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Scars on the World

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New Beginnings

A Lecture

"500 years ago, Avatar Aang defeated Fire Lord Ozai after being trapped in an iceberg for 100 years. Avatar Aang took away Ozai's Firebending powers, a technique he learned from the last lion-turtle. This began an era of peace that lasted over 100 years.

"However, Ozai's spirit did not disappear from the world. After 100 years of wandering, this evil spirit found their way into a newborn boy from the Northern Water Tribe. This boy was named Ashi.

"Ashi mastered all four elements, causing many to believe that he was the Avatar. However, Ashi was far removed from the good and kindness of the Avatar. Ashi was the 'Neo-Avatar', the one that wished to destroy the balance between the spirit and mortal worlds. Ashi unleashed a reign of terror on the world, devastating the great city of Ba Sing Se. He was so powerful, he killed Avatar Reikou like a spider kills a fly.

"Ashi finally fell when the new Avatar, Siron, defeated him and pierced his heart with her murdered friend's sword. The Neo-Avatar still exists, however. Nobody has seen the Neo-Avatar since Neo-Avatar Yammai announced that her brother, the Earth King, had been murdered.

"The Neo-Avatar still exists, though. Not as Yammai, perhaps, but as a new person. The Neo-Avatar could be anyone. Even you."

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