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Jurei woke up in his room again. He was sweating, and he felt as though something very important had just happened; he couldn't remember what it was. His head was throbbing, dull pain reaching every part of his body.

Jurei got up and opened the curtains. Sunshine filled the room with s bright, empowering light. He got dressed, and wandered out of his room into a long hallway. The dining hall was at the far end.

Servants were already inside, cleaning up the scattered remains of Rizon's breakfast. One such servant approached Jurei.

"Master Jurei," he began, "Fire Lord Rizon has already had his meal. He thought it most regrettable that you were not awake to join him, sir. If you would like, though, sir," he added, "I could have the servants make you your own breakfast."

"No thanks," Jurei lied, turning to leave. "I'm not hungry."

Jurei wandered into the royal courtyard. Turtle-Ducks swam in the pond, trying to catch chunks of bread an older boy was throwing at them. As Jurei approached, the boy stopped throwing bread. He looked at Jurei.

"You're that boy who killed the general?" he said, rising to his feet. "That's a pretty impressive feat."

"World travels fast, I see" replied Jurei. He could not understand why, but he felt compelled to trust this boy.

"It does. My name is Seiryoku. I'm visiting the Fire Lord as a representative of my father."

"I'm Jurei. Fire Lord Rizon is my Uncle."

"Well, so you're related to royalty, too, eh? There's something we have in common, then." Seiryoku laughed a mighty laugh. "My father is Oshira. He's the king of Omahu."

"If you're a descendant of the the legendary King Bumi, then you must be a powerful Earthbender," Jurei challenged.

"One of the best, they say," Sieryoku boasted. "Earthbending champ three times over. Would you like to see a demonstration?"

"I think I have a better idea. I happen to be a nation-wide first class Firebender. How about a little contest?"

"As long as we keep it safe, then you're on."

Of course. Shall we say, in one hour?"

"Works for me," Seiryoku said. "I gotta go train a little. See you in an hour!"

Jurei watched him leave. He had no idea why he had just challenged the Earthbender to a duel. He didn't know what came over him? He barely knew the guy!

You just wanted to fight him, a voice in his head told Jurei. You thirst for blood, just like your predecessors did.

Suddenly Yammai materialized before Jurei. The air quickly grew cold, and light faded from the area. The wind stopped dead.

"You are the Neo-Avatar," she said, looking down at him. "It is your nature to harm people. It is your duty."

"No! I-- I will never hurt Seiryoku!" Jurei shouted.

"You have already started inflicting pain. You brought death on your own father! Now you must finish the job. Begin with the Earth Prince. I'll leave the rest to your imagination." She smirked as she continued. "Either way, you can't back out now. You've already agreed to kill him."

"I said I would fight him. I'm not about to go about killing every random person on the streets!"

"Hmm," Yammai, said, looking annoyed. "Fine. Think what you want. But trust me, unless you have a lot of self control (which I doubt), you will enter the Neo-Avatar State, and you will kill the Earthbender."

Then she was gone.

"Good riddance," was all Jurei could say.

* * *

An hour passed quickly. Seiryoku arrived exactly on time, without a second to waste. Jurei had been patiently waiting for him, passing the time through meditation. Seiryoku had seemingly spent his hour spreading the word about the match instead of training. Firelord Rizon and Migi were among those in the crowd waiting for the match to begin. Jurei even noticed Yammai watching from the shadows of the palace.

"Well?" Seiryoku pleasantly demanded. "Shall we begin?"

Jurei said nothing. He turned to face Seiryoku, executing his usual starting pose.

"Whenever you're ready," Jurei quietly invited.

"Seiryoku seemed to have been ready for awhile. He immediately struck, launching four stones at Jurei. Jurei dodged all of them, rolling on the ground and instantly landing on his knees. He unleashed a stream of flames form his tightly clenched fists.

Seiryoku brought up a wall of rock to block the attack. He then slid the wall directly at Jurei. After jumping into the air to avoid it, Jurei launched a decent-sized fireball straight at Seiryoku's chest. Sieryoku took the attack full force, which knocked him onto his back. He rose, bring a large slab of earth with him. He threw the chunk of rock at Jurei.

Jurei got ready to dodge the attack, but someone in the crowd caught his eye. A beautiful girl, with long, messy black hair that covered her eyes. She brushed back the hair, revealing deep blue eyes. She was staring at Jurei. She looked concerned, but Jurei could not understand what was wrong.

He realized the reason behind her concern when the slab of rock hit him directly in the stomach. Jurei was thrown back at least ten feet. He struggled to rise, then suddenly jumped into the air. When he came down, he landed a blazing kick into Seiryoku's chest. Jurei then forced his opponent into a wall, holding him at point blank range.

"Okay, okay, you win. I surrender," Sieryoku said breathlessly.

Jurei took a deep breath, then turned to face the crowd. There was cheering and clapping from everyone except Yammai, who had mysteriously vanished, and the girl, who had run off quietly.

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