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The Wild Man

It was another sunny day on Ember Island, and the heat was very noticeable. Over the calm, crystal ocean shot a long stream of red fire, stretching sixty feet out from its bender, Firelord Zuko. The whole family watched their friend in awe as he demonstrated his mastery over his element. As Zuko stopped the flame and came back to a resting position, the onlookers in the crowd clapped. Sokka spoke up first.

"Dang, Zuko! You still got it in you, even after all these years of being really, really, really old." Zuko frowned at the implication of his age. "I'm still the Firelord and a capable warrior. Let's see if the Avatar can match that." Aang giggled. He wasn't much for showing off, but he loved competition with his friends. "Alright, let's see if I still got the stuff." Aang had mastered firebending many years ago, but it was still his least favorite element to practice. He wasn't sure he was a match for the true master, but he would give it a go.

Taking his stance and feeling the energy swirl in his body, he took a deep breath, then released it as he pushed his arms with strength and ferocity over the ocean. A bolt of fire burst from his fist, extending out far over the ocean, but not quite matching the Firelord. Toph commented on his skills.

"Come on, Twinkle toes! You gonna let some guy with a hair piece show you up?" Zuko ignored the remark and took the opportunity to compliment his friend. "It's still impressive to say the least. But not quite as good as the greatest fire bender on earth." Katara let out her thoughts on the both of them. "Don't doubt my husband. He always has a way of winning these things."

Aang, upon hearing the commentary from his friends, smirked a bit as his tattoos and eyes began to glow with a bright light. The flame extended so far beyond what any other firebender in history could hope to do, and all the previous commentators of Aangs skills were dumbstruck, excluding his wife who was well aware of her beloved's talents.

The kids all clapped while Zuko feigned a bit of anger and annoyance. "No fair. You used the Avatar state. That's probably cheating." Toph laughed at Aangs demonstration. "Nice job there, baldy. For a second I thought you were getting soft." Aang grinned at his companions. "You know, just doing my Avatar thing, saving the world and showing up the Firelord. All in a day." His grin grew wider as he looked at Zuko, who grinned in turn. "Alright, enough competition. Toph, let's make a sand castle." Zuko rarely had time to enjoy simple vacation time, let alone with his friends, and he was going to make the most of it. Toph took advantage of this situation. "Sure, I've got a good idea for one, too. Lin! You're helping!"

Lin stood from her seat in the sand and walked with Zuko and her mother without a word, excited to help in any project. Kya approached her father with great excitement. "Dad, can we go water bending boarding again? I've got a new technique I want to try out." Aang, never passing an opportunity for fun, let alone with his daughter, smiled widely. "Sure thing, sweetie! Katara, wanna come?"

Katara would have liked to go with them, but knew that those two needed some alone time. "You two go ahead. I'm gonna sit around with this old bag here." Her gesture to Sokka didn't go unnoticed. Sokka retorted, as he feels obligated to do so. "You're calling me old? Look in a mirror, grandma." Katara scowled at her brother. "I'm not a grandmother yet." She then glared at her two younger sons. "Right, boys?

Both Tenzin and Bumi blushed and simultaneously let out a yelp of the word "No!" Aang turned to his daughter after witnessing the debacle. "Looks like it's you and me, hun. Let's go!" The Avatar grabbed his daughter by the wrist and pulled her towards the ocean, where she was happy to go with him.

Far enough from the coast, floating in the water, the father-daughter duo were ready to play. Aang asked, "So what's this new technique that you developed in a few days?" Kya smiled at her father. "I call it, waterbending-wake." She rose to the surface of the water with her ice board beneath her feet and took a rope from behind her back. Aang seemed perplexed. "What's the rope for? And where were you keeping that?" Kya just shook her head. "Don't worry about it. Grab onto the rope and get on the board.

Kya dismounted the board, allowing her father to jump on top of it. Kya swam about thirty feet away from Aang with one end of the rope. Rope in hands, he was still confused. "So what do we-GAH" Aang didn't get a chance to finish, as Kya shot a stream of water behind her, pulling her father along the ocean. Surprised, but greatly amused, he maintained his balance on the ice and was being pulled along at a very fast rate. This was a fun game.

Eventually Kya slowed down and Aang's momentum pushed him towards his daughter, still laughing. Kya asked her father, "What do you think?" Aang stopped laughing so he could answer. "What do I think? That was awesome!" Kya laughed along with the Avatar. "I just wish I didn't have to hold onto the rope. Then we could move even faster. Now it's your turn to pull, dad." Aang looked over by the shore and saw one of the canoes by the beach house. The Avatar put on his devious smirk. "I think I have a plan to make it faster."

Moments later, Kya was holding onto a rope attached to a canoe being propelled by the might of the Avatar's bending. They were really moving now, and Kya was yelling out with glee. Everyone from the shore looked outward to the sea to see the two playing.

Sokka commented on his niece. "She sure is a ball of fun, that one. Ever since she was a little girl." Katara smiled at her brother. "She is, isn't she?" Sokka smirked. "She must get it from me." The master waterbender's smile turned to a scowl. "Shut up."

The sun was beginning to set as the two water board fiends decided to call it a day. Everyone was already inside the house, probably waiting to eat. Kya was about to walk up to the house, but Aang sat on the sand, facing the ocean. It was a clear indication to join him. Kya sat next to her father. They sat in silence for a moment until Aang spoke up.

"What a perfect day. You were really great out there." Kya smiled at her father, her eyes watering, but no words left her mouth. Aang faced his first born child, noticing her concern. "Don't be sad, honey." Kya's tears began to flow from her eyes. She felt unimaginable pain, but felt guilt for trying to express it. She knew her father meant well, but how was she supposed to just ignore his impending demise? How was she supposed to let go of all of the love she has for him and just let him go quietly?

"How can I not be sad? How can I enjoy a day like today, knowing that it's one of our last? How can I look at you and not be upset that you're leaving me. You're my father, I want you to be around longer. I'm not ready for this."

Aang looked at his daughter with sad eyes, but a small smile. He knew this was hard on her, but he also knew his daughter was strong and would understand. "Kya, I love you more than life itself. You and your brothers mean more to me than anything. That's why we're here, to enjoy our time together while we have it." Kya was still upset. "I don't want you to go." Aang grabbed his daughter by the shoulders and looked her in the eye. "It doesn't matter what happens, Kya. I'm always with you. I always will be." Kya began to sob, and hugged her father tightly.

"I'm scared to lose you, dad." Aang stroked his daughter's hair. "I know you are. But you have Mom, Tenzin, Bumi, Uncle Sokka, Toph, Zuko, even Lin to help you through this. I know you'll be okay. That's just how you are, Kya. You flow like the ocean, and you'll let this flow too." Kya smiled, hugging her father. She was feeling a great sadness, but the words of her father always helped her. "I love you, dad."

Aang smiled with her. "I love you too."

Author's Note

A gift to those who were far too patient with me.

Sorry it took so long to finish, but I'm trying to get more done in a reasonable amount of time.

Kya is not yet a canon defined character, so it's hard to write her, but I feel like this was her big moment here, her creative ingenuity she gets from her father as well as her emotional complexity from her mother come together nicely.

I got the idea of letting them wake board from an Avatar: Chibi short. It was very amusing :)

Thank you for continuing to read, this fanon has become one of my favorite projects :)

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