head. The mayor whizzed around to see a gruff looking man with a bow in his hand. "You must be Mayor Nabi," Yanshu said as he took aim.

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