Republic City streets at night
Saviors and Defeat
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Daughter of Blood and Steel





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October 19, 2012

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Not Alone

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Her Destiny Shall be Revealed

Even rescue ends in defeat

Both struggled against the ground, despite the clear knowledge that it was futile. While the earth distorters held them in place, the other police began to call in for backup.

Suddenly, a group sprung from the sky, landing atop the earth distorters. They were distracted for just long enough that Eli could turn the ground to sand and they could leap from their trap. Their saviors were masked and wielding old-fashioned weapons. Despite their attempts at subtly, they were also garbed in bright orange and red.

"Dobas!" One called, pulling down his mask. Chryseis recognized him as one of the Air Acolytes. "Dobas! You and your friend have to escape!" From within his pocket, he pulled a small contraption. It extended into a crossbow, which he loaded with and arrow. "There's a vessel waiting for you just at the end of the street!" With flawless aim, he shot the arrow through both Chryseis and Eli's shirts.

The extreme velocity of the arrow carried the two all the way across the street before sticking itself in one of the inner walls of a spaceship. Behind them, the spaceship door sealed with a whirring noise, locking in all of their air. A countdown began, and within ten seconds the ship was moving off of their ground. They launched into space, leaving the ground and all of the troubles of the world behind them. Soon they were out of the atmosphere, looking back at the tiny pathetic planet.

There were supplies on the ship to last forever—or at least as long as the air would last. They donned their spacesuits and prepared for where ever they would land, which happened to be a planet not too far away. It had an atmosphere, at least according to the little readings on their spaceship, as well as oxygen. They didn't need the suits, but as they exited the ship they brought them just to be safe.

Outside the spaceship, they were met with a welcoming party of the native aliens. The natives had five eyes: three on their heads, one on their tongues, and one right where the bellybutton is humans. They reached into their pockets and pulled out vaporizing guns and attacked both Eli and Chryseis. Eli was almost instantly vaporized, but Chryseis's resistance to extreme heat caused her to be safe.

Before she could try to fight the enemy, a mysterious figure appeared over the horizon. Madam Lao came into sight, with a laser cannon instead of a right arm. "Die, bitches!" She shouted at the aliens while aiming her weapon. It charged for a moment, before releasing a great, ten foot diameter beam of energy which totally obliterated all the enemies.

"Madam Lao, what are you doing here?" Chryseis asked.

"Why, dear, I'm on vacation!" With a musical laugh, Madam Lao's legs transformed into rockets and she blasted off of the surface of the planet, breaking the sound barrier and creating a sonic rainboom.


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