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Princess Yue's Second Chance



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June 4, 2013

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Water Goddess

Yue and Aang woke up the next morning enthusiastic about the innkeeper's breakfast, and they weren't disappointed. Everything the old woman cooked was like manna from heaven. The pair walked out from their rooms, with Yue still wearing her URN clothes the day she was arrested while Aang, his Air Nomad robes. Aang and Yue saw the old woman preparing all the food and pieces of silverware in the dining room. On the table were two bowls of porridge, big pieces of meat and some tea. They greeted her a good morning with a smile and, as they sat down, Aang realized both him and Yue still didn't knew the innkeeper's name until now.

"Good ma'am, I believe we still haven't met, officially, after all you've done for us." Aang said who was eager to know her name. Yue smiled to this and was also ardent to know her officially.

"Well, if you really want to know, I don't see a reason why not. My name is Jonie." Jonie ruffled a hand through her silver hair and returned the smile to her visitors. "I'm Aang, although you may have already known that. And this here is...uhmmm..." Aang faced Yue and whispered if he should tell her real identity or not. Yue shook her head to imply No. "....this here is Kya." "Glad we've met, Aang, Kya." The old woman went back to the kitchen to wash some dishes. Aang and Yue silently, and hungrily, ate their sumptuous meal to fill their grumbling, empty stomachs.

After a while, Yue remembered that Aang and Katara were to be wed the next month. The Tribal princess finished the last morsels of meat and asked, "Aang, you and Katara have a wedding day next month. Don't you wanna get back to her and plan everything? I'll understand it if you want to get back to her in South Pole, I'm sure I can do this on my own."

Aang continued to eat his porridge and appeared calm and undisturbed by what Yue just said, "Yue, there'll be no such thing as a "wedding day" next month if, six days later, the world ends. Princess, I have to help you with this if you want Katara and I to live peacefully and, who knows, maybe there is a way for you to permanently live here on Earth without disrupting balance. What we are doing right know can benefit us both."

Yue was enthralled by what Aang just responded to her and had never anticipated the possibility that their might actually be a way for her to live on Earth permanently, but at what cost? Will she truly be happy?

After drinking their tea, Aang decided to go and visit Appa and Momo at the barn. Yue, on the other hand, went to the backyard. As she marveled at the sight of the mountains and trees that were there, she noticed that their was a small lake situated just as the middle of the circle of trees. Then something came to her mind, she can practice waterbending right here. Yue never had the ability to waterbend except when she was a spirit.

Thirteen years ago, Yue appeared to Aang on the night he tried to escape from the Fire Nation ship after knowing that the whole world thought he was dead.

Moonlight shone on Aang as Yue's spirit appeared above.

The spirit-Yue, despite tired of being a spirit, smiled to the Avatar and gave him words of encouragement. "You already saved the world. And you'll save the world again, but you can't give up."

The storm had ended and the spirit of Roku disappeared, while Yue's spirit descended towards Aang. Aang was moved by Yue's words and, through it, filled his mind with determination to sacrifice his dignity and his own identity for the greater good . "You're right. I won't give up."

He created a wave and used it to surf with the tree bark. Yue's spirit helped him and created a much more powerful wave. She watched him leave and then ascended back to the moon.

Yue remembered that event vividly. She knew that she can waterbend at that time because she was herself, not in a new body. However, she thought her abilities were gone now because she was in another body which was not her own. But she shrugged the negative thoughts and focused currently on the advantages. She knew that her waterbending skills could be a huge help to her here on Earth. Yue approached the lake and waved her hands to see if something would happen. Although, try as she might, nothing happened. Yue tried to remember what Pakku and his students does with all their movements. She did so and, to her disappointment, only a tiny ripple was made. Yue did not notice that Aang was actually watching from behind.

After the Tribal princess made some funky Tai Chi moves, Aang, although secretly laughing at the sight of a crazy-dancing blonde woman, approached Yue, "The secret to bending is to be the element. You can't force it if you don't become it. You have to feel the movement of the water, its smell, its deepness, the color...everything. Only then can you truly perform bending." Aang said this rather loudly, much to Yue's embarrassment. Aang approached the water and made a simple wave to his hand, pointing to the direction of a certain tree, to which a portion of the water followed and was now shaped like a water whip. The water was so sharp that when it hit the tree's trunk, a mark was made.

Aang's hand lowered down and so did the water. Yue was flabbergasted at how Aang bended so calmly and without effort. Then again, he was the Avatar. Yue thought she couldn't possibly learn all this for one day. Aang then asked the princess to follow what he did. So, Yue closed her eyes, felt the sensation of the water by putting her hand over it and felt that she was finally one with it. This is actually easy. As she raised both of her arms, the whole lake rose and made a gigantic wave. The whole lake was not literally just a wave. It scared a whole lot of hybrid animals. This surprised Yue so much that she lowered her arms and put the lake back to calmness.

"How? Wha-?"

Aang was also astonished but only had one logical explanation in his mind, "Calm down Princess, it's probably just the influence of the Moon Spirit over you." Yue was still at her wit's end but acknowledged that, as of the moment, she was currently one of the two existing powerful beings in the human world: Aang and herself. With Tui's power inside of her, she was on the same level as the Avatar, a great force over the waters, somewhat like a powerful and influencing Water goddess.

Decelerating Plans

The Spirit of the Mystic glared at the crystal ball, conversing again to the unknown voice he'd always talked to, "My lord, we have a problem. Yue is now aware that she still has the power of waterbending. I think that she will be a problem to our work, not to mention that the Avatar is with her right now. Surely, such two powerful beings will cause a major deceleration to our plans."

Then the voice said, "Do not worry for such a futile matter, Mystic. Soon, the moon will be yours. Your quest shall be completed and Yue shall be of no threat. Have you any word of the Spirit of the Darkness and the Spirit of Silence?"

To this, the Mystic replied, "I have indeed, and they are almost finished in their missions. Finally, my Lord, our plans to dominate the Earth is coming near."

"Indeed it is."


"Why don't we do that move a little slower this time?"

Aang and Yue were still practicing. It had been several hours since the gigantic wave incident. Aang had been teaching her the "streaming the water" technique. Aang learned it from Katara fifteen years ago when they were still heading for the North Pole to find a proper teacher. The technique was named by Katara herself. It is a move that draws water from a source that waterbenders move around their bodies. But Aang, however, refers to this move as "sinking and floating". Yue was learning a lot from Aang and was slowly gaining control of her powers. It was so weird to Aang because usually, a regular waterbender-in-practice takes two weeks to learn just a single move. But here comes Yue, who, like Aang, was able to master a move in a matter of minutes. Again, nodding the fact to Tui's influence over her.

The Sun was now at its highest peak in the sky, which made the air more humid. So Aang decided that both of them should eat some lunch and then get some rest. They both entered through the wooden door of the backyard and went to the dining table first thing. Jonie, who was still in the kitchen, was cooking a large roasted pig draped in red sauce which smelled so good. Jonie was done with the other meals, one of which was pickled fish, a meal that lives up to its name; commonly eaten by the natives of both Water Tribe cities. There was also a tentacle soup, a Water Tribe dish, consisting of squid or octopus tentacles and noodles. Aang didn't liked any of the dishes Jonie cooked because he was a vegetarian but he was understanding enough to decline eating all of it. Yue, however, was astonished at how authentic the Water Tribe meals were.

Jonie was done cooking and brought all the food to the table. "Now, dearies, enjoy this meal and don't forget to get rest after. I've done cleaning the rooms, you should be able to get some peaceful nap." Yue then asked Jonie about the meals.

"Jonie, I love all the meals you've prepared for us. Although, I would like to ask where you've learned all this Water Tribe cuisine? I mean, you're obviously an Earth Kingdom citizen." Yue asked with a smile on her face. Jonie responded, "Well, first of all, I saw you with the Avatar practicing waterbending. So I decided to cook some Water Tribe cuisine to help yourselves loosen up a little bit. As to where I've learned it, well she was a friend of mine. Her name was Hama, she went here a long time ago to sleep. She thought I was really good at cooking so she taught me some of her own. Strangely though, I've never heard of Hama again, like she had disappeared."

Aang choked as he heard the name of Hama being spoken by Jonie. "You met Hama?!" Jonie was rather astonished of his question, "Yes, do you know her? Oh how I would love to see her again and teach me some more of her cooking." Aang immediately responded, "Oh...uh...actually. No, I don't know her." Aang nervously laughed and continued to eat his lunch.

Yue was done eating minutes ago and left nothing but a clean plate. Jonie requested something from her, "Kya, be a dear and buy me some vegetables and fruits at the store. It's just beside the inn. Just buy two apples and three pieces of lettuce. All of it just costs five copper pieces" Yue did as she was asked in return for her generosity. She took the five copper pieces that Jonie handed to her and went on her way. Sure enough, the store was just beside the inn. The store was sort a really small house with the vegetables and fruits on the display rack situated directly in front of the store. The store owner was a middle aged attractive man, probably in his 20s and he was wearing green tunic like those that men wore at the Middle Ring of Ba Sing Se. His hair was jet black and short. He seemed to be talking to someone from inside the shop but Yue cannot see clearly because the interior of the shop was dark. Once the store owner halted his conversation with the one he was talking to, he entertained his buyer.

"Good afternoon, Miss Beautiful. What would you-?" Something came to the attention of the store owner. He again turned his back, this time his voice audible. "Mr. Soldier, I think that's the girl you've been looking for?" The man that the store owner was having a conversation was actually an Earth Kingdom soldier from Ba Sing Se under the orders of King Kuei. The soldier went outside the shop to approach Yue. "Patience, you've been searched through the whole Kingdom. I think it's time you come with me." The soldier summoned for the other soldiers who were all over the town, which Yue had disappointingly not noticed. Now, there were twenty soldiers that circled Yue. Then, instinctively, Yue stretched her arms to the sea water. The sea was pretty near since they were in a harbor town. A water whip came to form around Yue's arm and knocked all the soldiers to their backs.

The Avatar with the Moon Spirit vs. EK Soldiers

Jonie became worried that Yue did not came back so Aang checked outside to see if she's okay. What he saw instead was a blonde lady fighting soldiers with a water whip. Yue knocked all the soldiers to their backs with her waterbending. Yue, who was once a delicate princess, was now a brave waterbender. All that had happened to her made her like this.

Aang approached Yue and asked if she was okay, but no sooner did the soldiers regained strength.

One soldier launched two earth disks from the ground and hurled them to Aang. Aang, whose eyes were fast enough, successfully dodged them. Air Nomads were always good at dodging gracefully. The Avatar motioned his arms upward and sent all the soldiers floating still on the air using airbending. All of the soldiers were struggling to get out of the whirlwind that Aang trapped them into. He then said, "Soldiers, please, if you could just hear me out. I don't want to fight and I know that King Kuei and the rest of Ba Sing Se thinks I'm kidnapping the missing student. But you're wrong, she's not who you think she is." Unbeknownst to Aang, one soldier up in the air with his fellow men, summoned a large boulder to purposely knock the Avatar out. Luckily, Yue noticed the floating rock that was about to hit Aang and shattered it, again with her water whip. Aang was so shocked and was still registering what just almost happened to him that he let go of his grip of the whirlwind and dropped the soldiers. Sixteen hand-shaped rocks formed out from the ground as the soldiers uniformly punched through the air. The rock hands took hold of Yue's arm and Aang's. Aang, who had past experiences with the Dai Li, thought, They must've learned that move from the Dai Li themselves.

The pair was bound, not allowing them to bend any elements. Hope was beyond their minds now as the soldiers slowly approached the bounded Avatar and co-Moon Spirit. One of the soldiers grinned at their success and said to Aang, "Avatar, you have betrayed the trust of our beloved Earth King Kuei. For your treason and dishonesty, you are hereby banned from entering Ba Sing Se ever again. This will also be effective upon your future successors as per request and orders from our beloved King." Aang then thought how King Kuei had finally lost his mind and how the whole Earth Kingdom capital put their trust on him down the drain. But who can blame them? In the first place, the citizens of Ba Sung Se did not knew anything of Yue's possession of the student's body. Yue felt sorry for the body of Patience and wanted to get everything at the right place again. Yet her heart still was bound on Earth. It will be hard for Yue to move on because she still had an unfinished business. I still need to clear up some things with Sokka if I am ever to move on. Her heart once again broke as she remembered the pain of seeing Sokka leave her. Yue felt that somehow, all of this was her fault.

As it seemed that there was no way of getting out, Aang finally went to the Avatar State, his sweat dripping due to his determination to finish this once and for all. He used all four elements to get him and Yue out of the grip of the rock hands. As Aang had always been the pacifist, he only froze the soldiers using ice breath for such a time that Aang and Yue can get out of there. When the soldiers were frozen, both of them noticed that all of the locales were wide-eyed, flabbergasted and confused to what had just transpired. Then something weird happened. All of them clapped their hands and cheered the Avatar. Jonie, who was watching the battle from her inn, went out to hug both of them and proclaimed, "Thank you so much Avatar. You've saved us from those wretched soldiers. They are corrupt and should be stopped, and you just did."

Then someone approached the duo, someone Aang knew from the past. It was the fisherman that Aang, Katara and Sokka met years ago during the storm.

"The Avatar disappeared for a hundred years. You turned your back on the world!"

"I-I guess I haven't really apologized Avatar. I'm so sorry for doubting your abilities. In fact, I take back my words and say that you did not turn your back on the world. You saved it. Now, even though I don't deserve it, I request from you to avenge my wife who was killed by those corrupt soldiers. Although, I would understand that you won't, I've let you down before."

"Sir fisherman, I would do all my best to avenge your wife and bring again the balance this town needs." With that, all the locales went back from the business, while Aang and Yue returned to the inn.

The soldiers were still frozen until two days time where the ice will melt. The town was finally at peace.

A Decision

It was nighttime, Aang and Yue again proceeded to the dining room to eat their dinner. This time, the meal was mostly vegetables and fruits, as Aang requested. They were eating their meals rather hungrily, but one should understand that to travel means hungry stomachs. Yue then asked Aang if when they will progress towards North Pole. So Aang called for Jonie and asked if she had any map. Luckily, she did and let the Avatar have it for their travels.

"Hmmm, I say we're currently here." Aang said as he feasted his eyes on the map. "The next town should be...hey! North Pole shouldn't be far away from here."

"That's good news Aang. But will it be easy? They might think you're lying about me being the princess." Yue's eyes bothered by the thought of her own people throwing accusations of lying at her.

Aang then reassured Yue, "I'm sure we'll find a way for that as we go along the way."

They both finished their vegetable noodles and went to bed. First thing in the morning will be another journey.

Acting Fast

"My lord, is it time for me to go to Earth yet?" The Spirit of the Mystic inquired the voice emanating from the crystal ball.

A voice responded to him. "When I tell you to do so Mystic. The Spirit of Darkness and the Spirit of Silence isn't yet done with their own individual missions. I suggest you wait till they finish theirs, Mystic. Do not fret, the appointed time draws near."

As the voice vanished, the Spirit grinned to what his master said. "Yes, how glorious that day will be.


  • The fisherman from the episode The Storm makes a cameo appearance.
  • It's revealed in this chapter that the wife of the fisherman was killed by the soldiers.
  • Hama is mentioned in this fanon.
  • Two other spirits were revealed to be the Spirit of the Mystic's partners: Spirit of the Darkness and Spirit of Silence. Yet, there true origins and objectives are still shrouded in mystery.

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