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Yudo, Azula, Mainyu, Bharato


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Chapter V:Ba Sing Se

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Savas was born in Aggni, along with his twin brother Yudo. He was born a firebending prodigy, able to create blue flames by the time he was thirteen. He and his brother had earned a formidable reputation as criminals when Aggni was part of the Fire Nation. when the Phoenix Estates seceded, this reputation earned them jobs as elite guards. They were sent to go with Mainyu to the sun warrior ruins to get the fire ruby. When there, though Mainyu had warned him, he was shot at by darts. He survived, and later fought four sun warriors, and held his own against four of them. To ensure his Victory, his brother Yudo had to intervene and defeat the warriors. He then returned to the Phoenix Estates. When in the Phoenix Estates, he and Yudo found an old partner from when the had been criminals, who had mastered combustion. It was then decided that this man would be the one using the Fire Ruby against the world. He then traveled to the Northern Water Tribe with Mainyu and Yudo to help Mainyu obtain the Water Sapphire. When there, he helped capture Kumaro. Later, he and Yudo were made part of a hostage negotiation. He survived the negotiation unharmed, and then traveled back to the Phoenix Estates. When there he helped Mainyu capture the governess of Jai Zha along with his brother, making quick work of one of the Firebending guards. He was then given the duty of flying Mainyu and Sakura, the governess, to the Sun Generator. Later, he helped Mainyu attack Obas. During the first attack, he and Yudo each took a hundred troops to attack the city. While they defeated most of the army, they were unable to get through the wall and gates. Two days later, however, he Mainyu, and Yudo each lead twenty soldiers mounted on komodo rhinos. Once inside, however, they were met by soldiers from the Fire Nation that had arrived by glider. He fought Atenar, one of the soldiers, and would have won, had airships lead by Zuko and Aang arrived. He then fled the city, along with five of the original twenty he had taken in with him. He and his twin later fought later fought Aang, though they were defeated. Later, during the Battle for Aggni, he and Yudo were killed by a group of Earth Kingdom warriors and benders.


Savas, like his twin, relies mostly on brute strength to solve his problems.


  • Savas is a palindrome.

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