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Saving the Avatar
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Sozin's Comet Returns



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November 12, 2012

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Saving the Avatar is the fourth chapter of Sozin's Comet Returns.

Saving the Avatar

Mako, Bolin, Kanna, Kano, and the rest of the Council of 5 were in the Earth King's War Room. They were discussing on where to go to find her. They were all thinking about going to Taku, but nobody said much.

"I think we should travel to Taku. The most amount of captures or killings are in that city," Bolin said.

"Alright, we should go there," Mako reassured.

"Mako, before you leave, bring Hiro with you. He has to get a better understanding of his country," Kano ordered.

"Okay. We'll bring him back in one piece," Mako said.

All the kids were waiting outside ready to go.

"So dad, where are we going?" Kuzon asked his father.

Mako quickly replied, "to Taku."

"Alright, lets go then," Lola said.

They all finally left Ba Sing Se. After some hours of flying, Katara confronted her father. "Daddy, what if we don't find mom?" Katara asked.

"Don't worry sweetie, we'll find her," he replied.

"But what if we don't find her? She's never seen me waterbend since I was little. I want to prove to her that I'm a powerful waterbender and I want to make you and her proud." Katara cried.

"Oh sweetie, you've already made us proud. While your mom's gone, I tell her how much you have improved, and she's very impressed with you."


"Yes, really."

"Thanks dad, you're the best," Katara ended as she went back to sleep.

After hours and hours of flying, they reach Taku. Then, they get ambushed by a group of Dragon Men. Mako makes three groups. Him, Kuzon, Katara, and Lola find Korra together. Bolin, Kanna, and Mika go together. Lastly, Moke, Kyani, Hiro, Lu Ten, and Fiona go together. They were all ordered to go back to the airship after a day of searching.

"Wow. From what I heard about this city in Ba Sing Se during the War, it sure has changed in 99 years," Hiro exclaimed. "This place seems almost as lively as the upper ring of Ba Sing Se."

"Wait guys, I have a feeling we're getting ambushed," Moke whispered.

"You were right about that," Iza shouted as the rest of the group turned around. Iza started creating slips of fire on her fingers. Lu Ten, smitten by Iza, goes up to ask her if she wants firebending lessons "one-on-one". She slapped him and blew him away with a fireball. After that, she started generating lightning from her fingertips. Fiona, seeing this quickly redirected the lightning bolt into the sky.

"Come on, let's get out of here!" Fiona screamed. Kyani created an earth wall to give them some time to flee. Luckily, they did. However, she (Iza) wasn't quitting yet.

Asami charging an electrified glove

Iza generating lightning

Bolin, Kanna, and Mika were searching the city for anything. Kanna walks up to a man asking him if they saw any Fire Nation troops attacking the city. The man shook his head. Mika, as serious as she is, gave him a suspicious look. The man turned around, and Mika saw him pull a knife out of his coat. Mika, noticing this, grabbed water from the air, and froze the knife, then breaking it into pieces. Bolin, realizing he was trying to assassinate him, sent multiple quick boulders towards the spy. He evaded most, though not all. Kanna started sending two long streams of water towards him, knocking him down. Mika immediately froze him, and slowly started bloodbending him since they were not in Republic City.

"Who are you? What do you want from us?" Mika started quickly asking, with an intimidating look on her face. Bolin decided to wrap him up and put him in an earth boulder. He shielded his eyes with a headband and taped his mouth, hands, and legs. They brought him to their camp for interrogation.

"From the shores, it doesn't look like there's anybody here. Katara, can you bend us all the way from this side of the city to the other?" Mako asked his daughter.

"Sure thing, daddy." she replied as she bended the water around them and created a bubble for them to breathe in. Finally, they reached the island.

"So what now?" Kuzon asked, a little confused.

"Watch out!" Lola screamed, as she kicked the guy that was about to firebend at Kuzon onto the other side of the island.

"Who are you, and what do you want?" Mako ordered.

"My name is Shoji, and I will destroy you, and the Avatar."

"Wait," Lola said laughing, "you and what army?" she finished.

"I have a bigger army than you can dream of, little girl." As he said that, more soldiers started falling from a big airship in the sky. Kuzon quickly started bending fireball after fireball at the soldiers. Mako unleashed a fire wave that swept a good hundred off their feet and killed some more. Lola, as agile as she is, was able to get to the airship and defeated half of those soldiers by herself. Kuzon quickly followed her, and they quickly destroyed the airship. Shoji, knowing he's losing the fight, propelled himself using a jet of fire and flew away.

They all meet at their airship, which was now half-destroyed. "What happened?" Lu Ten asked.

"They must have destroyed the airship while we were gone," Mako said, a little disappointed.

"Don't worry," Hiro said. "My dad has a back-up arriving, but we have to keep it hidden" Hiro finished. Mako saw Bolin talking to a boulder, and went up to him.

"Bro, no time for games we still don't know where Korra is," Mako shouted, a little angry at his brother.

"That's why I'm figuring out where she is," Bolin shouted back at him. Mako noticed a man with a coat inside the rock. His body was completely taped. Just as Bolin continued yelling, he killed himself. Bolin noticed the note, and what it said.

"Mako, guys I found out where Korra is," Bolin shouted. Mako quickly dashed to his brother. He read the note left next to the body. It said,


I need you to quickly take out and kill Korra's friends. Keep the Fire Lord's kids alive. Quickly bring the kids to my headquarters in Shi Jin.


"Who is Luzan?" Moke asked. They all started thinking about it until a bell went off in Lu Ten's mind.

"Wait a minute," Lu Ten started. "Luzan is blood related to me and Fiona. His grandmother was Princess Azula, and our great-grandfather is Fire Lord Zuko, Azula's brother. So, that means that Luzan is our uncle" Lu Ten finished.

"Okay, so we know who he is," Mako said. "But how do we find Korra?" he asked.

Moke took out the map. "Shi Jin is just a city southwest from here. We actually passed it on our way here. I'm surprised they didn't see us." Moke finished.

"Alright, Hiro when is the airship coming?" Bolin asked.

"My guess is tomorrow, either late afternoon, or evening," Hiro answered.

"Alright then, let's wait for tomorrow," Kanna said. "In the meanwhile, I'm going to go get some more food and maps for our trip."

"I'll come with you, mom," Kyani said. They both left for the market.

Shoji just arrived back to headquarters. "Sire, we ambushed the Avatar's wife," Shoji said, with a tremble in his mouth.

"And?" she said impatiently.

"We lost" Shoji whispered.

"How did we lose" Luzan screamed at Shoji.

"Korra's husband and kids put up a tough fight. Many of our soldiers were either badly injured or killed. They are all going to our infirmary," Shoji finished.

Korra, overhearing this in her cell started thinking about her kids and husband "Ah, Mako, Kuzon, Katara. Ah I hope they're okay," she whispered. She started mediating, and stopped when she heard Luzan coming down the stairs.

"Hello, Avatar Korra. You still don't remember what you did to me in a past life."

"No, I don't," she screamed.

He chuckled at this. "Very well, Korra. He blew a powerful fire blast at her. She used her earthbending to hid underground. She stayed there for a while.

"Sir, the Avatar's friends are invading our island. We have orders from Shoji to protect you," a Dragon Men said.

"Very well. Let's go," Luzan said, heavily guarded by guards. She got up from the ground, and ran in the opposite way. Her hands still chained. she blew air from her mouth, opening the door cell. She used her firebending to break her arms free. 3 Dragon Men attacked Korra. She blew them away with airbending. She started seeing the sun. Feeling the sun's energy, she created a huge fireball from her hands, destroying a part of the island. She looked around and saw her daughter, Katara defeating multiple Dragon Men with powerful jets of water. She was impressed. Realizing her daughter was outnumbered, she helped her. She created a water wall, straight for the guards. They all feel. As more started to come, she told her daughter to leave. Katara refused, and stayed. Korra then entered the Avatar State, telling her daughter to go with her father with the voice of all Avatars. She used a combination of waterbending and earthbending to brush off the men. Korra, seeing her family, immediately left the state, and hugged them. They quickly got on the airship, and escaped. Korra turned around, seeing the Dragon Men burn the city, and turn people into their slaves.

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