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The Legend of Korra

After Katara of the Southern Water Tribe has her diaries of her time with Avatar Aang released and secrets are leaked from a source close to Avatar Korra, this caused the Equalist movement to re-ignite. There is a new rush to find the lost lion turtle that may be able to grant powers to take away bending. Tian of Ba Sing Se is leading the search despite threats from the Earth Queen. De, Tian's son, slowly climbs the ladder to rule Ba Sing Se's lower ring of crime and uncovers secrets that prompt him to change his life. Rin, a small Fire Nation girl, runs away from her idealistic family in hopes for a new life in a new land. Ukiuk, normally a peaceful and laid back guy goes on a bloody path of vengeance to discover who destroyed his home and family.


De- A 17 year old non-bender boy living in the Lower Ring of Ba Sing Se. His mother, Feng, had abandoned him at the age of 12 after his father and her got into a fight that left her with a scar across her neck and down her torso. He has an older sister that left home for Republic City 4 years prior. After his father turns to the Equalist movement, De turns to producing and selling alcohol and marijuana as an alternative to tea with some former family friends at the Middle Ring Market Place. He quickly becomes in over his head and uncovers secrets and moral questions far beyond his understanding

Tian- After his wife attacked him and took all the money they had, he still felt guilty for it. Forced to move his family into the lower ring he is desperate for money and joins a group that promises money in exchange for loyalty and service. He joined Ba Sing Se's Equalist movement and is close to being promoted to third in command before the Dai Li shut it down and publicly execute high-ranking officials. He receives the remaining donations for the Equalist movements, but decides to keep the money and not continue for the cause. Then he hears of the Lion Turtle Island from Katara's diaries and the leak from Team Avatar. He sees this as his calling back into the world of the Equalist movement and sets out to find and conquer the lion turtle island.

Rin- A 9-year-old girl of Fire Nation descent, she possesses extraordinary fire bending powers. She has even managed to teach herself lightning bending from the memoirs of Firelord Ozai. Her family is still a strong believer in a Fire Nation only world and she questions whether her family actually loves her or are just using her for her powers. She convinces herself to run away to the Earth Kingdom and start over instead of being manipulated like a pawn.

Ukiuk- A descendant of Suki who has left home to pursue the world's secrets and discover his abilities. His travelings helped him discover his inner water bender and he has become very strong water bender. However, when he comes home he finds a burnt pile of rubble and ashes along with 3 unidentifiable burnt corpses. Who burnt down his home? Why would someone want his family dead? Could he have stopped it if he were there a little bit sooner? All these questions send him onto a path of rage and vengeance that can only end in death.


  1. Chapter One: Siwang
  2. Chapter Two: Kantan
  3. Chapter Three: Zhandou
  4. Chapter Four: Bai
  5. Chapter Five: Shenghou

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