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Written in Blood

Rizon watched in horror as his nephew began to transform from the quiet, sarcastic boy to an enraged being of hate. Jurei's eyes turned black as night, and he rose up into the air. Buta. Too, watched the young man as the fury within Jurei gathered and unleashed itself.

Buta, using his advanced Earthbending, brought the ceiling down on Jurei. Jurei created an air-shield to defend himself. He then created a water-shield to defend himself further if need be. Rizon could only watch as Jurei levitated the rubble around him, only to hurl it at Buta.

"Murderer!" Jurei shouted in a voice not his own, "By hurting my father and friend, you have hurt me! Now you shall pay the price!"

Soon, Buta fell, never to rise again, a stone enlodged in his skull. Jurei's eyes regained their color, and he fell to his knees. Rizon stood in shock and awe of what he had just witnessed.

A small, old figure stepped out from the shadows, becoming visible.

"Ah, Jurei," Migi said, smiling. "The next Neo-Avatar."

* * * * *

I was dark when Jurei awoke. There was one lone candle on the table next to his bed. The curtains hid the window from the room. He lit his own flame and gazed about the room.

The Fire Nation insignia, an ancient symbol of power and fear, sat on the wall behind the bed. His clothes were neatly folded on the floor next to the door. Jurei noticed a note on the table next to the bed. He picked it up.

"Please feel free to come to the dining hall when you awaken. Fire Rizon," Jurei read aloud.

Then it hit him. The pain burned his head as if somebody had shot a fireball into his brain. He sank to his knees, grasping his head, in too much pain to speak.

Then he was on a cloud, and the pain was gone. He thought he was dead.

Jurei saw a mountain, tall in the distance. It quickly rushed up to meet him, and he climbed it's walls without moving his legs. When he reached the peak, he saw the world for what it truly was. The clouds to the west were burning, and smoke was rising beyond the horizon. The clouds to the north were a dark gray, heavy with moisture. The clouds to the east were quite solid and stationary, while the southern clouds seemed to be moving quickly in the harsh winds.

"Beautiful, isn't it?" A soft woman's voice said behind him. Jurei whirled around and saw a pale woman with dark hair and darker eyes standing behind him.

"Who are you?" he demanded.

"This place," the woman said, ignoring his question, "this mountain, is often called the 'keystone of the elements'. A little like the Avatar, hm?" she chuckled as she said the last sentence.

"Who are you?" Jurei asked again, his voice somewhat softer.

"I am the 'anti-keystone'. I work diligently to destroy this mountain. My wish is for the elements to run amok, destroying each other and themselves, and everything else. I am the world's most feared enemy," she said, never taking her eyes off Jurei.

"Why have you brought me here?" Jurei asked.

"Oh, I didn't bring you here, Jurei. You brought yourself here," she said with a smile.

Jurei lost his patience.

"Enough of your riddles! Tell me exactly who you are, where I am, why I'm here, and who..." Jurei hesitated before finishing.

"Who you are?" the anti-keystone finished for Jurei. The wind blew her black hair off her face. Jurei saw that if not for the grim expression on her face, she would be very pretty. "This is the center of the Spirit World. I have already told you that I am the Neo-Avatar. If you prefer a name, you may call me Yammai. Or you should call me Jurei. For, you see, I am you."

Yammai waited for Jurei to react. He never did.

"Is it really a surprise, though? I mean, after what you did the that Earthbender..." she said, letting the last word hang.

"What did I do?" Jurei asked, puzzled and a little dazed.

"You mean you don't remember?" she asked in fake surprise. "You almost killed everyone in the city when you entered the Neo State. You were lucky to only kill the general."

"The Neo state?" Jurie asked, almost wishing he had not.

"Your eyes go black, and you gain power of all four elements," Yammai explained. "Sound familiar?" Jurei stared at the stones on the mountain top. "Tell you what," she said, "how about some revenge? Well, you can defeat that Airbender who murdered your father! You'll need to master all four elements first, though. And getting to the guy will be tough. He's well guarded."

"So, I need to find bending teachers?" Jurei asked, looking up. "Fire, air, water, earth, right?"

"Actually, the Neo cycle is reversed. It goes fire, earth, water, air for you."

Jurei said nothing. He turned his back on Yammai and faced the burning clouds.

"Jurei..." Yamai said warningly. "Jurei!"

Jurei did not hear her shouts. He had already jumped off the ledge. The flames eagerly came up to greet him.

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