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Voyage of Fear

Fire Lord Rizon held a war meeting the next day. Jurei had been invited, and sat at his uncle's right side.

"As You are all well aware of," Rizon began, addressing each audience member with a glance, "two days ago, the World Order attacked my palace, attempting to take control."

Jurei looked out into the audience. Representatives from each of the four nations were present. Seiryoku sat next to an older Earthbender, that Jurei did not recognize. A tall, powerful looking woman dressed in blue sat next to the Earthbender. Jurei assumed that this was Alia, chieftess of the Southern Water Tribe. Next to her, an older Airbender looked bored, as a schoolboy bored by the teacher's lecture. Jurei had no idea who this man could be.

"So, in light of these recent events," Rizon announced, "I have decided to launch a mission to destroy the World Order. I have decided to dispatch three capable warriors straight to the Order's headquarters, to defeat Boukon, their leader, and end this threat forever!

"The leader of this mission shall be Kokuzoku of the Air Nomads!" Applause sounded as the bored Airbender stood up with great pride and bowed to both the audience and the Fire Lord.

"Accompanying Kokuzoku on this mission will be Prince Seiryoku of Omashu!" Rizon announced. Seiryoku also looked proud as he stood, but seemed somewhat shy as well. He bowed to Rizon, then quickly sat back down.

"With them, I send a Firebender I trust with my life: my very own nephew, Jurei of the Fire Nation!"

Jurei looked at his uncle in shock. Then he stood, bowed to Rizon, and then to the exceptionally excited to crowd.

"These are the three warriors who will help defeat the World Order! They are our heroes!"

To be continued...

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