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Tazo, Inata

, General Mung, Fire Nation

|enemies= Kuro, Kuan, Shenji, Luo, Gahn, Earth Kingdom |weapon=Jian |fightingstyle= |profession=Soldier |position=Soldier |affiliation=Fire Nation Military |appearance= Fugitive Part 1 |voice= }}Saurin was a swordsman under the command of General Mung during the later years of the War. He was killed during the escape of Kuan and Shenji from the army's prison. His death lead his brother to seek revenge on those who contributed to his death.


Saurin was born a few years after his brother. He was not a bender but seemed to enjoy swordplay from a young age. Seeing his talent, the local officials began pushing him further in his training until he became quite skilled. When the Fire Nation enlisters came to his village, he signed up along with his brother and Inata}}.

Military career

Saurin was assigned to the same unit as his brother and his friend. The group was successful on their missions under General Mung, never sustaining injuries and earning several minor medals and accolades. On one day, when he had duty to guard a prison, two soldiers approached him and his friends. The men claimed that they were relieved for the day and so the group left to go relax. Later in the day, there was a prison break and Saurin, Tazo, and Inata encounter the false guards. Saurin fights against the non-bender in the group, holding his ground until he is struck by an earth column intended for Inata. The attack breaks his neck, killing him instantly.


Saurin's death immediately had effects; the distraction caused by the collision had caused both Tazo and Inata's defeats. Saurin's death devastated his brother, prompting him to leave on a mission to return his brother's honor for such a dishonorable death. Inata's defeat, caused by Saurin's death, proved to give the angry Firebender a desire for revenge.


Saurin was a laid-back and fun-loving soldier. While he would obey authority and respect his superiors, he had no emotional investment in the war and was only there for the glory associated with victory. He was quick to take a break and hated the extended period between battles that came with being part of an occupying force. Because he was honorable, he would usually not participate in executions.


Saurin was an adept swordsman. His abilities allowed him to participate in and survive many battles against the Earth Kingdom. He studied swordplay and combat for years, honing his skills for battle against the typical styles of battle utilized by Earth Kingdom infantry troops, but he developed several improvised techniques on his own.


  • Saurin was the last of the three Fire Nation soldiers in Fugitive Part 1 to be named.

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