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Sao Feng
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Book 2: Water Chapter 5: The Golden Claw

Sao Feng is a minor character in the fanon, Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan. Captain Sao Feng, is the main antagonist of Chapter 5: The Golden Claw, he is also affiliated with pirates and is their captain.


Sao Feng, is the descendant of the pirate thief, who stole the Golden Claw from Shenqi Zhu. Sao Feng's main goal, was to search for the Golden Claw.

Sao Feng and his crew had searched the rumored areas for the Golden Claw, they even searched parts of the Si Wong Desert. They lost about three men to the desert, after leaving the desert, they had traveled to Omashu once to look for a library which was said to possess the very maps that his ancestor had made while he had stolen the claw.

The maps contained, the location of the woman's house, Han Tui, and the cavern where his ancestor hid when he held the claw. The second map, contained the route ways and various tunnels within the cavern.

The cavern is unnamed, but he considers it to be known as, "Golden Claw Cavern". Explorers had searched for the claw within the cavern but never succeeded in finding the claw nor the thief's body.

The maps were easy to find, but everything else was mystery. There was a merchant who requested the aid of the Avatar and his friends to find the claw in the cavern. They had left for the cavern, and one of the deck swabbers' of Captain Sao Feng's ship had overheard the conversation.

Letting his captain know of what he had just heard, they immediately went for the search of the Golden Claw artifact. Being the second ones to enter the cavern, but the first group to rediscover the claw.

Sao Feng and his crew had departed the cavern and headed for their ship. After a battle had broken out between the pirates and Rong Yan's group, Tanaraq had picked up the claw. And Tanaraq and her friends had returned the claw back to merchant.

The merchant's client, was none other than a direct descendant of the Zhu family, and the last of the family line. The man wanted the claw within his home so that at least his grandmother could rest in peace.


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Sao Feng, was born a non-bender but like any stereotypical pirate character, he was skilled in many arts. Sao Feng, knew lockpicking, thievery, murder, larceny, and also was trained in the arts of swordsfighting.

Sao Feng, carries around a large stainless steel cutlass, which he uses to fight in combat.


  • Pirate Thief (Ancestor; Deceased)



  • Captain Sao Feng, is indeed in the comic version, with a drawing being described as bald, Asian, with a large scar going through one eye and having it blind and eyepatched.
  • Captain Sao Feng, was named after Sao Feng a pirate in the movie Pirates of the Caribbean At Worlds End.

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