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February 26, 2017

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Just a heads-up everyone: it gets a little raunchy towards the end, so if you can't handle that, stop reading now.

Asami woke up to the best smell in the world - that of breakfast being cooked.

Truth be told, this wasn't a surprise, since Korra loved to cook. She hated getting out of bed early in the morning, and the only reason she could will herself to do so, was for food, or sometimes to go on a run.

Asami knew this, having recently moved in with her, and the three years prior they had spent in a relationship. Korra could be a touch grumpy if she was forced from her bed early, but overall, it was too adorable to care.

For a moment, Asami contemplated just waiting here for her girlfriend to come and bring her breakfast in bed, or at least, she could hope for that. It was Saturday after all, so it was Asami's turn to be lazy. She worked hard all week, and now, she could be slightly more laid-back.

On the other hand, it was quite warm already, even though the alarm clock only read 9:00 AM. It promised to only get warmer, and their bedroom was the one place where the air conditioning wasn't brilliant.

With a sigh, Asami threw the single sheet off and suddenly remembered that she was down to just a pair of panties because she was really hot during the night. It didn't bother her, and Korra definitely didn't object either, so Asami decided she was dressed enough to make her approach to the kitchen. She pulled her hair into a messy bun because that would make eating a lot easier.

Due to the way their kitchen was laid out, this was very easy. She could quietly walk up there, helped by the fact that she was barefoot, snatch an apron and tie it on, all without being seen. Korra's back was turned, and since her sixth sense was the last thing to wake up in the morning, she didn't notice a thing.

Or course, Korra was probably even more susceptible to hot weather, being from a cold climate herself, which is why it wasn't a surprise to see her in a sports bra and running shorts of her own, plus the bubble-apron that was a bad impulse-buy. Her long hair was not yet in the ponytails she normally had in, and instead, she had gone for the same route as Asami and put her hair up in a messy bun to keep it out of her face.

Smiling, Asami walked up behind her, wrapped her arms around Korra's waist, and pressed a kiss on her neck. "Hmm... Smells amazing."

-"Good morning to you too," Korra smiled back.

"Morning, sweetheart." Asami gazed over the food that had already been prepared, and it literally made her mouth water. "Bacon, eggs, coffee, strawberries... You're going all out, aren't you?"

-"I wanted to bring you breakfast in bed, but now you're already here, that's gonna be hard."

"True, very true," Asami smiled. She continued to kiss her girlfriend's neck, because damn, did she look good right now. It was too hard to resist, so she slipped her hands under Korra's apron, feeling the subtle pattern of her abs there.

-"Hmm... 'Sami..." Korra contently moaned. "Stop..."

This took her by surprise. "What?"

-"First food, then sex."

Asami chuckled. "You have some weird priorities, you know that?"

Korra turned her head, smiling back. "I do. Now why don't you go and get the paper while I finish this?"

"Not without a kiss," the pale woman replied, moving to her girlfriend's side, where she promptly got the kiss she asked for.

Just as Asami turned around to go get the paper, Korra noticed something. "'Sami?"


-"Are you wearing anything underneath that apron?"

"Of course I am," she replied, quasi-offended.

-"Other than underwear?"

At this, she could only give the 'fair enough'-nod. "Busted..." Asami smirked. "Still, you're not really in a position to judge me for my attire."

Korra laughed too. "Good point. Let's just hope my parents don't decide to suddenly grace us with a visit."

"Yeah, that would be awkward. More for me than for you, but they like me anyway."

-"That's true, and my dad actually might like you even more if you answer the door dressed like that. 'Dressed'," she repeated, making air quotations.

Asami chuckled. "Yeah, I guess he would, but this right here is for your eyes only. Or your hands, your lips, your tongue... Whatever you want to use, really," she continued, smirking at her girlfriend.

The darker woman laughed again and finally leaned in, pulling Asami in close. It sent a flash of heat through her, the firm, muscular arm wrapped around her waist, the way Korra's hot breath was streaking over her lips, how her finger was tracing up her arm, over her collarbone, down to her chest... If she wanted to get Asami riled up, that was the way to do it.

-"You get your wish..." Korra purred, pressing a kiss on her lips. "Just one thing..."

"What's that?" Asami breathed, feeling arousal taking control of her.

-"How do you want your eggs?"

They both laughed as the pale woman pushed them apart again, and Korra quickly moved back to her pan. "Is it wrong for me to say 'fertilized'?" Asami asked.

-"That is going to be difficult regardless of when we have sex. Choice is between scrambled and sunny side up."

"Fine," Asami groaned. "Sunny side up, please."

-"There we go, now we're getting somewhere." Korra stoically went back to the eggs, and reluctantly, Asami went to get the newspaper from the front lawn of their modest house. She quickly spied around the window to make sure her creepy neighbor wouldn't take pictures of her like this and, after making sure the coast was clear, stepped out to actually get it.

When she got back, Korra was just done putting the finishing touches on the breakfast table and smiled as she did. "Well, bon appetite."

The pale woman smiled as she dug in. "Hmm, Korra, this is great. I hate to admit this, but you may have been right about this whole 'breakfast before sex'-thing."

-"Coming from you, that means something," Korra chuckled.

As Asami opened the paper, she saw her girlfriend eyeing it up as well. "You want the sports section?"

-"Yes, please."

She chuckled and quickly sought it out to hand it over. They continued to quietly enjoy their breakfast on this nice Saturday morning, until Asami noticed that Korra kept rubbing at her arm, where she had recently got a tattoo done. "Stop rubbing it, or you'll have to go back."

Korra sighed. "I know, I know. It finally stopped itching like crazy, but I just can't help it. It's just that... Well, I finally got it, you know?"

Asami smiled. She knew how long Korra had been thinking about getting that tattoo to reflect her origins. She was proud of that, and Asami knew to respect it. Besides, on an arm that muscular, it practically gave them both a scale to measure how much she was flexing. "Yes, it means a lot to you, I know it does. But you'll still have to stop rubbing it."

-"Alright, I'll stop." She turned back to her paper, but that wasn't all. Asami was simply enjoying her breakfast when she suddenly felt something stroking up her leg, and she quickly realized it was Korra's foot.

Half of her wanted to say something, but the other half knew that if she would, she'd basically hand Korra the victory on a silver platter. Instead, Asami stoically kept on reading the paper, but this was only a signal for her girlfriend to turn up the heat a little more. Because of their narrow table, it was easy for Korra to slip her foot up a little bit more, now moving on to stroking the inside of Asami's thigh.

Asami could feel a first flash of heat go through her, the same one she'd had at the counter. Desperate not to show her arousal, she lifted her newspaper a little bit higher so that she could bite her bottom lip without Korra noticing, which was key here.

-"How are the eggs?" she asked, innocent like a lamb.

"Delicious," Asami answered, which was true. Of course, she kept it brief, because by this point, her girlfriend's foot had found it's way up a little more, and she was now very lightly brushing her toe over Asami's panties. Even more troubling, Asami could feel herself getting slightly wet and was sincerely hoping it wasn't noticeably going through the fabric yet.

This was made even worse when her girlfriend just touched Asami's clit, causing her to let out a soft, breathy moan.

-"I win," Korra smirked.

"Fine, you did," Asami admitted, and she quickly got up from the table to pull Korra into a sloppy kiss. Quickly, she undid the knot on the back of Korra's apron, slipping it loose and pulled it over her head, but when Asami leaned back in to kiss her again, she was stopped with a finger on her lips.

-"Alright, I'm going to take a shower. Would you mind cleaning up?"

Asami loudly groaned as she threw her head back in annoyance. "What does a girl have to do to get laid these days?"

Korra smiled as she walked towards the shower. "Clean up the kitchen." After this, she pulled her sports bra over her head, exposing her naked back to Asami. She turned her head around with a mischievous smirk lining her face and still used her arm to cover herself up. "Of course, you could also just join me in the shower."

This was not something Asami needed to be told twice.

Alright, little bit of history on this: the idea popped to mind after I saw chmartx' artwork of this, and I just felt like I had to write it. I contacted her, and she very graciously allowed me to use the art that you see above this one. Thank you very much for that. Then I got some of it done, but it kind of faded into the back of my mind, until Korra2000 asked me about it again, and she egged me on to finish it, so I did.

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