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"They didn't just take my arm...they took my hope. They won't do that again, not today."
— Sazuki, to Takeshi Sagara
Sazuki Yuro
Biographical information

Earth Kingdom


85 AG


100 AG, Ba Sing Se

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Hair color


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Personal information
Weapon of choice

Metal Arm

Bending style(s)
  • Earthbending
  • Some Sandbending
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Rebel Leader


Earth Kingdom Rebellion




Takushi Sagara


14,000 Gold Pieces

Sazuki Yuro was a young Earthbender during Sozin's War who would later form the Earth Kingdom Rebellion prier to the Battle at Wulong Forest. As a child, his family was killed in an attack, and Sazuki's arm was crushed under a pile of ruble. His arm was then replaced with a metal one.

A nomad for years of his life, Sazuki saw the horribleness that the War caused on the world, and made it his mission in life to stop it. He was only 15 when he formed the rebellion.

During the Rebellion, he had a deep friendship with Mogra, and a young eleven-year-old named Takeshi Sagara. He also held romantic feelings for fellow rebel Sakire Yuna. Sazuki died in an epic battle trying to get the Dai Li to leave Ba Sing Se. His rebellion strove on until one week before the final battle of the war.


Early Life

Sasuki was born in 85 AG in a medium-sized Earth Kingdom village. His parents worked a good paying job as farmers and merchants, and Sazuki grew up happy. His father taught him to Earthbend, and Sazuki mastered it quickly. He had an older brother named Conue. But Sazuki did see the backlashes of the war on his people.

Attack on His Village


Sazuki sees the fire enter his house, his parents behind him.

At age 5, his village was attacked by the Fire Nation because they refused to give them their money. So, in an epic siege, the soldiers burned down the village, the villagers fleeing. Sazuki's family could not get out fast enough, their door stuck, and his parents and brother we killed in the fire. Sazuki was far enough out to not die from it, but his arm was crushed beyond repair under a pile of ruble.

Painfully getting himself up an hour later, Sazuki realized that his family was dead and his arm was destroyed, he dropped to his knees and cried. After a little bit, he picked himself up with his one arm, the other bleeding deeply, and limped out of the burned town. He walked north, not knowing where he was going.

Meeting Mogra

"Well, good on you.
— Sazuki and Mogra greet each other.

Sazuki would walk for another two hours. The pain became to much, as he only had torn bit of cloth to hold in the blood, and ran into a Fire Nation man named Mogra. Sazuki did not know the man was Fire Nation, nor was the man planning to hurt him. Mogra was half asleep, dressed from head to toe in stolen Sandbender-Clothes. But seeing the large amounts of blood coming from the boy's upward side, and shouted Holy...

Mogra ran to Sazuki and grabbed his only arm, asking him what happened to him. Sazuki stared at the man, and looked in shock. Giving up on him responding, Mogra picked him up in his arms and carried him into the village he was resting in front of.


Mogra implementing Sazuki's metal arm inside his hut.

Inside the village, people stared at the bleeding boy in Mogra's arms, and Mogra ignored them. He brought him inside his small hut, and closes the door. He lied him on his table, and Sazuki asked what he was doing. Answering, Mogra told him he was helping, and held up several metal plates. He then told Sazuki to close his eyes, and ignore the pain.

Then, he stuck a socket joint into the bleeding hole in his once arm. Screaming in agony, Sazuki wanted him to stop. Mogra said it was that or spending his life without an arm, so Sazuki complied. Mogra began applying the plates and molding them in, as Sazuki shouted in pain.

As he implemented the new metal arm, Mogra asked Sazuki what his name was, and what happened to him. Sazuki painfully answered them, as Mogra continued to apply the arm. After an hour, Mogra had applied the last finger joint. He then told Sazuki he could stop screaming. Mogra helped Sazuki up, and Sazuki groaned one last time. He looked at his hand and wiggled his mechanical fingers. He then asked Mogra how'd he do that, but Mogra said it'd be to technical for a four-year-old.

Mogra told Sazuki to rest, and as he slept, he had a strong nightmare of the death of his parents, fire everywhere and screams. He woke up panting and screaming, with Mogra looking annoyed at his door. He said, "Wanna stop panting and shut up?" He then had him get up and walk outside, where Sazuki explained what happened the best he could. He then sobbed, as Mogra looked angry.

Mogra then revealed to Sazuki that he was from the Fire Nation, and Sazuki looked at him surprised. He then looked angry, and yelled at him that he hated him. Mogra then told him to wait, and grabbed his arm, but Sazuki angrily struck an Earth Pillar at him, sending him back on his shins. He quickly got back up, and grabbed him by both shoulders. He then yelled at him "Listen!" Then he explained that he was a Fire Nation soldier two years ago. But when fighting in the Massacre of Siwang, he stopped in his tracks and saw as innocent people be murdered. He the lost his drive to Firebend, and his loyalty to the Fire Nation. He then deserted the army and left.

After hearing this story, Sazuki came to accept Mogra, and took him in as something of an older brother, though his hostility to him showed in his days in the small village. After all, he was only four-years-old and had just lost everything.

Growing Up

Si Wong Desert

"We're headed to the Si Wong Desert. Pack your things."
— Mogra to Sazuki (age 4)

Sazuki and Mogra spent two more weeks in the village, where Sazuki began adjusting to his arm. After those two weeks, Mogra and him journeyed to the Si Wong Desert, which Mogra explained to Mogra as a "supply mission." Secretly, though, Mogra planned to train Sazuki, a training Sazuki never forgot.

Once reaching the desert spot, they entered a small supply shack. In front of the shack were Sandbenders, which made Sazuki worried and stood close to Mogra. After buying supplies, they left the shack and set up camp into the desert as night came fast. They both fell asleep, and after a few hours, Mogra packed up his stuff and left Sazuki alone, though he made sure that he was close to him. Once Sazuki woke up, he saw no one around him, and being far out in the desert, spent hours shouting for Mogra.

After those hours of screaming for him, he, slightly delusional and very angry, stirred swirls of sand all around him, pouring out a giant and screeching scream before crashing to his knees in the sand, angry and on the verge of tears. He picked himself up, properly fixed his sack on his back, and walked on.

Mogra observed him every step of the way, as Sazuki needed to find different ways of surviving, going as far as eating sand. After a day of wondering and horror, he finally bended two rocks over him to make a shelter, and passed out. He woke up the next morning, and Mogra was sitting next to him, placing together the last pieces of his bag. Sazuki yelled at him where was he the other day angrily, but Mogra calmly stated, "I never left," and then that Sazuki to pack his things. Sazuki sat shocked and angry before packing his things.


Sazuki then spent a year in Omashu. In the city, Mogra trained Sazuki in the art of concentration and breathing exercise. After a few months of those training, along with showing his basic and advanced Earthbending moves Mogra learned during his travels,


Avatar Village

The Water-Earth Villages

Forming the Rebellion

Leading the Rebellion

Infiltrating Ba Sing Se

Recruiting and Briefing

Battle of the Rebellion Bunker

Returning Home


Return to the Earth Kingdom

Rebellion Grows

Mission to Fong's Base

Helping the Riots

Saving the New Bunker

Hunted in the Woods

Battle of Kajin Avatar Temple

Battle of Ba Sing Se and Death


Personality and traits


"He was...handsome and sloppy...dark and...broad..."
— Mogra, during Sazuki's funeral

Sazuki's metal arm.

Sazuki bore a shaggy and spiked mop of blond hair in his youthful years. Average size as a child, he measured at 5'7'' at age 15. He had fair skin, and in his teenaged years, broad build.

After losing his arm, he had a steel plated arm, constructed in Mogra's hut in 89 AG. The arm, while only wearing heavy on him for his first few months wearing it, was very flexible and was easy for him to use. The applications caused him to be able to handle fire blasts and other blocks.

Sazuki, by the age of 15, had broad soldiers, a shaggy head of blond hair with spiky bangs, and wore a black cloth jacket over a sleeveless black shirt. He had thin black pants, made of leather, which was a Fire Nation colonial outfit taken by him at age 13. His shirt and jacket were of Southern Earth Kingdom origin, specifically in the Pao Mountain ranges, occupied by Fire Nation rogue soldiers.


Sazuki dressed in unorthodox Rebel Clothes.

As a rebel, he rarely ever wore the symbolic uniforms, which consisted of blue cloth jackets and pants based on Earth Kingdom-Water Tribal Blended Islands, but when wearing simply bore the color with his normal clothing and the normal jacket. On one rare occasion, however, he wore the normal one down to the collar, but only to impress his love interest Sakire.

Sazuki was rather sloppy in his appearance, and was lacking in professionalism. His only true professional and honorable part was that of his pony tail, which was a traditional form of honor shown in the village of Avatar. He was quite slender, and more broad then he was bulky.




Sakire Yuna

"She's a distraction to him. People could get killed if he's not focused."
Takeshi Sagara to Mogra about Sakire to Sazuki

Behind the Scenes

Sazuki's name is spelled 领导 (ling dao) in Chinese, which means "Leader". This applies to how he is the leader of the rebellion, one of the last hopes in the last stages of the War. His appearance is based on the character Edward Elric, the main protagonist in Fullmetal Alchemist. His metal arm and interesting physical features are what made the creator chose him.

Some could associate Sazuki as a "John Connor" type. Forced to be raised as a hero and savior, he created a rebellion, or "resistance," to stop his oppressors who took the world and killed loved ones. Similar to the Sarah Chronicles version of Connor, Sazuki fights those who took his childhood away from him, and does not wish to be referred to as a savior or hero.

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